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  • IP network camera overall function upgrade Gradually improve

        We feel the growth process an IP camera, IP network camera suddenly overall function of transformation, several specific functions can be seen to enhance the quality and stability of a certain performance, these parts generally have several projects in the following sections:
        1, HDR WDR: Based on the View-DR or HDR wide dynamic capabilities, most IP camera can achieve 1080P/720P resolution issued 70-90dB wide dynamic range.
        2, 60fps frame rate can be achieved: the stage is about the sixth generation of IP network camera products are now components of High Definition support, can achieve 60fps full HD (FullHD, 1920x1080 @ 60fps) video output, compared to the previous picture effect function 30fps generation products to be more smooth.
        3, the updated intelligence analysis function: Compared to the previous generation IP camera´s intelligent analysis capabilities, a new generation of network cameras mostly have pre-function in tamper detection, intelligent voice detection, intelligent motion detection, intelligent analysis of regional division has made made great strides, and in pre-processing and real-time analysis with the alarm function on the basis of.
        4, HDNR Super Noise Reduction: single image-based and continuous multiple images of digital noise elimination, even in low-light environments, dynamic digital noise reduction also can make the picture whole digital noise to minimize noise, while moving objects will not produce ghosting trailing edge occurs.
        5, intelligent variable stream control: In addition to testing the fixed code flow (CBR) in addition, IP video camera in the scene for a night or little change in the monitoring scene, variable stream control functions (VBR) are also automatically stream reduction, intelligent reduce storage space and cost, which is involved in testing the overall presentation of the camera special enhancements section.
        6, multi-format multi-stream control: In addition to flow outside the control, IP network camera features to enhance the overall improvement is also committed to providing a variety of multi-format video streaming control services, such as part of the IP network camera can provide four strings flow combined format (multi profile) and there were four each format stream format (multi stream) video output format of the camera involved in the test are able to provide two to four kinds of streaming match set, showing that multi-string Flow practical features have been valued by most manufacturers of improvement.
        7, the camera mounting feature improvements: Past IP network camera installation always make traditional engineering business engineering staff do a sweat, the key lies in the installation and IP configuration and installation of IT network settings insufficient knowledge of the procedures are too complicated . But now is not the same, from the test automatic back focus (ABF) function generalization and we can set a draft within three minutes the camera focus, IP network camera with the basic settings of the boot appears in the installation convenience This section, IP network camera and even a major step forward.

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