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  • IT Security in hand Cloud Monitoring industry prospects

        Cloud security is the core of the cloud platform, which is based on the pattern of things and using cloud storage technology to meet the security needs of modern technology. Many companies have invested significant resources to improve and maintain system security and stability, especially for surveillance video data, cloud computing can meet all the needs of users.
        Cloud Monitoring application scalability
        In addition to monitoring the safety of the cloud, the cloud computing there is another big advantage - scalability. Objectively speaking, the network cloud concept is just another metaphor. Cloud technology is based on value-added services for network services, cloud platforms can help video surveillance, alarm, access control, GPS positioning, etc. unite to achieve seamless 24-hour remote monitoring.
        Good advantage of cloud computing "elastic", which is able to provide precise measurement and store the required demand for services. Cloud computing video surveillance solutions not only able to support one or thousands of probes or server controls, but also to solve the cost problem. Taking into account the cloud monitoring applications, it is no ordinary surveillance system configuration, installation of a surveillance camera does not require any cost, while in the actual environment monitoring applications will give more than the network bandwidth, a great deal of pressure on the back-end storage.
        Cloud Monitoring brokered IT and Security
        Cloud technology has changed the traditional pattern of security video surveillance, with the "cloud" concept enables network monitoring. Cloud computing not only to monitor the mass storage as possible, but also to massive video data mining to become a reality. Despite the cloud applications in the security field has many advantages, but as the representative of the cloud security integration with the IT field are still experiencing no small adjustments.
        Concept of cloud-based video surveillance system in terms of bandwidth transmission still faces no small difficulty. Cloud Monitoring focus on a different network to transmit vast amounts of video data. When the bandwidth is not enough, cloud monitoring function can not play. Network bandwidth is that you get information from the Internet channel, and this channel is exactly what you need from the "cloud" side access to video information important way. Of course, the normal Internet download speeds and monitoring required upload speed is not the same. In one instance, the small retail shops 5-way HD video camera in order to obtain real-time HD video cloud needs to 10Mbps bandwidth apparently ordinary households ADSL bandwidth is difficult to meet this public only after the deployment of network applications feasible exclusive, but the price is high amazing. Some security companies provide leasing services to third parties and the "hybrid cloud" model provides users with online HD videos. Similarly, there are also small resolution provides cloud storage solution that helps make up for insufficient bandwidth.
        Video Data Management
        Cloud storage allows video uses a lot of bandwidth, bringing up the problem is massive data storage problems. Most monitoring storage solutions envisaged are stored locally, still the monitoring program, for example, one month required storage 1TB, users spend more than one thousand yuan bought a 1TB hard drive. But you should also be concerned about its hidden costs, including the cost of data transmission, data redundancy costs, or the basic real-time monitoring of electricity. In order to solve the hidden costs, users have to reduce the resolution and storage requirements, even worse is the video effect decreases. Cloud security monitoring solutions make storage more convenient, hybrid cloud solution can remotely store HD video, this effect is far superior to the significance of local storage.
        Real-time monitoring
        When the monitoring relates to security and financial management, the so 0 seconds without delay monitoring is very important. Understanding people for real-time monitoring can be equated to the requirements for high-definition picture quality. Cloud video surveillance is not only able to do fast real-time access, but also to ensure quality. QQ and other popular video tools will appear delayed remote, but the same as the remote monitoring and management systems, real-time monitoring not only need a reliable network environment, device software requirements are also exceptionally high.
        Co-ordinate monitoring and management
        Internet-based cloud monitoring has also changed the way companies communicate with the user. A business management devices thousands of different users, some thousands of miles away from the monitor, how to manage a lot of point monitoring devices need to spend some effort. Especially in different areas of the camera, be sure to record their normal operation records, master reports on system performance monitoring solutions to become the core of the cloud. To prevent these far away cameras, these devices should be excluded from the remote system upgrades and other failures, this approach saves labor costs, allowing monitoring and management more efficient.
        Cloud services allow users to choose more
        Cloud-based storage solutions and service providers must face the cruel fact that if you can not win the trust of users, providing business-critical services and data, then the user is likely to choose other home service providers. Does not involve any hardware at cost under the premise, it seems companies need to do is make sure security surveillance camera and encoder line with the mainstream trend, compression algorithms and transmission protocols certain reference mainstream standards. In the integration of its own business characteristics, to ensure that customers feel unique cloud monitoring service.
        Cloud Monitoring industry prospects
        Cloud computing brings to the security push is huge, with cloud computing in recent years, the development of large data, video surveillance storage and business intelligence analysis problems have been resolved, which is very significant role in promoting the technology. This is due to video surveillance in the security, transportation, medical, logistics and other fields more and more widely, while vast amounts of video image processing, requiring storage and computing platform.
        Things were three levels of sensor monitoring, network and applications, the future of video surveillance is extremely important things core nodes, video huge amount of information. With the global expansion of the scale and high-definition eye development, mass transport and storage requirements, the need to use more cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud search technology, and large-scale networking applications.
        Through the large data processing technology, the world´s video resources as a large data base for processing video resources through the global eye platform, on the one hand to achieve a large data processing of the video, on the other hand will go through intelligent processing the data, Eye platform for the global integrated data services. Finally through the use of networking technology, you can also carry out various applications. Has been in the security aspects of cloud computing is based on analog, digital, networked, and even intelligent way developing. As for the current development of positioning, it is from the decentralized, non-networked technologies toward networking integration, data center of the form forward. Therefore, cloud storage technology in addressing this change is still very advantageous. Such as the now very fire safe city project requirements for monitoring and control network is high, high-definition video through a different coding process, will produce a very large storage needs. This is undoubtedly to traditional storage methods is a very big challenge.
        In addition, cloud technology also can achieve a good intelligent video analysis capabilities. Especially for such a safe city monitoring system for very large scale. Purely manual analysis has been unable to each detection point for effective monitoring, thus intelligent systems analysis in this management plays an irreplaceable role. Currently, restricting intelligent analysis widely used in addition to the drawbacks of intelligent video analysis technology is not mature enough outside, the efficiency is not high is another major factor.
        Video cloud services, big data, cloud computing and other technologies can be widely used in traffic management, security and other aspects of the industry plays a significant role in bringing back channel for managing stress and managing stress, can also provide cloud computing security a very important supporting role.

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