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  • Access control applications strike internationalization

        Access Control System After 20 years of development, has gone beyond the simple past doorways and key management, and develop into a complete access control system. Through the computer system where the release when some people, when and where to deny certain people when an alarm signal and preserve access to records, access control system can achieve security and timely alarm linkage purposes, it is in a safe working environment to enhance the efficiency of enterprise management plays a significant role. Today, access control market diversification momentum Ching Hing, the paper markets, applications, technical aspects are discussed access application status.
        Access to diversified market momentum
        Past two years, although the real estate market is suffering hard bottomed winter, but in the access control market and not as smart home applications, as shown much impact. Market is still maintained at a high level. However, the domestic manufacturers did not fully enjoy the benefits brought by the market. Access the gradual development of the market diversification, with the integration of biometric technology, access control manufacturers gradually embarked on the road to open up foreign. Access recognition field, vein recognition champion.
        Compared with the traditional identification techniques, due to traditional password and identity cards and other identification ic way, will face need to remember a password or card carrying problem, once forgotten password or card is lost, stolen, it can not achieve the purpose of recognition ; contrast biometric characteristic is that it no memory, no card and keys to carry the trouble, so no worry about being stolen problem, but because it has "unique" characteristics, the use of the arm cpu chips, response and processing speed and enhance the identity and trustworthiness of the security, biometric technology is increasingly valued and universal causes. Currently in testing we can see different ways of application of the field of biometric technology, these include this test the most advanced biometric facial parts.
        Face Recognition Access Control in the biological part, just use the network cameras Access Control officers intercepted facial features, to compare the user´s identity has been confirmed. Users only see the one facing the camera to complete the identification, no need to make physical contact, use of natural life, and most people can operate. In addition, computers, mobile phones equipped with cameras will be the future multimedia environment infrastructure construction, a single camera can be multi-purpose use, cost-effective and is currently the most promising future applications access control industry.
        Other bio access control technology also includes a fingerprint reader that is usually applied for the user who will be dedicated finger on the fingerprint reader device, fingerprint reader photographed image, the system will be transformed into a dot plot fingerprint, stored for future inquiries comparison. "Fingerprint" is the development of biometric technology in a most mature technology, very suitable for access control and time and attendance management personnel.
        Of course, biometric access control can be applied to such voice recognition technology, voice recognition can use a microphone or telephone equipment, for each individual´s speech rate, intonation, and other unique features voice recognition, but susceptible to use the equipment quality, background sounds or cold hoarseness confusion effect, the accuracy is not high enough, so now this technology is not yet universal. The biometric access control systems technology and high-end applications iris recognition, iris recognition method is very simple to use, as long as the position of the eye at the camcorder´s box, you can make the iris recognition system captured images for identification. Because you can adjust the tilt angle of the camera, so do not worry about the height of the problem. The biggest advantage of iris recognition is accurate, fast and easy, you only need one or two seconds to complete alignment and recognition.
        The iris recognition for users is also very convenient, you do not have to take off both glasses, contact lenses do not have to worry about will affect the identification, even in the night also can function correctly. Compared with other identity recognition systems, the human iris is the most entrenched feature because after one year of age in humans, the iris will not be because of age or other factors change. In biometric access control in high reliability is fingerprint identification, which is a result of precise identification and safe products, when the user moves a finger placed on the fingerprint machine, fingerprint machine will capture fingerprint "characteristic value , "rather than the traditional concept of the fingerprint" Image ", and each data transmission both encryption and decryption processing, when the computer is stored in the characteristic value after processed, even if stolen by hackers, it is also obtained information completely unusable, so fingerprint characteristic data and the identification result can be securely transmitted.
        Since the finger vein recognition technology applied to the English level exam after vein recognition has been more and more attention, the market has been the use of palm vein recognition instrument vein recognition principle, palm vein recognition technology for electronic identity and physical identity of the height unity, which can effectively support the use of modern computer technology to achieve a full range of digital management. Palm vein recognition device with easy to forge, high recognition rate, recognition speed, non-contact, etc., have been widely used in communications systems, the public security system, logistics center and other areas.
        Access Control System Applications go international
        1, wireless application
        Physical access control is mainly funded by the traditional mechanical locks and online management system whereas the latter high investment. Access control systems are gradually shifted from a mechanical device using wireless technology of online solutions. Existing mechanical and electronic access control systems, use the online solution can also be added, making it easy and flexible access control system upgrade, making high-end security systems, as well as many access control system provider offers opportunities for innovation. AssaAbloy released its latest wireless solutions to meet this demand.
        According to a report MarketResearch: In the United States, is expected to the end of 2012, more than forty million of the phones will be able to achieve near-field communication (NFC) capabilities. By 2016, nearly half of mobile phones will with NFC. AssaAbloy has put forward its own business ecosystem, the use of NFC technology in mobile phones to achieve issue, transfer and revocation of digital keys function. With this eco-systems, mobile phones can replace mechanical keys and access cards, open family, hotels, hospitals, universities, and industrial and commercial building door. IngersollRand security technology company has also successfully launched at the University of San Francisco campus NFC campus documents.
        Access control system functions necessary
        2, cloud-based access control
        Cloud-based access control can manage hundreds of channels, allowing end users anywhere access for remote control and management. Large-scale commercial applications, residential and shopping plaza is now often used in managed access control solution. Brivo can be tailored to the unique needs of the end user. Brivo in a prepared statement that the property management and multi-purpose building is a growing emerging cloud access control market.
        3, multifactor authentication
        For business or government building high-end security checks required, the multi-factor authentication has become a trend. More and more access control system provider began using more than one means of authentication to achieve better verification results. Innometriks provides a turnkey solution for the next generation of smart certificate authentication using a multi-element technique. Enhanced authentication methods through various means checking a person´s identity, including biometric identification, digital signature and public key equipment, property and sensitive information is important to provide more protection.
        Access control systems essential skills
        With smart phones, tablet PCs and other portable devices raise the utilization rate as well as short-range wireless communications (NFC) technology, the rise in addition to security access control systems, access control systems also need to be able to use to complete a variety of applications. Future, the access control system security, integration, openness, diversity of applications and the ability to control the cloud will be the future trend of development.
        1, the security
        As with all technology, newer systems more secure, more mature.
        2, the access control system integration capabilities
        "Internet of Things", "smart city" and other large platform integration transportation, housing, security, hydroelectric energy, education, health, sports, entertainment and government levels, and integration into a comprehensive security management system and other security technology to optimize urban management and development, improvement of urban development problems and build mesh Social Security Protection System, the city of the future development of network-oriented, high-definition, intelligence and systems integration, coordinated response by multiple departments to achieve a comprehensive command scheduling, improve all kinds of accidents, disasters, cases and emergency preparedness and emergency response capabilities.
        Thus, in things, smart city construction and other large platform construction, access control system is no longer a separate mode of operation of the various subsystems, and systems must be able to integrate other professional building automation, CCTV, burglar and fire alarms and other systems coordination of joint, so that the integrity and security of the security would be enhanced.
        3, system openness
        Access control system to achieve a variety of other applications, including electronic payment parking management, computer desktop login system, elevator control and other applications, and through the open access architecture for seamless upgrades for future provide different upgrade options.
        4, mobile access control system applications will increase, and extended to other applications
    2012, access control industry for the deployment of NFC-based mobile devices Mobile Access Solution foundation. Through user-owned mobile phone to open the door, and other applications, including use their mobile phones to access computers, networks and relevant information, but also to open the door and enter the mobile phone security zone, in order to bring more ease of use.
        5, into the cloud applications
        With the emergence of mobile access, another concern is how to deploy and manage user virtual NFC smartphones carrying credentials. Enterprises will be two ways to configure mobile access virtual credentials. The first is through traditional plastic credential and configuration similar Internet workstations (mobile device via USB or Wi-Fi connection to the network). The second way is through the mobile network operators for aerial configuration, similar to the smart phone users to download applications and songs the way.
        Mobile applications will generate a one-time dynamic password or via SMS receiving such passwords, access keys and a variety of other virtual credentials through a convenient cloud-based configuration mode, from the air sent to the phone, this configuration mode eliminates the certificate duplicated cards risk, and may issue temporary credentials to cancel lost or stolen credentials, as well as monitor and modify when necessary security parameters.

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