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  • Network Monitoring how to enter the family

        As living standards improve, to choose home security equipment more and more. With home IP video monitoring IP networks and monitoring systems provide real-time video processing capabilities of the remote popular. IP network is already one of the most indispensable resource for families, it is more use of network video surveillance equipment to provide the conditions. The emergence of home network monitoring at an annual growth rate of 40% of the market quickly became one of the fastest growing products, the market demand continues to expand. Insiders also said: network monitoring will replace analog control occupy a dominant market position. So why can quickly capture network monitoring home security market?
        First, the network monitoring applications have an advantage in home security
        Currently, home surveillance camera systems in Europe and other developed areas more popular, personal video surveillance and public video surveillance, video surveillance in the surveillance industry formed the three pillars of the situation. As we all know, home security has a dual meaning: life safety and property security, so home security in people´s lives an important role to play. In recent years, home network monitoring in the security market share occupies more and more, it is entirely web-based monitoring irreplaceable advantages.
        One advantage: RMON
        With the further popularization of 3G mobile phones, mobile phone into a wireless terminal best business platform, people can phone wireless network monitoring. People can via a laptop with wired or wireless access network to support wired and wireless mode home IP camera will assume home care, shop inspections and other functions, making the monitoring technology further into the home user. This design is ideal for home users with the elderly and children, during the day, the user can see at any time whether the elderly network monitoring security; night, the children sleep in the children´s room, you can be able to see through the network video monitoring whether the child in need of care .
        Advantage two: monitoring alarm
        Real-time image monitoring and home burglar alarm system home security system is an important part. Real-time image monitoring and home security systems require the fortification, as long as it was illegal to enter, call the police and to transmit real-time alarm image and stored in the system, the user can immediately after receiving the alarm information via the Internet or using mobile phones to monitor real-time image families, usually also in the absence of information or disarm the alarm condition, the owner at any time through the network to monitor real-time status of their families, it is extremely convenient.
        Three advantages: simple wiring flexible networking
        The advent of network monitoring so many users do not know how the wiring can easily use network monitoring systems, IP network plug and play, no trenching pipe is already completed renovation of the family of the Gospel; wireless monitoring can be used to get rid of cable bondage, there are short installation period, easy maintenance, expansion and strong advantages. This home is more convenient to use, reducing the wire for home decoration aesthetics, while more have hidden, which for anti-theft, anti-nanny, etc. is a very good choice.
        Second, the development trend of home monitoring system
        Home monitoring of the market is extremely broad, not only for the network environment is a great test for high-definition surveillance camera into people´s homes is a test. So the future of home monitoring system will be how to develop it? Future of intelligent monitoring system, combined with the 3G, security, intelligence and other applications, but also flexible combination of telecom operators existing value-added services system, TV entertainment, video surveillance, video conferencing, mobile video, and other visual communications business integration on a single platform to the user, play integration advantages, to meet the user´s individual requirements. Meanwhile, the high-end home surveillance system will be more intelligent, such as video monitoring can provide advanced intelligent video analysis capabilities, including intelligent analysis area and borders, face recognition, people tracking, people counting, etc.; also combine medical care, housekeeping, call, etc. function, increased linkage alarm and security services in the application. This is for all types of security vendors, as well as carriers are a very good development projects.
        Home monitoring of networked, intelligent security industry has been self-seeking another height. But the family is relying on intelligent monitoring network technology and high-definition technology. In the development of high-definition monitor flourishing development today, want to continue to develop home monitoring, improve network transmission environment is still very arduous. 3G networks now more popular, but still want to transfer high-definition video surveillance will be a variety of problems, such as image and sound are not synchronized, surveillance video frame loss phenomenon, video surveillance is not smooth and so on, but with the 3G network transmission SD is entirely feasible. HD video is often the users to choose one of the important reasons of network monitoring, network monitoring for the development of which is a very important factor. With the continuous progress of 4G networks have begun to use, although in theory 4G is 10 times faster than 3G transmission in the surveillance video transmission is greatly improved, but for the transmission of high-definition video or have a certain degree of difficulty.
        Third, home monitoring security needs to be improved
        After all, the pursuit of simple and practical civilian type of equipment, the convenience to a large extent, related to the user for the product recognition. Continued progress in convenience while protecting the security of network information, but in many cases the situation is still showing a lag. For example, the transmission of video information for lack of targeted security protection, and for device control in a networked environment we also often lack secure protection.
        We use network monitoring really safe? The introduction of network monitoring it allows us to use for home monitoring device that functions continuously to achieve the sublime, network video surveillance although you can monitor real-time changes in the family, then there was no one behind snoop How about you? In today´s increasingly powerful network technologies, hackers can lock invade our goals, we have set up password protection and password authentication and how fragile. Even if we use various means of protection, hackers will become no counterattacks in front of the power. This requires major security vendors provide technical security measures, giving users use their products greater protection. Therefore, we enjoy convenient home monitoring gives us life, but still have to be more attention to the protection of personal privacy.

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