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  • Video surveillance industry needs across the barriers

        From the 1880s to the first analog monitor as the originator, fiery digital monitoring to a few years ago now and then in the ascendant IP video monitoring, in just twenty years time, monitoring technology with lightning speed, Granville relying avalanche swept the land of China. video surveillance management platform industry involves many disciplines integrated application of knowledge, the industry´s technological level of enterprises and practitioners require a higher capacity; same time, because most of the video surveillance system by the government-led investment, highly targeted customers. Therefore, video surveillance industry in the rapid development also encountered some obstacles are mainly embodied in the following aspects:
        1, Technical barriers
        video surveillance management platform, the core competitiveness of industries and enterprises is reflected in technology and R & D capabilities, related to computer hardware and software, network, signal, electronics, graphics, images, systems engineering and other disciplines in integrated multi-technology applications. With the expansion of the scope and intelligent application requirements increase, the future may also require security companies to master artificial intelligence technology, wireless and mobile technologies, cloud storage technology and other new technologies and research and development. At the same time, promote the development of chip technology by the upstream and downstream video surveillance management needs of complex, personalized trends influence, video surveillance management platform for fast product replacement for professional technology absorption, optimization, innovation and application requirements are increasing capacity .
        With video surveillance system applications in depth, industry users of video surveillance management platform performance, longevity, reliability and stability requirements are also increasingly becoming diversified and specialized, new product development requires integration of advanced technologies in addition to a profound understanding of but also need to have a wealth of experience in industrial applications, it would be difficult to develop superior performance products to meet the needs of industrial customers.
        2, sales barrier
        video surveillance management platform for end-users is relatively concentrated, mainly for government and public security departments, determine the characteristics of the industry customers on product stability, safety is highly demanding. To ensure the stability of product quality, customer choice of products to suppliers strength, product quality, service and high demands. Once the product vendor´s products through rigorous performance and customer service check, it will establish long-term cooperative relationship.
        As video surveillance systems are government-led investment, and video surveillance management platform monitoring system as a whole, the core part, for lower construction risk considerations, users select the platform vendor is more focus on its successful experience of the project as well as other relevant departments of the city´s recommendation, better product quality, experienced market pioneers in this area has a large advantage. video surveillance management platform technology upgrades and future expansion of the market potential is huge, considering the compatibility of old and new systems, protecting previous investments and other factors, customers are more inclined to choose existing equipment suppliers, which has become the market latecomers obstacles.
        3, integrated talent barriers
        video surveillance management platform industry is a knowledge-intensive industry, product design and development requires integrated hardware technology, software technology, embedded technology, network technology, storage technology and other aspects of technology that requires a lot of good integrated R & D personnel. video surveillance management platform vendors not just rely on pure software or hardware technology, software architecture design capabilities, rapid application development capabilities, embedded hardware development capabilities, hardware and software capabilities and testing capabilities, determine the enterprise´s competitive strength in the industry, which professionals to enterprises put forward higher reserve requirements, the objective is also a video surveillance constitutes a major obstacle to development of the industry.
        In the past few years, government, telecommunications and finance the development of the field of video surveillance has been at the forefront of the market, while other sectors although there is a certain demand, speed of deployment is greatly lagging behind. This also means that video surveillance market has broad prospects for development. The future there will be more two, three industry market to increase their investment in the field of video surveillance. Meanwhile, with the deepening of industrial applications, in some mature industry, video surveillance construction, "the hard light, soft," the tendency has been greatly improved. More industry users call for industry stronger directional video surveillance solutions to enhance enterprise security management practices. Therefore, video surveillance enterprises should seize the opportunity to accelerate its development, across various obstacles in order to win development opportunities.

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