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  • Speed ​​Dome surveillance camera working principle and its advantages and disadvantages

        In real life, due to high-speed rotation of the ball fast and flexible, wide range of zoom, so the application field is very broad, they involve areas including buildings, transportation, public security, mining, environmental protection, administrative organs, sports venues, universities and so most need to install a surveillance camera in place.
        Speed ​​Dome surveillance camera feature is one of the largest body can speed rotation. Through intelligent software automatically tracks the background monitoring object recognition, achieve high intelligence.
        When you enter a a high security area, you will find numerous high-speed ball machine rotation coming at you. So, in the end speed dome surveillance camera which essential requirements in order to make it complete control it?
        The first is the definition, because in the world of high-speed ball, the installation of a lot of intelligent software, such as automatic tracking, recognition software. Most people are familiar is the facial recognition technology. Facial recognition technology is based on the unique contour of face recognition, if the camera can not reach the requirements of the requirements definition, can not see the face, so what is smart identification? Therefore, high-speed ball control in high-speed ball must be high.
        Secondly, in the application, high-speed ball rarely dispatched to a large venue. This and his costs and characteristics of a relationship. The cost of high-speed ball surveillance camera video surveillance camera than the average cost of more expensive, but in terms of its characteristics, speed dome can be rotated 360 degrees in a surveillance zone to monitor a wide range, without excessive monitoring to aid in monitoring .
        Since the speed dome surveillance camera has so many advantages, it is not perfect it on the monitor it? The answer is no, in fact, speed dome surveillance camera there is an obvious weakness.
        In the high-speed rotation of the ball speed track, monitor screen will become clear. And if the high-speed rotation of the zoom screen, then the monitor screen clarity is more affected. Currently in the industry in order to solve this problem, presents a good solution: the camera automatically slow down the technology to high-speed ball. Our normal viewing, to maintain the original high-speed high-speed ball, and when the camera is zoomed in need so fast, when magnified to a certain multiple of the time, we will automatically dome corresponding rotational speed slows down,
        This program is a good program, through technology, the physical level to solve the high-speed ball high speed rotation can not see the problems in the current view, high-speed rotation can not work hard in the clarity of the premise, this approach is The most feasible method.
        High-speed ball, speed down to be precise, in order to achieve the monitoring results. Otherwise, security surveillance camera speed is not much significance.

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