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  • Civilian market summon IP-definition monitor should be close to the people

        Recently, high-definition monitor is the industry once again talked about the topic, it is now high-definition applications there are mainly two modes: IP HD and HD-SDI and HD. HD-SDI and IP applications have their own definition and focus, they are complementary rather than substitute relationship. HD-SDI cameras exist because of higher prices, if the image is uncompressed huge amount of data needs to be stored and not long-distance transmission and other issues, market awareness is still relatively limited, with sales currently small. HD monitoring equipment is usually based video compression and transmission over IP networks, because the only way to control high-definition video transmission and storage costs, so the IP surveillance in high-definition HD occupy the vast majority share.
        Advantage of high-definition IP surveillance
        IP-definition monitor the main characteristics of technology lies in its high-pixel high-definition images brought, and can be easily transmitted through the network of multi-regional networking and remote control, which for security monitoring is a very important significance:
        1) As mentioned greater coverage, IP HD cameras is a big advantage, wider coverage, the same monitoring area can replace the original camera or a plurality of fixed point omnidirectional camera. This intensive places such as airport security channel, station, subway, shopping mall entrances, parking lots, factories, bank teller, etc., generally require the original design of more intensive low-resolution cameras, to protect the dead, and now deploy IP HD Camera is a good choice.
        2) better picture quality is so-called "success depends on details", IP HD cameras allows the use of advanced photographic image details more clear, especially for moving objects, the progressive scan mode can provide better image quality, an effective solution interlaced comb brought blurring. Reliable image quality + Details = reliable quick survey and analysis, so the video store vast amounts of data are all valuable hard disk image data, which for the license plate, face recognition and other applications is important. Conversely, if the image quality is poor, the lack of detailed information, future investigations will undoubtedly bring great difficulties analytical work.
        3) Multi-regional networking more convenient and high-definition IP surveillance camera products matching rear HD Embedded NVR product has become more abundant, especially in the IP camera IP HD cameras popularity plays a very important role, its main function is a network video stream recording, storage and forwarding agents to provide real-time display and other functions, and more generally embedded architecture, hardware decoding support multiple network access SD or HD camcorder. HD IP camera can be interconnected via an IP network to make it a tremendous increase interoperability to achieve interoperability across multiple platforms, you can integrate the entire social resources, the linkage of each command center and information center, and information exchange, resource sharing, technical compatibility, benefit the entire community resource sharing, for the treatment of various types of events can be effective, fast response, use the Plug and Play mode provides flexible expansion capabilities.
        IP-definition monitor in the market starting in 2010 promotion period, with the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, Safe City and other large projects on the network HD product applications, network HD market growth over the past two years more than 30%. This also shows that the overall effect of the network definition and solutions have been accepted by users. And with HD technology gradually matured Network HD product illumination, the bandwidth problem has been well improved, the cost is a downward trend, it can be said, HD is gradually on the right track, analog to HD is an irreversible trend . However, the process of change is slow, IP has the advantage of high-definition monitor resolution, easy to use, interference, etc., but should not be overlooked is the relative standard definition monitor for the price is also high, the product has not been fully spread, market acceptance of the inherent need to continue to improve.
        For IP high-definition monitor this will be a huge potential market, with user security awareness, SD may have been unable to meet the needs of people, high-definition, low-price monitoring products or civilian security market will detonate while driving IP HD Monitoring large-scale development. Meanwhile IP HD video surveillance is not only HD capture, which installs an IP HD cameras, but throughout the video capture, coding, transmission, storage, control, decoded output, to the center of the whole process management software, each node in this sense speaking, does not depend on high-definition monitor a product or a few products to be achieved, it must be a protracted war, the need is the overall solution.
        Although high-definition IP surveillance technology mature, because the price factor is praised in an embarrassing predicament, at the call of civil security market, the manufacturer may need to develop appropriate pricing, to provide users with the security market a higher cost IP-definition monitor, IP-definition monitor off the wave of civilian applications.
        Summon the civilian market
        With the gradual increase in security awareness, security entered the civilian era can be said that security products are no longer only for the professional market, which needs more people living in more appropriate security products, to facilitate the people to use for people who purchase decision price becomes the main factors. For home users, the main role is to monitor civilian homes for the elderly, children, or a home security burglar needs. Its main purpose is to ensure that users more while on the go, you can still timely grasp the home situation. So in such a premise, a first demand for home monitoring equipment is positioned in the "visible." We understand that the current standard definition 700-line CCD surveillance lowest price of 200 yuan -300 yuan, 600 line CMOS monitors at around $ 200, the current high-definition IP surveillance market more than 400 yuan more than the price, perhaps most users will choose the standard definition.

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