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  • IP video monitoring signal transmission and equipment supply problems solve

        How to troubleshoot network monitoring signal transmission problems with the device powered, high-speed network signal effectively Unicom and network signal and power fast connection. Construction is simple, but the larger, more powerful security network system and further reduce construction costs, the current network monitoring transmission problems to be solved.
        First, IP video monitoring of the transmission requirements
        IP video monitoring requirements of the transmission is mainly reflected in: Signal quality (integrity), stream bandwidth, transmission distance, transmission media, equipment supply, installation wiring and other aspects. Signal quality required to achieve such delay upper limit of 400ms, delay jitter limit 50ms; packet loss rate upper limit of 1/1000; packet error rate upper limit of 1/10000 and other standards; monitoring system requires special attention to the uplink bandwidth and the left margin, and take care of the screen to the camera in the acquisition generated intense peak stream; require transmission distance considerations, from the system within the coverage of environmental needs, through a mix of different length from the program, complementary advantages; requests the transmission medium of choice, to take into account such as an analog monitor network transformation or elevators, mines and other special circumstances apply, the flexibility to choose the appropriate cable and transmission equipment; requires equipment to be used centralized power supply mode for the front-end equipment laying power lines or other flexible or PLC using PoE power supply technology, simplifying cabling project, reduce project costs; requires the installation of equipment necessary to regulate solid and clean and beautiful, equipment to be able to waterproof, dustproof, easy to heat, so as to meet the actual environment monitoring projects, and long uninterrupted operation of the equipment requirements. These requirements, as the body´s various key nodes on the overall quality of IP video monitoring systems play a decisive role.
        Second, the current IP video monitoring transmission problems
        Current IP video monitoring access transmission signal follows the basic telecommunications network model, taking 100 meters directly connected with the switch, the switch cascade with less than 1000 m 1000 m above the optical fiber transceiver solution. The main problem of this scheme, one general switch transmission distance is too short, single building is difficult to cover all monitoring points. Second, using switches cascaded signal by the switch needs to be done because the data exchange process, and this will inevitably produce delays and intermediate equipment installation and supply increases system complexity and risk of failure; Third, in the short-distance optical fiber, although in recent years, fiber prices, fiber optic connector wire technology and welding technology matures, but compared to other cables, fiber optic house wiring or the inconvenience. In addition, the fiber does not conduct electricity, need another route the power supply line to the device.
        Third, monitors network traffic and general differences in network transmission
        Monitoring network traffic transmitted over the network with common difference is mainly reflected in the signal transmission method and system application environments in these two areas. First in the signal transmission, the basic switch used in ordinary broadband network services, such as web browsing, downloading movies, etc. are in the download data, mainly occupied by the downstream bandwidth. Telecom broadband services in limited bandwidth conditions, the switch does not need to distinguish between ordinary set down together bandwidth. The IP video monitoring systems, typically IP camera sends a signal to the control room, mainly in uploading data, using up bandwidth, but multiple camera signals simultaneously through the switch, we need a greater output on the joint, in order to ensure signal transmission smooth. Second, the system application environment, the use of ordinary switches and network devices are usually installed in the room, so you can meet the short-distance transmission equipment access; equipment easy to take power, less need for POE power supply; another mine, and interference level of security requirements are low. The surveillance camera installed in the indoor and outdoor dispersed, and there is a long distance between switches require longer distances; while monitoring the centralized power supply requirements, PoE, PLC and other power supply, low-cost solution to power supply problems; additional security with Switches are industrial products, we should have a very high waterproof, dustproof, heat and lightning immunity.
        Fourth, the program Detailed
        In order to solve the current IP video monitoring contradiction access transmission problems in recent years, companies have launched PoE, EoC, EVoC, EPOC, EPON series designed for security surveillance applications, transmission equipment, combined with safe city, industrial and mining enterprises, medical education, financial services, residential district, home monitoring and other application characteristics, through a typical single-point, star-like form and link connections, packaged combined into a variety of solutions, the formation of a set of IP video monitoring integrated transmission system.
        1, single-point
        Single point in the IP video monitoring system is the most simple means of transmission, it is mainly for some monitoring points scattered signal transmission. Integrated transmission system does not supply a single-point connection scheme, both traditional using ordinary switches and fiber optic transceivers for single-point connection scheme, there are coaxial, twisted pair telephone lines as well as single transmission scheme, which more than ordinary network transmission further, especially in the project renovation project, elevators, mines and other applications with an unparalleled advantage.
        Such as project renovation project, the original analog monitor is usually a coaxial transmission wiring all the way to the video signal, now just install the front and rear respectively EOC coaxial transmission, transmission distance can be extended to 1,000 meters, and in the front-end devices access the range of about 100 meters above 4 HD IP camera, another in the local control room near the 100 m range can be further increased 3 HD IP camera. Composed of a set of transmission equipment to do a small IP video monitoring transmission systems and significantly reduce engineering costs, shorten construction time.

        Single point power connection scheme. POE adapter mainly through the separator to our camcorder power supply and signal transmission, but also by increasing the optical transceiver POE function to resolve long-distance signal transmission and supply of electricity remote devices; Furthermore, the use of the same technology EPOC axis of the transmission equipment, the same as POE switch can also be transmitted via coaxial network signal, as well as camera power supply, so that line make the best material.
        2 star form
        Wye connection is that most monitoring project is one of the most common wiring, multi-path with POE POE switches and fiber optic transceivers, multiple camera signals via the front together first, and then transmitted to the control room, is to solve the kind of transmission distance cameras networked, powered major programs.
        In a star wiring, the coaxial cable through the installation of the application of the EOC and EPOC technology, transmission equipment, the original can only be 1 to 1, and now immediately became one of four, and the same can select live and dead.
        3, link-type
        Link is also referred to hand in hand needle connectivity solutions for townhouses, examination room, factory workshop place this order, EPOC coaxial transmission is well matched to the program, which can put an eight IP video camera a link up, but also that most of the devices on a power supply. The distance between each control point can be up to 300 meters, the system´s most distant reaches 2000 m.
        In addition, this system is the most on a device also supports a star connection, so that the function of our transmission scheme is even more powerful.

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