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  • New Green City HD demand diverse multi-system applications

        In the process of building a new peaceful city, "high definition" has become an inevitable trend. In the actual construction, how to meet the public security for different scenarios have different definition needs? How to integrate the existing diverse systems? Cascade system in high-definition and expansion, how to achieve a variety of different technical system applications? How the original analog systems integration? These are new safe city construction issues need to be addressed.
        New safe city video surveillance system has been reviewed by the "visible" video security system, fully to "see" in HD networked system, and follow the "built for use, with the war" principle, the beginning of the "understand" the intelligent, business-oriented integration of combat system construction, research and development meet the needs of public security video surveillance system combat the vendor must meet the subject.
        Different scenarios require different HD
        Is a simple definition of a single, high-definition technology, but from the police to start the actual business application needs, able to adapt to all control of the city to face the needs of high-definition image quality. Control of the entire city faces, in a complex variety of applications, "ecology", so HD peace-building needs of the urban system according to each of the different characteristics of different application scenarios, choose their appropriate definition solution.
        For the social aspects of the application, using the 700 line analog HD solutions to achieve 960H resolution, the program combines performance and price advantage, can effectively enhance the social aspects of image quality.
        For public security self point, using megapixels IP HD solutions to achieve higher 720P, 1080P resolution, key parts of the city to achieve high system deployment.
        For some important points for real-time, with a higher mobility requirements, it is recommended to use HD-SDI HD solutions, to achieve 1080P lossless, without delay, with the mobility of high-definition system construction.
        The existing system needs to integrate diverse
        In practical applications, the system is often the system of coexistence of a variety of techniques: both early construction of the modular control system, but also the new IP HD or HD-SDI digital high-definition systems. In the system construction process, we must begin construction costs, the system has been built the old Lee, systems integration and optimization of a combination of factors starting to consider how to integrate a variety of monitoring technology systems coexist, how to achieve a variety of monitoring technology system unified management, control and display .
        In the Green City "high definition" in the background, but also accompanied by "diversity" characteristics to the present situation, IP HD, HD-SDI and analog HD HD safe city in the entire application plays a different role , and they will be in a co-exist for a long time. "Diversity" HD to meet the needs of users, but also for the entire solution of the "central system" put forward higher requirements:
        Inconsistent standards and interfaces: Because analog HD, IP HD, SDI HD in the collection, transmission, display, control and other aspects are different standards, data formats, interfaces, which resulted in the center of a variety of high end systems integration is complete , faced signal acquisition criteria, transmission display interface, application methods inconsistencies.
        Existing analog matrix systems integration: the system retains a lot of the early construction is often used during the simulation equipment, which is the value for the user. In the new building system HD, digitization, networking at the same time, it is necessary to simulate the original use of resources for effective integration, ensuring up-front investment is not wasted
        System performance and scalability requirements: peace-building is a long-term city constantly ongoing process that will end point as urban development, increasing security needs change, so must have rear center system scalability to meet growing The end point needs. For urban construction "diversity" HD needs challenge, we must first solve the problem of integration of diverse centers. In this regard, targeted developed to DH-M60 video integrated platform as the core of the third generation of safe city solutions. The program has the following characteristics:
        HD systems and expansion of a variety of different cascade technology system applications
        Third Generation Green City Solutions core DH-M60 video integrated platform that can support both analog video and audio signals, IP network video and audio signals, digital video and audio HD-SDI video signal access, can be achieved through the optical fiber cascade plate cascade and expansion of the system. Depending on the technical system of different types, can be composed of a rich application framework, which is more typical:
        Analog front-end technology system:
        Pickups through front-end analog cameras and analog video and audio transmission line access video integrated platform for video and audio input board, analog video and audio signals are digitized, high-speed switching backplane can be transported to the video output board raw uncompressed video data stream, carried on the wall display.
        IP front-end technology system:
        Front-end IP video camera or video server networks such as video streaming, video integrated platform through a network access, integrated platform for video output board video and audio output through the video image on the wall display, can support high-definition video decode simultaneously displayed on the wall.
        SDI digital front-end technology system:
        Front of the camera using the SDI digital cameras, video images directly to the output stream uncompressed raw data, direct access to the video via fiber integrated platform for digital high-definition video encoding, matrix switching, high-definition display output, etc., to build a set of image display, switching, control is not dependent on the network low latency high-definition video systems.
        Hybrid technology system:
        Analog surveillance systems, IP surveillance systems and SDI monitoring and control systems have different characteristics, in practice, often there will be a variety of technical systems coexist. Video integrated platform supports simultaneous access to multiple video and audio signals through analog, IP, digital multi-mode combinations can be deployed for different needs of different monitoring systems, in order to meet user demand for a variety of video technology, but also to meet the Users of the original system and the new system integration and utilization, integration of video resources, improve management efficiency.
        Cascade and scalable design
        When the access number or size of more than single capacity multi-stage cascade required, the system can cascade through the IP and optical cards are two ways to extend the cascade application.
        IP extended ways: through access to unified IP network, the completion of more than one network between the M60 multi-stage cascade or extended to achieve superior video integrated platform for access to the lower image, the lower level to a higher level can be monitored issued images. As shown, the video monitoring center integrated platform integrated platform A and B between the video mode using IP extensions, when integrated platform A video monitoring center access analog / digital video images displayed on the wall, you need an IP network, transmission video integrated platform to B, B integrated platform via video decoding output boards decoded display output.
        When superiors monitoring center, you need to tune to see video integrated platform A and B video integrated platform access analog and digital video images, they need to transfer over an IP network integrated platform C after video decoding output. IP cascade expansion mode advantages include ease of implementation, no additional investment, low cost, using the existing IP networks cascade. Additionally, you can flexibly deployed to meet the bandwidth requirements of the premise, the video integrated platform can be deployed in any network location.
        Cascade expansion mode fiber: In addition, by configuring fiber cascading cards can be realized between the upper and lower lossless uncompressed image upload and issued, multi-stage cascade application. Cascade expansion mode fiber optic monitoring platform will be an integrated platform as a master cascading video equipment, subordinates other video integrated platform to a platform through the optical access. Two platforms tune to see three platforms through a video images need integrated platform forwarding. Compared IP cascade expansion mode, cascade expansion mode optical fiber video transmission using digital integrated platforms over IP transmission characteristics with lower latency, real good. Optical fiber transmission using a single optical fiber network, do not rely on external networks and transmission equipment, network stability and reliability more secure. Fiber has a high bandwidth performance, for uncompressed HD, low-latency video image.
        Existing analog system integration methods
        The current system often retain a large number of early use of safe city construction process simulation equipment, which is valuable for users. In the new building system HD, digitization, networking at the same time, it is necessary to simulate the original use of resources for effective integration, ensuring upfront investment is not wasted. According to integrate the different ways of integrating into the following three ways:
        An integrated approach
        Reserved analog matrix video wall with integrated approach: keeping the existing analog matrix systems and the original big screen TV wall, to achieve the original analog images and high-definition images on the TV wall consolidated and integrated. Integrated analog BNC video output board platform configuration with analog matrix tablet docking, integrated platform for video and analog video source matrix docking. Access gateway device through the matrix, the matrix system by agreement with the simulated docking mode, the analog video matrix system with an integrated platform to achieve interconnection mutual control, integrated platform for high-definition images for video output to the analog matrix display on the wall, complete with high-definition analog matrix systems integrated docking.
        Integrated approach two
        Retain the original analog matrix integrated approach: keeping the existing analog matrix system, using the new large-screen video wall, to achieve high-definition images with the original analog image unified integration of new TV wall. Integrated analog BNC video input board platform configuration with analog matrix output board butt, butt of video sources. Then through the matrix access gateway equipment, M60 docking agreement with analog matrix systems, analog matrix systems interconnected with mutual control, M60 can be switched to control analog video matrix output channel to the input of an integrated platform, complete with high-definition analog matrix systems integrated docking.
        Integrated approach three
        Digitizing existing analog system integrated approach: fewer large ones for some analog video systems, using M60 analog input board for analog image access and coding, and uses the new implementation of large-screen video wall display on the wall, in order to complete the original HD images are simulated images unified integration with new TV wall.
        System Functions
        Coding system configuration and management: remote parameter configuration interface coding subsystem can be configured to display settings, video parameters, recording schedule, motion detection, tampering alarm, keyboard management, network parameter settings and user management and other related information. Decoding subsystem remote parameter configuration interface to configure network parameters, serial port parameters, abnormal parameters, user management and other information.
        Video Resources Equipment Integration: You can DVR, video server, network camera, network speed dome and other video devices are added to the system resources in the device list. Through software management, resources and facilities of these video channel decoding by the video subsystem integrated platform switched to TV wall output device can be a preview, configuration, playback and other related operations, thereby performing a unified decoding each device on the wall display and management.
        TV wall management: an integrated platform for video output board audio output configuration that enables the image to switch on the wall, the video channel selectable output interface type, resolution, split screen mode, you can control the TV wall custom window position configuration and size of the management, and the actual TV wall look consistent, in order to intuitively TV wall control operation. Image decoding the same time, can sound output, PTZ camera control, set the round robin decoding rules, can perform image capture, video and other operations.
        Lossless large-screen high-definition image display: the traditional monitoring system image on the wall in the center side need to go through multiple devices, from video distributor, matrix, and then to large-screen decoder processor, M60 with powerful hardware and software performance video output board with large-screen display function, can realize lossless tiled display HD images on the wall.
        Image Preview function: through the client software can realize the video image preview, support for multi-split screen, support for multi-screen polling preview. Image preview, you can on the head, lens, etc. for remote control operation, image capture, video and other functions.
        Centralized storage forwarding: Configuring IP SAN centralized data storage and management, M60 can be stored in IPSAN on streaming video files forwarded calls to meet client requests remote playback, support for network transmission to the video via integrated platform to be decoded, enabling playback on the wall.
        Storage stream: analog cameras and IP camera video streaming, integrated platform by the video via ISCSI protocol, the way straight to the file block writes IPSAN storage system.
        Live Stream: Video comprehensive platform for internal exchange front live video streaming, real-time video stream to each client.
        Playback Stream: The client initiates an integrated platform to video playback request, the video index information integrated platform based on the file to the matched query the list of files and sort video clips from IPSAN read.
        Safe City system after years of construction and development, early police user´s understanding of their business based on the construction of the system to simulate camera + multi-matrix system for the digital-analog-based, this modular system complies with the public security system-level requirements of the business applications , for many years the system mature, stable and reliable. But with video technology continues to evolve, SDI HD, IP HD, analog HD variety of new technologies emerging, dazzled in front of so many new technologies how to choose is critical. Safe City is a high-definition system development process a must. As business needs and applications safe city scene is very complex, high-definition must be diversified. How to help users better face a variety of high-definition, make better choices, and this is the value of M60 solutions exist.

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