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  • Note that the three tips to buy surveillance cameras

        Currently surveillance cameras more and more into people´s lives, and the network camera is developing rapidly, with beautiful, high-definition and digital, etc. accounted for half. But in the course of the optional network camera, tend to buy the model does not match with the actual application or reach the desired effect, resulting in a waste of repeat purchase, here to talk about in the purchase easy to overlook a few links :
        Do not be fooled HD
        Purchase of finished programs, although the threshold for skipping a million high-definition, but it needs to run the back-end systems and software to support the high threshold has blocked a large manufacturing enterprises. Which also appeared in a number of manufacturers blind comparisons HD pixels, deliberately thrown high to scare customers. It also led directly to contractors difficile true high-definition market in no real strength of the manufacturers, consumers buy high-definition products prohibitive.
        Difference between HD and SD: Some manufacturers in the publicity is mainly targeted at high end video equipment, high-definition video effect from the first definition of information collection, if there is no front-end HD video capture, you can not talk about the back-end HD effect. However, only high-definition images are not taken, these images only through the transmission equipment to reach the storage devices and displays meaningful. To observe the camera´s resolution, the choice of the camera, be sure to bring a camera to the scene are buying the actual installation environment, rather than blindly labeled according to the camera parameters to choose.
        Careful purchase some unnecessary features
        Do not be fooled by the parameters of the camera, just look at a few key indicators of network camera technology used and what type. Such as a CCD camera is used in what type is a key indicator. Also need to observe whether the IP network camera with OSD menu, OSD menu of the camera with the high price, but its function will be more abundant.
        Network mode
        Network camera access network model can be divided into the LAN, MAN, WAN three kinds, according to line access mode can be divided into two major categories of wired and wireless. Users should select the IP camera when the number of cameras according to their needs, the need simultaneous remote monitoring, recording the number of integrated computing network bandwidth requirements. Under the LAN, basically can not consider the line bandwidth issues, need only consider the throughput of the switch, the switch backplane bandwidth selection can be enough. In the biggest problem is that the WAN uplink bandwidth issues, China is now available for ADSL upstream bandwidth currently only about 512K, so the cost is one of the issues you must consider.

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