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  • Long Way civilian monitoring market developments

        With the national emergency response system, safe city, safe campus, police training and other major projects in the country continues to advance, IP HD is rapidly penetrate into more and more areas, from traditional financial, medical, judicial, and government and other high- areas, to transport, schools, entertainment and other industries as well as civil security markets for intelligent video surveillance produced urgent needs. Future intelligent monitoring will usher in a huge space for development.
        Layout civilian security companies security monitoring market
        As the technology matures and production costs continue to decline, to meet civilian monitoring market demand for high-definition and cheap longer a dream, more and more high-definition monitor quickly from large industry market from the versatility extends industry market and commercial markets . The main push "NVR + HD IP camera" combination, covering the NVR, HD network cameras, platforms across devices, these devices have improved openness, is compatible with the industry mainstream brand products interoperable. Users can choose, with a flexible, in order to build a variety of high-definition surveillance system.
        This market is currently flooded with cheap pseudo-HD products, cost-effective high-definition products main features is the high end market go route, and strive to ensure product performance and price on the basis of the balance. There is also an attempt to civilian enterprise security market share a "cake." Sustainable development for the civilian market definition market has brought huge market space.
        Consumer awareness is not high civilian monitoring products
        Civilian market is relative to the traditional financial, medical and other industries markets, it is more likely to meet the needs of ordinary consumers. According to the author concluded, civil security monitoring products, the main characteristics are needed video replay clearly high, beautiful shape, construction and installation convenient, to be able to achieve a good Internet remote access, control, can be better with other docking alarm platform, as well as future Things to facilitate docking and so on. Integrated this demand, the traditional analog cameras are no longer suitable for such monitoring, the only digital high-definition monitor to play this great responsibility. Since both digital HD preview is still playback, are equally high clarity, and also because it is a network product, so very simple in construction areas, the average family can install themselves on the Internet such a developed today, remote monitoring, Alarm docking is a breeze, the other because of its high degree of intelligence, but also for future access to well prepare things.
        Nevertheless, the author through random visits found that consumer awareness of monitoring products for civilian degree is generally not high. I asked around two dozen friends, most of the home are not installed surveillance cameras, I feel at home there is no need to install the cameras, surveillance cameras on the expertise let alone understand, but generally agreed that, if you install the camera on the camera definition have a higher requirement. The author visited the homes around the commercial shops, also found that there are video surveillance cameras installed shop is very small, even with installation of security surveillance cameras, camera picture is very clear. When I asked if there was professionally managed, the staff told reporters, camera mounted in the commodity area, primarily to guard against thieves stealing the day when the clerk at the checkout counter at a screen can be used for subsequent manual monitoring or forensic investigation, does not have Others, such as alarm linkage function.
        "We are a small business, asked people to install the camera will also increase costs, then ask someone to maintain even impossible. Besides sub shop store is not large, at most, when many people are taking advantage of a few thieves, not any major problems, there is need so versatile. "an in-store staff told reporters. Open up the market in the end how long civilian monitoring
        Mobile phones and other devices with the popularity of smart terminals, for civilian surveillance market has brought new development opportunities, but by the technology, infrastructure, price and other factors, the civilian market still faces significant obstacles to development, can be said that the current civilian security market is still the market is still in an incubation period and the exploration period.
        Civilian surveillance market faces several major issues, one is that although the civil security market has already started, but the individual, the family´s concern for security has not yet reached a relatively high level, so we need to spend a larger effort to promote . Currently not entirely suitable for supporting civilian surveillance market> products, relatively speaking, have some need to be perfected, including product and service platform. Also, since the civil security is based on the Internet, then the complexity of the network of our product development is also a relatively large difficulties, in order to adapt to different network we need to invest more in R & D efforts. In addition, 3G network costs but also hinder the development of civil security problem, because with video-based civil security will consume more of the cost burden to the user traffic.
        I believe that security companies between businesses and consumers are the result of this information asymmetry most fundamental reason is that security companies in the civil security products promotional products exaggerate certain features on this concept and consumers of products and do not buy it, leading enterprises to open up channels for the civilian market is not smooth. I think that security companies during product development should consider the consumer´s standpoint, do not blindly pursue the product´s features while ignoring the usefulness of the product.
        Currently the civilian market is still in the slow movement, once the network environment has improved, people´s sense of security enhanced, high-definition network surveillance products to understand the product´s optional and more, the price is right, and easy to install, it is necessary produce blowout, but now the time has not arrived yet, and now regarded as volcanic eruptions Eve.
        Civilian surveillance market is different from other professional market, its wide distribution, demand characteristics are not the same, has a unique market characteristics, copy the professional market research and development management model is clearly not feasible, we are fortunate to join a leading enterprise try and guidance, but also civilian monitors to see the complexity of the market demand, security companies how to force, how the civilian market trends, will be the focus of future security companies.

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