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  • Changes in demand promote universities monitoring system to upgrade innovation

        Construction of College security development is lagging behind, most of the colleges and universities are turning to the old analog to digital surveillance gradual upgrade, everyone thinks this is a definition of revolution, a revolution from the visible to see things clearly, but In fact, many people have ignored the network infrastructure changes, and very different from before, digital surveillance IP network environment, then their application is more diverse, as one of the basis for monitoring, can be born out of many applications, and these applications not only Universities can improve security, but also on the basis of the daily operation of colleges and universities so as even more powerful.
        Subtle changes in university security needs
        The past three years, the university building needs security subtle changes. For example, with lower costs and ease of installation, the original only in the entrance to install monitoring systems, will now be extended to the distribution walkways and classrooms and other areas; Furthermore, through the renovation and expansion project point of view, university administrators of security consciousness improved significantly - with respect to labor costs continue to increase, especially for security video surveillance investment, school leadership is not much resistance. Original front-end mostly 480TVL analog equipment, now mostly updated to 720P IP camera, in a few key points will erect 1080P network products.
        In addition, IP era, more convenient to install video surveillance systems, especially in monitoring and control center can be set up as needed, and the phone APP video surveillance, so that monitoring is omnipresent. For integrators and engineering companies, this may be more of an issue on the platform. Such as integrated cloud platform to build a good security, the school can demand emplaced security surveillance camera, burglar alarm detectors sensing unit.
        However, despite the rapid development of security technology, as limited funds, university building security system is not so dazzling. Common technical standards, limited distribution, relatively simple, decentralized system architecture, the formation of a unique system of university security applications. The operational aspects of security program in college, the school is still in a weak character.
        Into the project implementation phase, the manufacturer will not be directly involved in the project construction, project contracting party or invited with good local contractors, or schools should choose contractors, in order to respond in a timely manner after-sales in place. It is noteworthy that, as school personnel security technology trends and product awareness is not high, the system design and equipment selection, and mostly take orders from manufacturers or engineering companies. And some manufacturers and engineering companies often push is to maximize the benefits of the product itself or the system is not the most suitable school facilities, the school needs to strengthen its own security knowledge.
        Higher Security Features
        Demonstrated on university security features, the current number of college campuses in the original headquarters was established based on many campuses, each campus may not be in the same location, in the security monitoring and management on a relatively isolated, universities each subsystem Integration is rarely linked, but did not reach a highly integrated unified management platform, which for campus security is concerned is a big short board. The current education network monitoring platform constitutes model is not done overnight, is a multi-stage video surveillance system evolved, how to effectively carry out the efficient integration of the various subsystems security, security has become a top priority of enterprises to establish a safe campus.
        First, the expansion of the system in terms of area, prior to each school district is to establish a separate security system, such as the system used by each mode can only meet a small simple video monitoring and demand within the region, is not easy superiors or a wide range of unified management. Such systems the following defects: If the system established lack of uniform standards, resulting interval can not be interconnected schools, campus resources can not be shared. Secondly, in terms of feature upgrades from the system, the previous multi-campus security system is a single campus security management, teaching, communication management is rarely applied, and the information is king in today´s technological era, such applications short board directly hindered development level of education. At the same time can not be ignored is that the current major universities multimedia, networking card building needs a unified platform for the monitoring requirements have also been not only stay in the monitoring requirements, but the multiple needs of integration.
        Education network monitoring platform is the overall functionality of the system upgrade, will achieve a wide range of resource sharing and global management. Education through the establishment of network monitoring system that can achieve each campus campus security protection, and its linkage alarm by setting the exchange with the public security police department, police intelligence indicate for the first time when the public security departments to ensure fast response, the police immediately. Through networking, education sector but also in the first time to understand the real situation, on-site work fast dispatching. Meanwhile networking platform to get rid of the previous single monitoring function, and its teaching, examination room monitoring, management, and other aspects of the function dormitory extension. Monitoring hardware and software platform for the entire campus and full integration of multiple resources, the entire system has been in the past a simple step by step development of the monitoring center extends into digital safe and stable management platform. Teaching interaction can be achieved through the platform, multi-level departmental interaction communication, to ensure the realization of a global, multi-functional operation Almighty, to some extent, to realize multimedia campus. In addition, remote network monitoring platform for the sharing of resources, in order to help schools Network access, together.
        How to upgrade university Monitoring
        Colleges and universities to upgrade video surveillance, involving many aspects as most universities still use analog control, so escalation is more rational approach, the upgrade process will encounter both analog and digital needs to be compatible to a unified platform, coding lets convert analog signals to digital, not disposable replace all surveillance camera, so that the university can provide a gentle escalation environment. While monitoring the digital age range than analog monitor to wide, so the expansion renovation project, the same monitoring range, compared to analog, it uses fewer cameras, fewer wires. At the same time, H.264HIGHPROFILE technology not only can save half the bandwidth of the digital, the analog is also used after an encoder, the picture quality under the same simulated from 1M-1.5M bandwidth can be reduced to 512K, this can saves backend processing pressure, storage costs, and maintenance costs.
        Intelligence at the edge: the intelligent IP surveillance camera will be the future trend of revolutionary intelligent analysis techniques will be placed before the front of the camera, and have irregular region powerful alarm detection. Since the release of intelligent back-end processing forward greatly pressures, so that each road video surveillance camera can efficiently realize intelligent motion capture, no result because of the background to focus on intelligent analysis of the failure or delay, and This can be achieved intelligence, surveillance can scale smart, smart for college.
        Intelligent monitoring system can be vital region Intelligent Intrusion alarm, the alarm can be set polygon area, effectively preventing poisoning and food safety incidents. For example 10:00 pm to 6:00 am the next day, the system specified areas for intrusion detection, once someone trespassing, police immediately.
        HD video linkage alarm, in universities, teachers and security is the top priority, then the front-end intelligence prior warning, we need to do is to deal with high-definition video linkage alarm is to achieve this aim, a key alarm in the control room immediately bound to pop up all the alarm phone lock screen, while supporting two-way simultaneous voice, this has been put into combat in the East China Institute of HD video linkage alarm greatly reduces the campus security incidents, fights, disturbances are is greatly reduced.

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