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  • Monitoring transmission upgrades PoE combined with EoC perfectly

        Transmission techniques depends largely on the environment and the quality monitoring system configuration. For example, more sophisticated IP Camera PoE technology is currently the most selected video transmission, but the transmission distance is limited to 100 meters. This approach not only reduces the cost of supply and the installation location is not confined indoors or. If compared with the optical fiber transmission distance, then PoE can be regarded as a cost-effective transmission scheme.
        However, not every one monitoring project layout is perfect, due to the early analog surveillance systems, coaxial cable can not be completely removed, but to choose the right cabling costs, probably really want to hurt some brains. In this case, system integrators can EoC mode transfers, higher security, and can be integrated coaxial cable. In addition, it can still be to reform the existing system, and fully using PoE to help complete, so to save the project investment cost, cabling, it is more reasonable.
        Separate buildings are most likely to choose PLC, dependent on the power line transmission distance and infrastructure. However, the power cord is connected to the national grid, it may complicate matters, PLC main application in a separate building, although this approach is simple, but the amount of electricity load will be greatly enhanced.
        Transmission infrastructure equipment
        Regardless of the choice of what kind of transmission technology, each of which has an independent role in transmission technology and infrastructure.
        Media Converter, Ethernet switches, and the EoC main drive converter CCTV and monitoring application support PoE. These devices may or may not have PoE functions.
        Most media converters in the market, and network switches support PoE standard. IEEE 802.3af standard PoE devices, IEEE 802.3at medium power, IEEE 802.3at high power three standards. For the IEEE 802.3af standard, the output power of the power equipment (PSE) is 15.4W, electrical equipment, the PD input power of 12.95W. Medium power in accordance with IEEE 802.3at allow PSE 30W 25.5W output and PD input while meet IEEE 802.3at PSE 60W 51W high power input and output.
        In Ethernet fiber link transmission, the data transfer rate 10/100/1000Mbps adaptive mode. The optical 100/1000Mpbs data transfer rate can be as high as the transmission EoC 300Mbps, this technique depends on the coaxial cable.
        Repeaters can enhance the signal regeneration, help during the transmission signal transmitted to the other segments. However, it will affect the analog transmission of the signal as noise is introduced into the system, it will affect the signal to noise ratio.
        Select the appropriate Ethernet Switch
        Mainstream PoE devices are designed to intelligently applied, for example, the a PoE switch can be distributed computing power needs of different PDS, to meet different needs. Of course, it can continue to provide all ports a high power output mode, but the cost is quite high so that the application.
        Select IP device, consider installing the environment is very important. At different temperatures of monitoring equipment to ensure its reliability. The selected device, to depend on a commercial or industrial grade equipment. Although the transmission rate of the same types of products, it is completely different designs and concepts. Commercial-grade power equipment products ranging from 100W to 370W, while some industrial-grade equipment power ranging from 62W to 420W, power supply output switch both products and can operate in the temperature range is also different. Under normal circumstances, surveillance camera the indoor temperature is 37 degrees, the outside temperature does not exceed 50 degrees.
        In the selection process considerations
        PoE PSE power transmission must pass in order to achieve optimum power. And the transmission distance must be within 100 meters. Front video surveillance camera of the total data rate should not exceed the data transfer device capable of handling or actual payload throughput rate. Taking into account the user cost, more people are willing to use coaxial cable. Digital + analog monitor combination is the most convenient, streamline processes.
        In the transmission distance, the longer the distance the more severe signal attenuation. In fact, depends on the long-distance transmission data rate, cable and connector quality problems.
        Technology is improving
        Compared with other monitoring technology, transmission technology in the continuous development and improvement. Increment can be added to the transmission infrastructure, to achieve up to 500 meters of Ethernet transmission quality.
        At the same time, end users can expect quality and reliability of dual transmission profits. The key is to understand the specifications of each transmission equipment, careful planning of transport infrastructure. However, the core of any transmission infrastructure are experienced by manufacturers, system integrators completed and implemented.

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