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  • HD surveillance concept of fuzzy Image clarity is a key feature

        In the video surveillance industry, the rise of popular in recent years, in addition to the NVR as the representative of the network is to be outside the definition of another. In fact, video surveillance, image clarity is indeed the most critical characteristics. Because the sharper the image, the details, the more obvious the better the viewing experience, business intelligence applications such as the accuracy will be higher, showing that the introduction of high-definition video surveillance business performance will bring a series of practical application of all aspects, leap improvement and in high-definition video surveillance of the importance of self-evident.
        As yet completely universal high-definition monitor, the current market is still relatively vague definition of the concept or even wrong, so elaborate definition associated with NVR, we need to first look at high-definition monitor several core concepts:
        1) front-end high-definition monitor must be HD IP camera
        The traditional standard definition monitoring can be divided into analog, digital, and three types of networks, these monitoring systems were used front-end analog cameras can, network camera, video encoder + analog cameras and many other types, but in high-definition monitor, the front end must be HD IP camera.
        First, after collection of uncompressed HD video signals have both analog and digital transmission, whether analog or digital transmission, uncompressed high-definition video signal transmission costs will be far higher than previously are analog SD video signal and therefore, see definition video signal transmission can not continue past SD systems of transmission, and only the video coding and transmission over the IP network, and the use of such means of transmission of the transmission system and the SD the cost difference is minimal.
        Secondly, because HD CMOS video sensor of cost effective features, the direct use of high-definition network camera for front-end processing efficiency and cost than with HD video encoder + HD camera to be an advantage.
        2) HDTV HD standard system is the mainstream
        In the video surveillance equipment megapixels resolution or 720p HD called immediately after, and in fact, megapixels and 720p is still a big difference between the two.
        720p from the American Film and Television Engineers (SMPTE) HDTV standards developed. According to this standard, truly meet the HD video format, there are three: 720p (1280 * 720) resolution, 1080i (1920 * 1080) resolution, 1080p (1920 * 1080) resolution. This was originally used for radio and television industry standard high-definition video has now also been recognized as the video surveillance industry technical standards and common in use.
        And megapixels but is not a recognized standard, it is actually specifically refers to the network camera´s image sensor element. When an HD IP camera with more megapixels performance, in fact, still does not know the camera´s frame rate is the number of how video aspect ratio, interlaced or progressive, how about color fidelity, etc., and this information but also a measure of the performance of an HD IP camera key indicators. Therefore, as the industry standard, it is clear HDTV standard is more practical.
        3) H.264 video coding technology will become the dominant
        HD IP camera MJPEG video encoding standards are and H.264. MJPEG (MotionJPEG) is developed on the basis of the dynamic JPEG image compression technology, even though it has some advantages, but also very obvious shortcomings, including frame loss is serious, real poor; compression efficiency is low, the transmission bandwidth and storage space occupied by and large .
        The H.264 is the ITU-T and ISO jointly established by the Joint Video Team JVT develop a new generation of video coding standard, it is not only higher than MJPEG more than 80% savings rate, but also has better support for network transmission function, which can be achieved at lower bandwidths 720p, 1080i / p broadcast quality HD video resolution.
        Noted earlier, NVR, though they have many innovative advantages, but also need a truly universal with core features to boost competitiveness, and based on the above definition technology brings high resolution, high fluency and large screen with widescreen display etc. can significantly enhance the monitoring system´s ease of use and the user´s image browsing experience and other properties, happens to meet the requirements of the core competitiveness NVR. At the same time, since the high-definition monitor to achieve the basic premise must be networked, so the combination of high definition and NVR is a matter of course, of course.
        Finally coupled NVR itself has excellent quality include: We have known and recognized, including access management, video storage and decoding, including the integration of display functions, I believe in high-definition monitor era, NVR will face unprecedented development opportunities.

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