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  • Trends in the domestic network cameras and response method

        Last year, IP camera´s price issue has become a concern and we are talking about hot spots, many vendors are estimated to substantial price cuts will come in, will be reduced to what extent. The first half of this year, with several domestic manufacturers of high economic price adjustment IPC launched and completed, HD IPC, especially in the price range of 720p HD IP camera dropped below $ 500, be officially given the answer. Many people say that history is always surprisingly similar, today´s 720p IPC are step by step reproduce the DVR road. In this process, but also doomed once again someone happy people worry.
        So now is not the security industry has gradually entered a vicious price competition status of it? Personal opinion is still some distance. In fact, a real security company, no need for the product price surge worries sooner or later, but should be a correct view of technology-based products, prices patterns and trends.
        Avoid falling prices and low profit battle
        Take The price of 720p is, after several years of development, the upstream core continued to reduce the price of the device, veneer integration and technical maturity has also been significantly improved, especially as part of the new board supply-oriented enterprises the emergence and growth, HD IP camera threshold has dropped to close to the production of analog cameras machine already has the "assembly-type" conditions of production. In this backdrop, companies with high market share based on lower procurement costs and the average cost of production in order to stabilize and expand market share and brand influence rates will be lower gross margin demands cost advantage will play out. It can be said, is not only the year of DVR, now 720p HD IPC, any available modular sourcing, manufacturing mainstream security products in the future will experience a similar process.
        But why the normal market price adjustment behavior will always become the hot spot within the industry, and even cause a large number of security companies out of business? The reason, it is a reflection of our common security industry, two issues - product homogeneity and business mentality impetuous plagiarism. Currently there is a strong R & D capabilities as not many vendors, and innovative work hard to protect the floor, most manufacturers will adopt a "Tracking - Copy" product "R & D" mode, there are some manufacturers even this column, plus the upstream convergence of procurement channels, homologous core devices and technologies, product homogeneity is very serious. Lack of effective differentiated results, they can not be initiated response forerunner price, it is impossible to maintain the fragile "price alliance."
        In order to avoid falling into the quagmire prices and low profits, far-sighted far-reaching security companies should count, not a year or two or even three to five years to profit as the goal, to do more willing to invest strategically buried, to achieve the layout before the change in benefit changes.
        Specifically, from a practical point of view, our security companies can focus on: R & D investment, talent introduction and essence of innovation, sense the accumulation of good core technology and patent protection; pioneering new business models, such as Apexis inviewtech brands civilian products direct attempt is a good example; demand for maintaining effective contact line collection and response feedback; attention to brand accumulation, and gradually realize a premium brand; product contraction, pooling of resources, targeted; emphasis on after-sales and customer satisfaction management .
        The future, the brand´s focus on domestic security and the Asian monopoly will gradually appear, again and again to achieve this price adjustment only a part of the process, but will be more normalized. Who can survive after five years, live at ease brand, in fact, the answer lies in the present.

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