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  • Monitoring front-end strides Back-end storage how to develop

        HD can become a development of leading?
        For a monitoring system, whether it is a simple complex, either multi-or single-lens camera. If there is no improvement DVR support, then the system in any way from perfect to describe. Over the years, the monitoring system can be said that the entire camera section security system one of the most rapidly developing areas. As with surveillance camera back-end systems are closely related, If we stand still, then, apparently destined to be monitored as well as the front end to get rid of out of touch, then, in the next few years, monitoring of storage devices and in what direction aspects of it?
        Development direction of a: HD
        For security surveillance camera, whether it is some of our well-known brands, the market is still more common in those who do not hear a small brand, although the pace and rhythm of each are very different, but their development has There is a very obvious thing in common: it is high definition. Since this year, many small brands of monitoring equipment has been toward a standard color 800 lines launched the attacks. While the pursuit of big brands for the resolution is not as small brand so hungry, but in clarity also marks a breakthrough in the current industry for high-definition attention.
        Therefore, if we can be consistent with the front of the device´s performance, then the definition is no doubt that concern for the back-end storage devices indicators. Meanwhile, only the back-end storage devices to achieve a true high-definition endurance improvement, they are not trying to make high-definition of the final step in the system fall short.
        Development Direction II: Network
        For the back-end storage devices do not, the network is the recent rise of a concept, of course, also benefited from the evolution of the network front-end equipment.
        How to develop intelligent?
        For the front of the camera, the network of in-depth means to enhance the clarity of the control area expansion, as well as control convenience. In particular, as mentioned earlier realization of high-definition, in many areas of transport, but also had to rely on a network model to better protect the integrity of the data during transmission. Thus, to some extent, network also somewhat high-definition-based pressure.
        Of course, network monitoring, surveillance had already been set up another as the future successor. The overall rise in IP camera under the premise of the change of network storage will become more of a necessity. Although the market demand and inertia, the popularity of network storage may be more distant than the replacement camera. But this is still an irreversible trend.
        Development direction III: intelligent
        Intelligent topic for us, no doubt is a platitude. Although the realization of intelligent network for high-definition, in many cases with no small dependence, but the concept of intelligent than the other two seem more distant. For today´s hard disk recorders, it embodies an intelligent judgment is more concentrated in the region, independent alarm, or some small-scale identification capabilities. Despite today´s storage market is full of different brands, but the introduction of the intelligent, there is full understanding as like unity. This may also show how much of the current technology, the intelligent technology in the development and application of the limitations.
        Today, a breakthrough in high-definition network, to achieve the creation of a lot of intelligent premise. Therefore, in the future development of intelligent, it´s probably part of the progress is needed, while the other part is also somewhat ripe flavor.
        As an important component of monitoring systems, storage devices and the front camera is destined to have a complementary understanding, neither too aggressive nor too lag. So, faced with the overall development of the market surveillance, DVR to our respondents are not meant bland and tasteless.

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