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  • Financial security intelligence opportunities and challenges coexist

        ATM withdrawals when you will notice the surrounding security facilities? If there is no protection of these security facilities, would you like now without fear of access bank? For this sensitivity of cash or securities trading venues, security systems can effectively ensure that transactions equality and security, security in the financial sector since the application has since been taken seriously. Financial industry security system characterized by the use of surveillance equipment and security applications diverse individual needs, financial security is a highly integrated, foreign internal defense, run the service, management and supervision of Intelligent Control System.
        With security monitoring applications in the financial sector increasingly widespread market demand also will continue to expand. The original function of the system can not meet the security needs of the market, thus, the financial security system upgrade is the trend. With high-definition, network, intelligent technology in the security widely used in various industries, the entire security industry is facing new technologies, new products and the various reforms, various industries according to their actual needs for security systems with varying degrees the transformation and upgrading of the financial industry as a security for special applications there is a strong demand for security technology, especially smart technology continues to develop, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents.
        Smart development and trend analysis
        Currently the financial sector has generally been built each point local monitoring system or network monitoring systems are passive monitoring, the human factor in the process of using the system, there are still many problems, such as duty officer is able to proactively monitor for a long time in accordance with the provisions of the timely detection of problems processing. Existing video systems and alarm systems combine enough, with enough intelligence system. Last year, the sensational Zhou Kehua case for the financial security once again sounded the alarm, video data analysis and mining, can produce more value-added valuable information in order to better serve the financial security and management services, financial security intelligence is the trend.
        For intelligent analysis development situation, the financial sector for the current application of intelligent technologies are summarized four points are as follows:
        1 Facial recognition: financial trading desk in the installation of a facial recognition equipment, face recognition software configuration corresponding background. Purpose is face recognition, judgment queue up personnel is not wanted by the public security organs suspects.
        2, human traffic statistics: financial trading floor, above the entrance area bank for the installation of a IP camera, software for analysis through the background, the video system management software, intelligent analysis module through the front-end surveillance camera images collected for analysis automatically calculated for the user into / out of the number of specific areas, and thus through the inlet or the designated area statistics of the number of persons or objects.
        3, wandering detection: building walls in the financial and banking outdoor areas, parking lots set up a fixed bolt, used to detect whether there is staff in this area wandering.
        4, ATM machine protection: in the ATM machine hall set up dome IP camera, ATM machine sets itself pinhole cameras, software configuration through the background rules of conduct can be realized on the ATM machine intelligent protection: such as face detection, traffic detection, remnants detection, strenuous exercise testing, installation of equipment testing, ATM posting small ads detection, face camouflage alarm, video abnormal alarm functions.
        Opportunities and challenges
        However, due to intelligence analysis has been unable to avoid false alarm rate, to some extent, increased staff workload, intelligent video analysis technology to enhance the accuracy and reduce false positives caused by workload and reduce labor monitoring massive video screen work intensity , is the intelligent analysis of the financial focus of development.
        Intelligent monitoring the financial industry will move toward intelligent video analysis technology, high accuracy, intelligent application site expansion, strong anti-interference, intelligent behavior analysis and other aspects of the development of precision. UOB shares the view that the financial sector will increase as intelligent monitoring technology continues to develop, more and more popular, and because the application matures, the capture rate and the accuracy rate will be higher; while smart technology will be closer to the financial industry itself industry needs, for the financial industry specific intelligent monitoring technology will be more and more.
        Opportunities and challenges
        According to CBRC statistics, in 2010, China´s banking institutions include policy banks such as the National Development Bank, three, five large commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, 12 other, 147 city commercial banks, rural commercial banks, 85 rural 223 cooperative banks, rural credit cooperatives, 2,646 home, such as a postal savings bank, business outlets total of 196,000, of so many bank branches, ATM machines quantity, size of the market means that banks are still the majority of security integrators and vendors coveted.
        With banks on the original network monitoring system universal, monitoring system upgrade and maintenance become a trend this year, most banks have focused on the old outlets for equipment upgrades, and on this basis the expansion device, such as an ATM machine monitoring system, the monitoring system intelligent analysis of the increasing demand for our products in the security monitoring to ensure that no stay dead or blind. China´s banking security device applications has been basically formed, "a five-year update" the law, coupled with the essential security system upgrade work on the formation of the financial industry supremacy ten billion dollars each year the size of the security market demand.
        Financial security intelligence is a general trend, referring to what the challenges, the financial security intelligence opportunities as well as challenges, the financial security industry in the growing security companies also made for various requirements. First, the products, the continuous improvement of product performance requirements, functional continuous improvement, the continued strengthening of the video image effects, intelligent analysis of the accuracy of continuous improvement, constantly enhance the anti-jamming capability, continuously improve product quality, product appearance and applications The varied; Second, the price for the product, requiring inexpensive, improve functional performance, we must also have a higher price, price competition will become more intense.
        Summary: With the new round of financial security system upgrade will be for the entire security market, a huge potential business opportunities, various companies only strengthen their own strength, will face the opportunities and challenges in this calmly.

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