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  • IP surveillance strong momentum of development RMON into a bright spot

        With the growing demand for IP surveillance in the security market has long occupied a place. From the "SD" to "high", IP surveillance camera after some technology development, and gradually build into the high-definition IP surveillance is a major feature, which gave the digital high-definition monitors and analog monitor a lot of pressure, especially at present IP surveillance product prices continue to decline, IP surveillance products to expand market share in the cost of seeking profit, fueled a strong momentum of development of IP surveillance!
        IP surveillance market continues to expand reins break
        With the advent of the Internet age, fiber, 3G network has begun to continuously into each household, the network transmission speed for the network monitoring development constraints extent has declined. In monitoring the market, high-definition monitor screen as a user chase a vantage point. Increasing user demand, high-definition IP surveillance market homeopathic evolving. Network monitoring is mainly used in areas such as safe city and traffic, network monitoring in these areas plays an irreplaceable role, but for the user, network monitoring, simple operation, IP surveillance market which gave a lot of confidence, IP networks Monitoring unanimously by the industry that is the future of video network monitoring major trends.
        IMSResearch company in 2011, according to the investigation report Forecast: 2011-2015, network monitoring foreign markets average market growth rate of over 30%, but this rate is much lower than European and American mainstream market growth. The data is also an important global network surveillance market in 2015 accounted for only 26.5% of. IMSResearch company expects 2014 global video surveillance equipment market will total more than 14 billion U.S. dollars, the global network (Internet Protocol digital) surveillance camera market will reach 700 million units. In 2014, shipments of all IP surveillance camera, nearly 60 percent of the camera will be the resolution of 1,300,000 pixels or more high-definition camera. It is understood that: a general slowdown in the security surveillance market circumstances, in 2012 China network camera market, compared with 2011 growth rate of 22%, accounting for the overall market size of the camera for 23%, of which HD IP camera for the network about 60% of the camera market.
        Highlighting the advantages of remote monitoring network monitoring into a bright spot
        In the continuous development of science and technology today, electronic products become an integral part of people´s lives, but when you want to work at home to understand what happened, how to do? This is necessary due to the convenience of remote monitoring. The so-called remote monitoring via network surveillance camera is observing the scene image, it also includes the reorientation of the camera operation, routine surveillance camera set up on the work. Right now computers and mobile phones become the new darling of remote monitoring via computers and mobile phones will be able to control home surveillance camera, which is the home security and care for the elderly is one important means.
        Network monitoring can be said to fit every household use. First, IP surveillance camera´s resolution is to determine the level of image sharpness foremost a condition, HD IP camera´s lowest resolution is 720P, it is the number of pixels is about nine times the CIF, while the number of pixels around 1080i/1080P is 20 times the CIF. HD IP camera can also be said that the development of rapid, more than ten million and ten million pixels of products also began in the surveillance industry horizon. This is to enhance the image quality of HD IP camera has an important role, while high-definition analog camera video bandwidth is too wide as difficult to break through the bottleneck of transmission of video signals. Secondly, IP surveillance cabling costs are lower, multiple signals can be transmitted over the same network, IP openness of the system also allows users anywhere, using a variety of ways to view surveillance video data. Plug and Play IP monitoring a user more convenient to use. HD surveillance data storage media capacity to grow geometrically, so need more disk storage space as a backing. HD storage can be divided into centralized storage and distributed storage, high-definition surveillance system transmission, the stored signals are compressed, the efficiency is higher.
        HD network surveillance camera applications in various industries has been widely praised. Along with the development of the security market tide, high-definition network surveillance system technology also continue to make progress. In the development of the market, RMON become a big network monitoring application advantages, today´s young people leave the body electronic equipment, through remote monitoring anywhere view the situation at home, which for the development of network monitoring has a great advantage. Network monitoring will also be the home of a broad market.

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