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  • Ordinary users how to select a video surveillance products

        With the development of society, some small businesses, retail stores, restaurants, and families may use video surveillance equipment for these needs, many manufacturers have launched civil security monitoring products. Faced with numerous video surveillance products, ordinary users how to choose it? Purchase what factors need to be considered when it? These right first contact with video surveillance products friends may feel confused.
        Select what type of surveillance cameras?
        Now surveillance cameras on the market, there are two, one is analog cameras, one for the IP camera, simply analog camera uses a coaxial links, IP camera uses a RJ-45 network cable link. In the current market, IP camera gradually become mainstream, it is because IP network camera easy to install, plug crystal head can be used, through the existing network can do remote monitoring, wireless connectivity, mobile landing remote monitoring can be do it. IP camera with easy installation, powerful features, where you can not hesitate to analog surveillance cameras kicked off, toward IP camera, into the network era bar.
        How many megapixels the purchase surveillance cameras do?
        This of course, is to choose friends Megapixel IP surveillance camera, which is still in doubt?! Saying that, when the market is one million high-definition products, Which should you choose it? This requires clarity from your screen to judge it.
        In the security surveillance camera´s screen when the main view static definition, dynamic clarity, color reproduction effects. There is shooting scenery, scenery, flowers, moving objects when viewing the screen is clean, the color is natural and realistic. But also it has a wide dynamic, automatic white balance, image sharpness adjustment, super digital noise reduction, intelligent digital automatic metering compensation function. Illumination at night will have to observe the camera monitor screen is clear, noise level how these aspects affect the performance of high-definition video camera.
        Depends on service.
        Security market is now relatively low threshold, more fierce competition, the products are nearly tied, fight to the last, in fact, is to see the service, among them the most important thing is the service. How long the warranty ah? Encounter failures whom ah? These of course you need to understand is not necessarily to say a big brand like, Diandaqike, it is best to check the reputation, so do know the answer.

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