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  • Reduce storage costs is the key to the development of home monitoring

        Strong national policy support, safe city, safe communities and other projects to further promote the country, national security concept has been basically formed. This is the rapid expansion of domestic security market has laid a solid foundation, home monitoring market demand and more to network-based high-definition monitor, so that not only see things clearly and enables remote monitoring.
        Home monitoring the troubles facing bandwidth networks
        January 2009, the Ministry for the three operators 3G operator licenses issued, marking China´s telecommunications market began to enter the 3G era. Three operators have launched 3G wireless surveillance business, relying on its own 3G wireless network, video surveillance and burglar alarm and other functions perfect integration for people to bring a new wireless IP video monitoring experience. The emergence of 3G, no doubt for home monitoring of development has brought opportunities, but has five years later, the popularity of home monitoring is not completely open.
        Currently constraints 3G wireless monitoring developments in the field of home applications because of the following aspects: one, 3G wireless video surveillance in the field of application has just started, there is no uniform industry open standards, proprietary standards do not have the compatibility, large-scale promotion of difficulty heavy; two, 3G network stability, there is coverage of the key issues; three, 3G cost prohibitive to home users.
        3G networks, although in some cities hot spots have been covered, but the number of 3G base stations is not enough, resulting in a certain area network instability; in the second and third tier cities, economically underdeveloped areas and the vast rural areas not yet covered by 3G networks, which will to some extent, into a family of wireless mobile monitoring market development constraints. Which can be divided into two reasons: 1,3 G costs are relatively high, and the situation in the 3G network can only transmit standard definition (including SD) below the surveillance video.
        Home monitoring network, intelligent, high-definition is the security industry has been self-seeking another height. But the family is relying on intelligent monitoring network technology and high-definition technology. Network speed is a bottleneck in the development of home security, but now the problem now is not a good solution.
        Home monitoring the troubles facing big data
        Security coincided era of big data, video, large data capacity that is representative of the era. Massive video, high-definition images will undoubtedly become a burden not to store, of course, can be introduced in the high-end sector of the cloud storage solution. So at the low end with the level name, how to solve the storage space? In addition to the 3G network costs to tie him down, even though the price of home monitoring products has gradually declined, but the price is still the home monitoring products can not cover a large area of ​​the reasons can not be ignored. The face of the enormous requirements of HD data, how to solve this problem to make video surveillance in every household?
        Currently available for home monitoring of HD quality 720P, 720P video format is also known as megapixels level. Theoretically, according to the standard definition storage space needed for 30 days as follows: Stream (unit kb / s bit rate / 8) * 3600 (unit: seconds) * 24 (hours) * 30 (days) / 0.9 (loss of 10% of the disk space formatted). 720P video compression bit rate theoretical value of 2M, difficult to calculate, all the way 720P HD surveillance camera 1 months uninterrupted store data about 0.69TB, 700GB or so. Accordance with the normal hard disk storage space, is constructed with a PC host monitoring system, it is difficult to meet the multi-channel high-definition house surveillance camera storage needs. At the present monitoring compression technology perspective, H.264highprofile is relatively efficient compression method, both to ensure the picture quality, but also reduces the network bandwidth pressure, but more than 2-way continuous monitoring is still some difficulties, the current domestic mainstream should still SD monitoring. Although the data in large high-definition monitor will face a variety of challenges, I believe that in the future as technology continues to progress, high-definition surveillance home surveillance in the occupation in more and more markets.
        Reduce the cost to solve storage space is growing the Road
        Overall, if you want to reduce the overall cost of monitoring system, we must first solve the storage problem. Take civilian analog surveillance camera, how to reduce the pc hard drive prices, I am afraid it is difficult to call the shots by the consumer. So whether you can change the storage device or structure? Optimistic about the industry´s SSD currently no available large capacity, and the price is even higher than the PC´s hard drive, even if memory even faster would still be difficult to meet the civilian market.
        Some families choose IP surveillance camera, a non-popular form of monitoring equipment, only for families making. This surveillance camera with SD card storage, this IP camera has basically reached the 720P resolution, can be retained for at least 7 days video. Compared to analog surveillance, this IP camera upfront investment is higher, and the family bundled ADSL network, the network does not need to pay an additional fee. SD card storage or direct-attached storage computer, from a long-term perspective, the program integrated higher cost. But only for a single point of control.
        As a home security monitoring devices, network monitoring equipment with alarms more flexible, scalable stronger. Integration as a home burglar alarm monitoring equipment, analog control system hardware with high cost. But in general, as one thousand yuan to buy surveillance program, in fact, the cost of hardware is not what we imagine as outrageous, how to reduce the cost of storage is the key.

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