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  • Megapixel IP camera high frame rate impact on image quality

        What frame rate depends on the level?
        If the monitor determines the lens and camera body or monitoring high-definition image, then the image of the monitor frame rate is determined frequency coherence. According to the normal value judgments, the image frame rate greater the value, the more complete video continuity. The most natural human eye acceptable frame rate 20fps, in the monitoring system, the image frame rate as the general minimum 25fps, so to be able to see more clear and coherent image.
        What frame rate depends on the level? Both analog surveillance system, or digital IP surveillance system to monitor the image frame rate is controlled by the software system. Users can monitor the actual needs, choose a different frame rate values. Of course, this should remind our friends, although numerical adjustable frame rate, but the final result will depend on the camera hardware and compression encoding format.
        The naked eye can distinguish between high and low frame rate image? While the naked eye can judge the coherence of the video image, but if you want to determine the image frame rate 25fps or 30 really difficult. However, by the same surveillance camera output image point of view, the sharper the image, the greater the natural frame.
        In other words, the image output frame rate is the number of images per second. Contrast at the same time the number of units within the image appears, it is clear more and more video quality consistency and texture, the better. Especially for still images, the superposition of the same image, is indeed a high degree of detail.
        DVR surveillance system image frame rate adjustable
        For Megapixel IP camera, the general setting of the image frame rate of 30fps, according to the resolution setting frame rate image quality, on the one hand can reflect the hard power of HD monitoring equipment, but let consumers see genuine monitoring products side. For analog surveillance system, whether it is mainstream or 960H D1 quality, 25fps frame rate just right.
        HD 1080P @ 60fps constantly forward
        With high-definition surveillance technology continues to mature, high-definition image quality can also upgrade to the 720P 1080P, has been seen as a difficulty within the industry image parameters - frame rate also got a chance to reform. Perfect match of high definition picture with 30, and now has reached 60.
        Different video formats, frame rates presented are also different. Take two video monitoring system is standard PAL and NTSC, PAL, frame rate of the mainstream 25fps, NTSC standard frame rate of the mainstream 30fps, the image frame rate in determining the level of monitoring systems, the first unified video formats.
        1080P @ 60fps HD super fine image monitoring system did not originate from the popularity of the video game market demand the highest quality, this 1080P Full HD picture quality with 60 ultra-coherent image of the perfect combination, is their favorite players. In the high-definition surveillance system, 1080P @ 60fps 1080P is not monitored in the highest resolution images, its meaning can be output attribute represents 60 full HD picture quality.
        The compression algorithms and efficient H.264HP codec implementations may allow 60 HD. No good video output device, the effect of the powerful images in vain. Domestic security industry more than 30 years, in addition to a CRT monitor, the LCD monitor has become the representative of HD output device.
        High-definition image quality, high frame rate so you do not feel like high-definition monitor.

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