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  • IP video monitoring system front end and transmission design note

        Compared with analog video surveillance systems, IP video surveillance system has many advantages, but according to my experience, in the front end and transmission still exist some design points and difficulties, notably the following:
        Strengthening Power Protection
        IP video surveillance system relies on the network, to take power through PoE switch or from a weak wells and between weak to take power. Thus, between weak weak wells and electrical safety is very important. Should the power failure, not only is the hospital network paralyzed, paralyzed video surveillance system will be followed, which requires at design time must improve weak wells and electricity between weak level of security, increasing the standby UPS power supply line;
        Front-end IP cameras demand configuration
        Many different types of IP cameras is not a very important place, configure 720P IP camera can be, after all, limited bandwidth, the future need to improve the quality, and then replace the higher pixel IP network camera is also very convenient. According to my experience, the use of CMOS image sensor of the camera that they do not often work in low light, can be used instead of the CCD image sensor camera, cheap, power consumption, and small size. Because IP cameras added video compression and network transmission part, the thermal contrast on analog cameras have higher expectations;
        Reasonable distribution network segment
        Large-scale deployment of IP cameras for IPV4 networks segment allocation problem, a network for up to 254 cameras, more than the need to cross-segment, increased the complexity of the network settings, you can manage IP cameras through NVR segmented to solve this problem . For example, Zhongnan University of Economics, Wuhan Institute is being built Huangjiahu new campus will be newly installed IP video camera 1000 units, intended geographically divided into 10 regions to manage, each regional division one network segment, configure a single NVR, through monitoring and management platform management;
        Distribution and centralized storage and flexible configuration
        Large-scale deployment of network IP cameras centralized storage pressure is also a problem, the IP video surveillance system is a very flexible system, the proposed distributed storage and centralized storage demand flexible configuration, such as: road monitoring, it is important to centrally store entrances , building monitoring can be distributed storage, scheduled tasks can also be set using the evening of the distributed storage network is idle important video, synchronized to the centralized storage in the past. But I believe that the current use of virtual storage technology, the formation of cloud storage platform is network monitoring systems to solve storage problems direction of development.

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