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  • Mobile monitoring as an important branch of the big family of video surveillance

        Mobile monitoring of the security industry is not a new word, from the advent to the present, its technology continues to develop and mature, become video surveillance "family" is an important branch. Mobile Monitor is a dynamic form of front-end video image acquisition, network transmission via wireless or a professional-grade video surveillance products, can receive and view mobile means, such as through phone or computer to achieve real-time remote monitoring dynamic picture is moving launch, mobile reception easier, more convenient, more timely monitoring solution. Mobile monitoring can be said that the wireless network technology with traditional security monitoring technology closely integrated product.
        Widely used mobile monitoring
        Surveillance industry transmission cable transmission and wireless transmission is divided into two categories. Wired transmission network for video surveillance deployment area is very suitable manner, even long-distance video transmission, optical fiber can be resolved. But for decentralized, in remote areas, single point mode, fast moving objects, you need to temporarily deploy video surveillance, beyond the reach of cable transmission only. The transmission mode is more flexibility, adaptability, rapid deployment, flexible wireless networking security monitoring gradually propped up another piece of blue sky.
        Current mobile video surveillance mainly used in government, public security, transportation, education system units, such as urban road monitoring, highway monitoring, urban security defense surveillance, campus monitoring; For businesses, mobile video surveillance is mainly used in the financial industry, oil, coal system such as bank outlets, credit unions, oil wells, pipelines, mines remote centralized network monitoring.
        Technical support is strong backing
        video surveillance technology after years of development, has experienced analog surveillance systems, digital video surveillance systems, IP video monitoring systems, etc. stage; With the development of communication technology, mobile terminal enhancements, mobile video surveillance monitoring industry to become the new technology trends . Opposed to analog monitoring and network monitoring limitations, the mobile video surveillance using a mobile streaming media technology to achieve "anytime, anywhere, to gain control," the monitoring.
        Mobile streaming media technology is a technology developed in the late 20th century, is still in the process of development, mobile streaming media business is also considered a future third generation mobile communication network "killer" level business, it is the development and application of mobile communication value-added business areas of research focus. Domestic mobile communications operators and communications equipment manufacturers since the early 2000s began to study the application of mobile streaming media technology, the major operators in the 3G trial network will be mobile streaming media business as the main business of research, has developed a unique carrier- streaming media service standards, equipment manufacturers are also actively involved in the streaming media business standards and testing, and vigorously promote the development of mobile streaming media technology progress and application. Meanwhile highway video surveillance networks are built, so that we have a wealth of video surveillance resources and accumulated a lot of video surveillance systems maintenance experience.
        Mobile network matures, making the mobile video surveillance possible. China Unicom CDMA1X network supports 50-80kbps transmission rate, China Mobile GPRS network provides 30-50kbps transfer rate. These rates can be transmitted in the clear and smooth video surveillance signals. China will begin the third generation mobile communication network (3G) of construction, provide higher data transfer speeds, can transmit more clear and smooth video signal, when communications charges will also be significantly reduced.
        Mobile Monitor prospects
        Now, in the wireless network developed countries, such as America or European countries, the relevant mobile surveillance, due to government support, so that the implementation of relatively rapid, Asian countries such as Singapore and Japan, are also active in related areas of development, such as displacement detection, face recognition and so on.
        China in the field of mobile monitoring is still in its infancy, companies can not develop its own brand or functional, high value-added products. Nevertheless, with the development of 3G technology and the growing popularity of the business, and mobile network coverage worldwide increasingly sophisticated video surveillance system and related rulemaking perfect, mobile video surveillance system will usher in a broad market.
        Mobile video surveillance system has a flexible, can-go monitoring features. Therefore, in some remote areas such as mountains, forests, river basins and other applications simply can not place the laying of wires, or temporary monitoring sites, and no time laying the wire is not necessary, the traditional wired surveillance simply can not meet the need, only the mobile video surveillance to meet demand. Wireless mobile monitoring is the real "telescope", "ears" and therefore has a traditional monitoring incomparable and irreplaceable advantages, especially in the bus, subway, emergency command, field maintenance of stability, on-site law enforcement and other applications, the application prospect lure people.
        We gratifying to see that the network traffic monitoring technology moves toward universal favor the development of the mobile monitoring technology itself is also rising. Buses are now moving surveillance camera, car mobile surveillance camera, wireless surveillance camera man moves mostly with night vision function, and monitor farther and farther away.
        On the application point of view, mobile phones (or mobile devices) monitors used for business users, industrial users and home users, the civilian market, the market potential is huge; buses are mainly used in mobile monitoring the transport sector, including long-distance buses, trucks and other dangerous goods , the market space is very large; monitor vehicle movement, mainly used in law enforcement vehicles, including police cars, emergency command vehicle, urban law enforcement vehicles, fire engines, etc.; enforcement recorders and mobile soldier equipment, relatively more specialized applications, but also has not a small market potential. With the mobile monitoring technology continues to develop and mature, network and deployment costs continue to decline, the wireless mobile monitoring development of the spring will arrive.

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