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  • Increased demand for remote applications 4G wireless transmission favored

        With the improvement of monitoring technology and industry applications continue to evolve, HD IP camera surveillance technology as one of the main directions of development in technology will be faced with more new changes, both continue to meet the demands of market competition, but also the technology self perfectly. It is a profound impact on the field of monitoring technology, it will profoundly change the way we live. HD surveillance has been applied to the real battle ahead, HD IP camera security industry will become the front-end video capture products leader.
        Network monitoring video transmission operating costs are too high
        Network Video Transmission is usually divided into wired and wireless transmission transmission, fiber optic transmission cable transmission is usually more; video wireless transmission is mainly dedicated microwave transmission and 3G transmission, WIFI wireless transmission is also a convenient way. Although the wireless transmission of ways, but the troubled wireless network monitoring has not yet solved the basic problem: on the one hand through the 3G network monitoring traffic flow and net charge is proportional to the high-definition network surveillance video data flow, resulting in 3G network transmission tariff increasingly high. If there are multiple high-definition IP surveillance camera used in conjunction with the user fee is unbearable to live! When users choose WIFI wireless transmission, the advantages and disadvantages at the same time show, WIFI does not require wiring, installation and increasing the number of cameras are more convenient, Internet relatively low cost. It should be noted that the installation instructions basis having to do some simple network configuration before normal use; WIFI effective use of distance generally require 30 to 100 meters range, if outside this range will need to install a dedicated antenna or the nearest wireless router; more intensive use of the wireless router where you want to set up a wireless router working bands. On the other hand, the user through the optical fiber transmission, usually monthly use of broadband services, the higher the bandwidth, the more expensive network charges. Users with multiple network HD surveillance camera will also be troubled, because fiber bandwidth is limited, too many HD camcorder nor transmitted simultaneously to switch to use only as needed.
        If the bandwidth now to count charges, such as South Korea broadband access is 45M, the average tariff per megabit is low, the bandwidth is often our ADSL 2M, charges seem higher than abroad. Chinese internet access absolute value is not high, relative to per capita disposable income will be high. The laying of optical fiber in the city a higher proportion of relatively few rural areas is also easier, but the network and service charges are not proportional to the communication cost low places higher fees, the cost of a high place in the communication charge less, operators always took the city to subsidize rural charges. In developed countries have related service fund, with the fund to subsidize rural areas, Chinese operators have to rely on raising the city´s price to fill the countryside. With the continuous development of the domestic network broadband fixed access charges also have lower prices.
        Increased demand for remote monitoring
        In the continuous development of science and technology today, electronic products become an integral part of people´s lives, but when you want to work at home to understand what happened, how do? This would be due to the convenience brought by remote monitoring. Remote monitoring is through the so-called IP surveillance camera observing the scene image, it also includes the reorientation of the camera operation, routine video surveillance camera set up on the work. Right now computers and mobile phones become the new darling of remote monitoring via computers and mobile phones will be able to control your home surveillance camera, which is the home security and care for the elderly is one important means.
        Network monitoring can be said to fit every household use. First, IP surveillance camera´s resolution is to determine the level of image sharpness foremost a condition, HD IP camera´s lowest resolution is 720P, it is the number of pixels is about nine times the CIF, while the number of pixels around 1080i/1080P is 20 times the CIF. HD IP camera can also be said that the development of rapid, more than ten million and ten million pixels of products also began in the surveillance industry horizon. This is to enhance the image quality of HD IP camera has an important role, while high-definition analog camera video bandwidth is too wide as difficult to break through the bottleneck of transmission of video signals. Secondly, IP surveillance cabling costs are lower, multiple signals can be transmitted over the same network, IP openness of the system also allows users anywhere, using a variety of ways to view surveillance video data. Plug and Play IP monitoring a user more convenient to use. HD surveillance data storage media capacity to grow geometrically, so need more disk storage space as a backing. HD storage can be divided into centralized storage and distributed storage, high-definition surveillance system transmission, the stored signals are compressed, the efficiency is higher.
        4G wireless transmission favored
        4G refers to the fourth generation of mobile communication technology, is set to 3G and WLAN in one and be able to transmit high quality video image technology. From GSM, GPRS to 3G and then 4G, technology is constantly evolving to improve. 4G system is able to 100Mbps download speed is 3G (WCDMA) 50 times the speed of the Internet, upload speed can reach 20Mbps, and is able to meet almost any user demand for wireless services. 3G license issuance from the beginning until now, 3G wireless IP camera has been in applications such as: 3G cruiser, 3G man, so that the wireless network video market accelerated sharply. So, when 4G official business, the wireless IP camera, especially wireless HD IP camera market demand will increase dramatically.
        Intelligent application or into the mainstream
        Intelligent behavior analysis function is mainly applied to video blind and video loss detection, people counting entrances, items left over recognition, intrusion recognition, video motion detection, identification, and so the crowd movement and congestion. Intelligent monitoring from complex data analysis to identify behaviors and types, providing operational commands, data and information to achieve alarm to alert attention, intelligent retrieval intelligent behavior. Intelligent monitoring is to prevent crime occurred adjunct to improve monitoring efficiency. Moreover, smart devices to selectively transmit video, thus effectively saving bandwidth, which greatly improved the available network bandwidth utilization.
        HD IP camera intelligent video algorithms can be embedded into the camera, and become integrated HD smart IP camera. Not only reduces the overall project cost, but also improves the efficiency of system monitoring. Intelligent monitoring surveillance technology development and has become the main direction of the market demand, integrated HD smart IP video camera is about to become the mainstream of intelligent video surveillance. IP camera. Both to reduce costs and a decrease in device node, improve equipment reliability. Intelligent monitoring surveillance technology development has become an important topic and market demand. Integrated HD smart IP camera is about to become the mainstream of intelligent video surveillance.
        Things applications gradually increased
        RFID radio frequency identification technology, is one of the applications of networking technology, through radio signals identify specific targets and to read and write data, without the need to identify specific goals established between the system and the mechanical or optical contact. HD IP camera can also be built-in RFID technology, video and positioning of unity. HD IP camera-based high-definition video imaging technology is also provided a good networking applications based on the video information to the core of things intellectual HD IP camera applications will be gradually increased.

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