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  • Network monitoring system stream switching technology applications and operating

        Network monitoring systems, broadband access to information is the number one, a lot of highly intelligent network products are using a series of compression methods to make it more powerful, even with the best compressors.
         Network monitoring systems, broadband access to information is the "number one", many highly intelligent network products are used a series of compression, making it more powerful, even with the best compressor way, broadband is still valuable. To get network video surveillance system shows a more complete picture, is there another way to approach it?
         Today, we give you on the "automatic switching Stream" technology. This is a network monitoring software developed for a new feature, it requires a network camera or video server networks have better results with the use of the following small will take everyone to understand the technology functions under it!
         Currently both network monitoring systems are installed "dual-stream" feature. This powerful, can simultaneously produce two streams, we usually put it into high and low stream stream.
         Network monitoring software, enable the "single-screen display, automatic switching-based stream" function
         When monitoring multiple images, access monitoring software is a low-resolution stream. Each image occupies minimal space broadband. In fact, many are using this monitoring system, to meet the requirement. If we zoom in on a one-channel images, the software will automatically replace the high-resolution stream, the displayed image is clear.
         To monitor an area of ​​36 screens, for example, do not use the "automatic switching Stream" feature needs to occupy before wideband spatial 0.8M × 36 = 28.8M, after use just need to take broadband 0.3M × 36 = 10.8M, 18M savings Bandwidth!
         Therefore, the "automatic switching Stream" technology, not only to meet the needs of more users, but also saves more broadband space. In addition, the network monitoring system after installing this functionality, the requirements for the computer itself is also reduced a lot, can be described best of both worlds.

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