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  • Several major IP surveillance needs analysis

        1, intelligent demand
        Monitoring system has started from public enterprises to people´s daily life, more and more monitoring points, relying solely on artificial means to discover and retrieve large amounts of video data will be more difficult. Especially now safe city construction in full swing, the public security system as the most direct user will have to face the city´s monitoring objects, artificial staring at the screen is difficult to realize 24 hours monitoring every move throughout the city. As a simple example, there is a museum lost an item, if there is no intelligent analysis technology, we can only read through all of the video files is possible to find all the clues. However, if the introduction of intelligent analysis techniques, we can set up a "remove rule", when the designated area after the disappearance of the items will automatically alarm, early prevention of theft incidents. And there are many intelligent analysis techniques can provide similar solutions, including "break the rules", "warning rule" and "demographics", "face recognition" and so on. These technologies will effectively enhance the monitoring system effectiveness and efficiency of use.
        2, product classification refinement
        IP camera original concept seems confined to the gun-type IP camera, but as the technology matures and the growing user demand clarification, IP camera also derived from a variety of types, and gradually market segments. We can also see the integrated infrared IP camera, gun shield type IP camera, Speed ​​Dome IP camera, speed dome IP camera can and wireless IP camera, POE IP camera and other products. We can see from these products to find a commonality that IP camera toward a simpler, more user-friendly direction. Such as infrared night surveillance IP camera solves the issue, gun shield type IP camera achieved in the harsh environment of the monitoring requirements, fast, and variable-speed IP camera one solution to the IP camera PTZ control issues, while its successor, the excellent The ball head performance so that it can be competent in a variety of environments applications. As for the wireless IP camera will resolve in a remote or network environment is not easy to build a network monitoring, one solution to the terminal access problems. For network-powered IP camera in the direction of ease of use is a major step forward. Function currently supports POE IP camera applications in foreign countries was also more widely, as predicted in the domestic manufacturers to promote efforts to improve the environment and practical applications, this demand will also be more and more attention.
        3, the algorithm
        IP camera´s core technology is its video encoding technology. Currently IP camera includes general-purpose DSP chip technology and ASIC chip technology are two implementations. The latter development difficulty is relatively low, you can directly do PCI interface chip-based development, but less space optimization algorithm, the basic dependent on the chip itself. The former high flexibility, you can customize the system functions, including intelligent analysis technology introduction, but manufacturers need to make their own algorithms. The current foreign IP camera products use more M-JPEG algorithm, which is a motion video sequences of the consecutive still images to a processing algorithm. This compression method to compress each frame individually complete, the editing process can be randomly stored in each frame, can be accurate to frame editing, but the M-JPEG compression efficiency is relatively low, the storage space occupied by each frame into 8 ~ 15K bytes can only do the best 3K bytes per frame, so the bandwidth is higher, but also because of this that the kind of algorithm of video files in a foreign country to obtain legal recognition, and the user is at the expense of its frame rate to address its high bandwidth defects. But domestic users of bandwidth and frame rate requirements more sensitive, requiring low bandwidth still meet 25 transmission rate. Therefore, MPEG-4 H.264 algorithm algorithm, especially great in the domestic market. H.264 algorithm compression ratio is 2-3 times that of MPEG-2, MPEG-4 is 1.5-2 times. Therefore, the optimization of the H.264 algorithm, the manufacturers have much room for improvement to meet customer demand for bandwidth.
        4, platform integration needs
        As a control terminal products, IP camera can not be separated backend platform software support. Therefore, the system software capabilities can be applied to the scale, the system scalability, system stability and user-friendly operation and other aspects will become the future development of the main point of competition. In the present network monitoring system, the monitoring points and the number of users of the system have grown exponentially, more and more systems series, a set of large-scale network monitoring platform is hundreds of network terminal joint as a whole key. Simultaneously in one system, we can not expect a product that only IP camera, the system should also be compatible with more network video server, DVR and other products. With the city´s construction of domestic peace, as well as carrier-grade product quality requirements to introduce the concept of the system toward the platform should be able to have Managed, anti-disaster prevention, recoverability and other direction.

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