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  • On the video surveillance camera installation and maintenance

        Surveillance camera are generally required to work 24 hours a day, so do the installation and maintenance of the camera, you can prolong the life of the camera and security camera image effects stability.
        Video surveillance camera installation
        The more the greater the demand, but sometimes it is easy to overlook some of its installation needs and skills. Therefore, today we have to simply chat with surveillance camera during installation considerations.
        Many in the previous article, we have introduced a lot of selection for everyone´s attention, but if we have some details on the installation is not enough emphasis, then, is very likely to cause breakage of the camera performance.
        For example, when we are in charge of the installation of a security camera monitoring the environment, we´d better meet the needs of the premise, to avoid some of the more complicated by the position of the light position for installation. Otherwise, if we have a responsibility for the administration of public cameras always have to face some vehicles glare of light, then we are doomed to a higher or a wide dynamic effects between images are blurred to make the necessary choices. Will eventually give us cause some additional expenditure could have been avoided.
        Of course, in addition to avoiding the impact because of the light, a number of security surveillance camera outside a small camera instinctively advantage is in our choice of installation is open to full advantage.
        For some complete with white light white night vision surveillance cameras, if we put it in low light, but there are a number of sensitive management area, then in addition to its white light to achieve some limited outside lighting, more because it will be more obvious when a lighting device and play one kind of deterrent effect on the surrounding, and this deterrence is sometimes more effective than regular patrols.
        However, some of the light adaptation is weak, or no infrared-enabled devices, we will need to more openness of its exposure to the environment, in addition to be able to compensate for the lack of treatment in the light outside, can also be good to avoid strong beam of light to the adverse effects of the device.
        In addition to the installation location other than the camera pose choice to a certain extent determines the performance of the camera focusing.
        For example, if we choose horizontal angle if the camera is installed, then it has the advantage that it can see the number of people or things in detail. With the flexibility of the current head of continuous improvement, it can be more widely to capture some other difficult to uncover the details of the camera position and enhance monitoring for those who grasp the details. However, this type of installation method for hidden camera is a very big sacrifice, in addition, are also more susceptible to the surrounding light for camera imaging quality. Therefore, for the installation of such a gesture, the camera´s light adaptation is not overlooked.
        For many of the monitoring environment, overlooking the camera angle is the most commonly used working posture. Hidden, the macro observation effect, and not susceptible to light harassment greatest feature of this installation. However, its disadvantage is that the sacrifice for details. And in order to achieve the best shooting results, its mounting height should have strict grasp. However, for some of the corridor, or the underground garage, this type of installation might be able to get a lot of unexpected results.
        Apart from these two outside mounting posture, looking installation is also a reference scenario, but this way of light adapt to the camera with high demands, but also has to protect the harsh restrictions, so that the mode of installation is less and was small, but we are also more than a repeat.
        In fact, in many cases, some of the details we are able to grasp more or less on the impact of the device performance of the play. And when we are concerned that these details and be flexible use, a number of performance deficiencies could perhaps be a more economical way to complete a simple remedy.
        Surveillance camera maintenance
        Security video camera security monitoring in the role of acting as the eyes, the use of complex environment, mostly for outdoor and harsh environment of the Department, if maintained properly, the camera is bound to accelerate the pace of aging and retirement. The unique structure for the IP camera, the following need attention.
        1 Do not attempt to disassemble the camera
        Monitor camera more generally for the professional manufacturers, structural precision, the machine no user-serviceable parts, non-essential circumstances, do not disassemble the camera yourself, do not remove screws or protection and if failure should directly contact a qualified maintenance personnel or sent directly to the camera repair overhaul.
        Blind demolition consequences: ranging from touching the internal parts, easy to cause damage to the camera, failure to expand, resulting in greater losses, once the damage dealers estimated will not give warranty. Weight is caused by an electric shock, the consequences could be disastrous.
        (2) Be careful when using the camera
        Do not mess with the camera, to avoid shock or vibration. If you use the camera or stored properly, will suffer. Avoid camera and oil, steam, water vapor, moisture and dust and other substances in contact, to avoid direct contact with water. Do not pull and twist the cable, similar action might be interested in camera damage. The camera can not be installed upside down, for example, the camera is mounted on the ceiling or wall and design, if installed upside down using, installing, etc. used on the floor, it will cause the camera to malfunction.
        3 camera body wash, do not use strong or abrasive cleaners, as well as organic solvents to clean the camera
        The camera when it is dirty, use a soft, dry cloth. If the dirt is more serious, please wipe gently with a mild detergent. Cleaning, be careful not to scratch the round protective cover. Then wipe with a dry cloth detergent residue part, warehousing, the camera should be stored in a clean, dry place.
        4. Consumables
        A contact member, such as the lens drive motor, the cooling fan motor, and internally mounted slide ring wear due to prolonged use. On the replacement and maintenance of these components, please consult the nearby service center.

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