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  • From a market point of view to analyze the diversified use of the IPC

        As the security industry toward digital, networked, intelligent direction, IP camera also use the security industry set off a boom. This article will explore the idea behind the bustling, IPC real market developments.
        Applications to diversify
        IP camera is mainly used in the early industrial and technological fields, such as oil and telecommunications room unattended, these places to monitor point spread, the remote location, and the terrain in which the complex and dangerous. IP camera in these special environments application advantages are obvious, it eliminates the need for traditional monitoring solutions in the wiring work to achieve the plug to see the performance, but also eliminates the need for complex network configurations.
        Today, in addition to the traditional application areas outside, IP video camera application has been involved with people´s daily lives, businesses and public places.
        In addition, IP camera and video server also gradually being used in factory production management, supermarket chains, banks ATM machines, distance learning, monitoring test sites and other places. Especially the first half of 2003 China suffered SARS large area of ​​the disaster, making these network-based products began to be used for remote medical consultations and hospital care.
        Huge market potential yet to be tapped
        It is understood that, after several years of development, IP network camera manufacturers in the Chinese market presents two conditions: on the one hand, some of the strength and mastered the core technology of the manufacturers, the high-end market, firmly adheres to its own brand status; same time, some local brands rely on their adaptability as well as good value for money, but also gained market development. On the other hand, some manufacturers only at immediate profits, do not carry out a full analysis of the market, there is no investment in technology, research and make the necessary investment, and ultimately turn to do it is not a closed line.
        The past two years, ADSL broadband network in the smooth opening of many Chinese cities, architecture, from IP-based data platform, but also for network monitoring provides a secure and reliable network environment, as well as IP camera development has injected new vitality.
        Network video surveillance into the TV is a trend, the market is clear, but also potential. Whether there is a break or large development lies in the ability to solve the problem of image quality. Technological advances have both security systems to meet the functional requirements, but also a shift in understanding, because the traditional surveillance systems to form an impression in people´s minds and evaluation criteria has become a classic, the emergence of new concepts will be a process. Currently, within the scope of the local controls is the application of the main mode of the video in this regard is not an edge network. IP camera market expanded rapidly, becoming more competitive, profit will be transferred gradually moved personalization system software applications up.
        Each half Chinese and foreign brands
        At present, China IP camera market competition at home and abroad, many manufacturers. In market share, imports and domestic goods can be said that each half, which also includes a large number of domestic manufacturers of OEM products.
        Many bottlenecks yet "substantial" Breakthrough
        IP camera has the advantage of remote monitoring technical superiority, thereby expanding the scope of application of video surveillance, enhanced video image in remote management, video and other aspects of the importance of information sharing. But its disadvantages are also obvious, referring to the current constraints of IP camera and video server development bottleneck problems, respondents talk about the most is: network bandwidth, image quality, latency, software, system compatibility and price and other issues, some of these issues have been improved, but have not made substantial breakthroughs.
        After all, that is how to solve the network video image quality with traditional technology gap (lead people to believe that it can not meet the safety monitoring requirements), to play its strengths (self-generating system, remote, infrastructure cost reduction) is significantly , but also when the conventional remote control systems used in image transmission obvious needs to show it. Therefore, manufacturers in product development, we must also strengthen the application mode and service mode of study, thus to stimulate the potential market demand.
        Wireless network transmission technology
        In addition to the LAN, INTERNET other commonly used outside the network, this year, wireless IP camera has become the promotion and application of network-based products has played a catalytic role.
        Based on wireless network transmission protocol 802.11B, 802.11G, 802.11A, SDH digital microwave communications, the current wireless IP camera, video server, the main use of wireless networks 802.11B, SDH digital microwave communication. Use 802.11B communications, theoretically a maximum distance of 30 km, but the actual use of the distance that can be achieved will also be the scene of the environment, the impact of climate and geographical location. SDH digital microwave communication is a form of the composition of the main trunk, several branches of the middle, it can be a hub station direction to certain branches of the main trunk can be up to several thousand kilometers, while a number of branch lines, in addition to both ends of the line terminal station, there are a large number of relay stations and shunt stations, constitute a digital microwave relay communication lines.
        In addition, there is a tendency now is to use the public network based on mobile networks, such as GPRS up to 30 km, CDMA up to 80 km, the network coverage, so the mobile public network will also become part of the market using a network.
        IP camera and DVR
        DVR mentioned here refers to the tradition of the DVR functions based on the expansion of the network DVR product, which makes more users can access, precisely because of this concept of product development, so that the network-enabled DVR products or the traditional sense of the DVR, and its main function is still DD store, which also determines its market position in the small range of network environments, monitoring points is limited.
        The IP camera and video server main function focuses on network transmission networks are talking about here is a big concept, product design and positioning in the network can adapt to different environments, such as LAN, WAN, INTERNET, or wireless networks, and does not restrict The number of monitoring points, does not limit the number of users to access and so on.
        The application from the product point of view, IP camera is the focus of remote monitoring, such as road traffic, unattended substations, oil production management, telecommunications room monitoring and other fields, these fields monitoring point spread, distance cabling is difficult, If you want to create a new system, you can directly use IP camera, if the system has a traditional monitoring front-end, you can use the video server as an effective supplement; if the scope of monitoring in small areas, without remote control, you can DVR will be more practical to use.
        The advent of the information age, people have a higher network application requirements, IP camera can be anywhere in the world via the INTERNET for remote monitoring, eliminating the need for complex network configurations and cabling work, greatly reducing the cost of the project In remote centralized monitoring environment played a role can not be ignored. Although IP camera as a representative product of the Internet age, it is still in the process of continuous development and improvement, when its network advantage within the industry become more and more people pay attention, I believe that with the constant improvement of network resources, the product will also be further play out its potential.
        Development of promising
        It is understood that digital CCTV Products CCTV industry, currently accounting for only about 2% ratio is quite low, but it also means that the market has unlimited potential. Expected 3 to 5 years, digital CCTV products can grow to 10% market share, which IP camera and video server development prospects even more impressive.
        IP camera easy adjustment, the image sharpness, transmission delay, etc. are all on the progress of each one selling point, while the face of system development in different sectors should be able to become the main manufacturer profits.
        Currently, IP surveillance has become a global monitor market is extremely important direction of development, security and surveillance industry is also faced with the challenge of digital networks. The rise of the IP camera market situation, although the security products occupy a large proportion of the family is not too large, but it is an emerging force to be reckoned.

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