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  • Intelligent cloud computing to enhance home security and management capabilities

        With the strong support of national policy, safe city, safe communities and other projects to further promote the country, national security concept has been basically formed. This is the rapid expansion of domestic security market has laid a solid foundation, home monitoring market demand and more to network monitoring based, so can realize remote monitoring. In addition to outside with a certain mass basis, 3G networks emerge, but also the development of the home market for the security provided some technical support.
        Home security trends
        The future of mobile home monitoring system that will be a perfect intelligent monitoring system, combined with the 3G, security, smart, B2B applications, but also flexible combination of telecom operators have value-added services system, TV entertainment, video surveillance, video conferencing, mobile video, visual communications and other business integration on a single platform to the user, play integration advantages, to meet the user´s individual requirements. Meanwhile, high-end home surveillance camera system will be more intelligent, such as video monitoring can provide advanced intelligent video analysis capabilities, including intelligent analysis area and borders, face recognition, people tracking, figures and statistics; also combine medical care, housekeeping, call and other functions, increasing linkage alarm and security services in the application.
        Industry experts believe that individual home-based applications to the general public, and its hidden potential is immeasurable. Currently, home monitoring systems in Europe and other developed areas more popular, personal video surveillance and public video surveillance, video surveillance in the surveillance industry formed the three pillars of the situation. At present, China´s smart home security market just opened the door, the industry is still in its infancy, is yet to be developed fertile soil. The traditional video communications vendors, security vendors and operators to see to the good momentum of development of the industry, and actively promote the industry forward.
        Home security "cloud" applications
        Smart home concept need not elaborate too much on this, it simply is achieved through automated control system intelligent management of home appliances. Simple example, in order to save valuable commuting time, you need remote control electric water heater for you bathwater; through the control system, windows, curtains closed and open time can be set according to your personal schedule while. In the world of mobile Internet via a button you can control everything at home, instead of manual operation.
        Family cloud applications in the smart home what new tricks? Mainly include the following:
        Smart Wireless Connection: Family Cloud cover all the family wants to control the facilities and equipment, the use of intelligent wireless connectivity, enjoy no data line zero problems.
        Mass storage and sharing: Family cloud equivalent third-party data storage, you can put through the mobile terminal want to see the contents of the backup to the cloud, any device can be connected to the cloud for information. You can either sit on the couch with TV watching HD movies, you can also use iPad lying in bed watching.
        Remote Control: Smart home system main push remote control concept, but requires that all equipment must be connected to the same LAN. Mobile remote remote control operator intervention required, is currently home smart home WAN cloud applications biggest obstacle.
        In home security systems, mainly in the cloud concept alarm monitoring and storage management. Home monitoring system mainly rely on the network, IP surveillance camera manufacturers to provide docking and service platform, to achieve linkage system, the user´s authorization for home security management platform provides real-time monitoring by third-party image.
        This monitoring and home DIY different way, by the vendor is responsible for monitoring and managing video data, user by user name and password check. If the elderly at home abnormal phenomenon, manufacturers can directly notify the hospital and inform their families. For the owners to release more space to work, real-time monitoring the situation at home by the manufacturer.
        The surveillance video also on behalf of management by the manufacturer, according to the demand will sign a confidentiality agreement with the user to ensure that video is not compromised. For users, this is actually a third party on behalf of management of the home purchase savings monitoring hardware and maintenance costs, while by a professional team to create network monitoring without time and place restrictions, users enjoy the full multi-mode real-time monitoring, network speed is not an issue, security is not a problem.
        For this home security management model, mainly for future intelligent community service. Currently rely on vendor or third-party platform enables remote monitoring costs are not low, but also the middle class families hard salary step. But with the popularity of the future of home security market, relying on the concept of cloud applications also make people satisfied.

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