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  • Digital surveillance technology in the intelligent building security application experience

        Smart building security, including digital surveillance, intelligent video analysis, wireless RFID identification and positioning, smart home, and many other new and advanced technologies. The following describes the experience of digital surveillance technology.
        The current digital surveillance technology are mainly mixed analog and digital (also known as semi-digital surveillance system), and all-digital security system modes.
        The advantages of hybrid digital monitoring system
        Mixed analog and digital digital monitoring system is the use of front-end analog camera + + backend codec digital processing monitoring system, the front camera remain as traditional analog cameras, analog video signal by the encoder is converted to a digital signal for transmission of video surveillance systems.
        Hybrid digital monitoring system is mainly reflected in the investment advantages of moderate front-end analog cameras for easy maintenance and replacement of facilities, 90 meters front of the camera from network link restrictions. Summarize past experience, especially in outdoor surveillance probe multi-cell digital surveillance technology recommended mixed analog and digital monitoring technology, the main consideration when outdoor use IP camera by IP network camera network cable transmission link constraints, the need to outdoor installation switches, but by the outdoor environment, temperature and humidity changes and other natural conditions, required for the switch configuration outdoor cabinet, extremely easy to manage and maintain. The use of mode rotation monitoring technology, since the analog video signal transmission distance and network transmission technology is far more than convenience, encoders and switches and other equipment can be placed in the core of the indoor environment is better, to improve overall system stability.
        Digital surveillance is the development trend
        Compared with traditional surveillance systems, digital high-definition monitor technological advantages are obvious, all-digital security systems application of modern digital technology, including modern sensor technology, digital signal processing technology, digital communication technology, computer technology, multimedia technology and network technology, to speed up the information transmission speed, improving security information collection, dissemination, processing, display functions, to achieve the security of full sharing of information and resources to improve the degree of optimization of the system, and enhance security. I believe that all digital surveillance monitoring system is the development trend of the future.
        Using high-definition camcorder can also monitor the distribution optimized configuration, monitoring range coverage under the same conditions, a megapixel IP camera can replace the original two or three standard definition video camera, or even more. Using network HD transmission, all the data can be transmitted by the network, including video, audio, alarm signals, even POE IP camera, the power can be provided by the network, greatly simplifying the installation process the workload and laying cables complexity.
        In addition, high-definition monitors can provide more content, more high-definition detail screen, so as intelligent monitoring (video analysis, linkage) application to create conditions. In finance, office, hotel and other projects, digital surveillance cabling can be considered together with the structured cabling, wiring and reduce public from the construction area there is a big bridge pipeline construction aspects are dominant.

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