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  • Electronic inspection alarm system

        Electronic inspection system is based on the principle of combining anti-air defense technology, the security personnel patrol patrol routes laid at stations and patrol routes as far as possible to prevent the region to take care of every corner of the duty on time and efficiently complete precautions region patrol work on security personnel play an oversight role in the assessment.
         Patrol point is set in the video security monitoring system of the dead, important public buildings, the main channel, and other important areas, to ensure timely patrol officers patrol.
         Electronic inspection system to achieve the orderly management of security patrols, a reasonable allocation of human security, planning and patrol routes, to help managers complete control of security personnel patrol status. The unity of technology and air defense.
         Now, with the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology continues to evolve, smart buildings and smart city in the security system will also be a revolutionary change. Network cameras, network storage, network management platform application that enables security system has gone to the Internet era, in the future smart buildings and smart city administration building will provide more convenient and more efficient work, programs better and easier to achieve network security system solutions.