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  • Contest between NVR and DVR

        Among series in the security industry, we never can see yes. NVR and DVR in between there is a sense of mutual struggle. Then such struggles, how in the industry situation favorable to proceed it?
        In larger capacity circumstances, NVR possess extended storage functions, both can be is the extended usb´s disk array, can also be a extend the network-oriented disk array to carry out storage expansion, against the multi-NVR´s storage management, just through the client software namely can be multiple NVR unified management, the software can be deployed in the network accessible anywhere. By logging on to this software, you can see that you are within the coverage of any one any one of the NVR surveillance camera images and historical image data can be separately authorized unified management.
        The first NVR product video stream from the network; from the NVR direct the distal end, the DVR local coding local storage, purely from the storage medium term NVR than the DVR has advantages, it stores video source network, in this case Even if I put the camera on the United States, NVR arranged in China, but also to remotely store. Another point, ip tip can also provide local storage, this end of the transmission network problems, the front end device may also store the encoded video by the NVR with centralized storage, can effectively resist the transport risks and ensure storage reliability. The DVR uses analog front-end, only in the center for recording and storage, once the transmission is broken, it can not be videotaped and storage. In this regard NVR advantages are obvious.
        NVR & DVR Cost Comparison
        NVR and DVR products from the point of view of the cost of similar devices, NVR should have some advantages. User objectively more attention to the overall cost of the solution, such as using NVR wiring easier, so bring wire consumption, construction cost far less than DVR and so on. To give an example to illustrate, there is now a factory monitoring system to be deployed, if you want to deploy DVR, generally placed in the front guard and head each monitoring point to shop video cable, if we mean to each point front distance of 200 next calculation, even if you select no brand cables, only wire that one would have almost 6000 yuan cost, there does not include the front-end devices, such as audio and video cable, front-end cameras. The deployment of NVR, the obvious would-hand cabling save costs. Meanwhile, we should see, IP camera as a very fast growth in recent years, it is more expensive than conventional cameras fall even faster, so the whole, NVR´s advantage is obvious.

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