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  • Intelligent video monitoring analysis: Choose front or rear?

        From the analysis of the current use of intelligent monitoring the situation, the vast majority is still used in the back-end analytical model to facilitate troubleshooting, and can effectively solve the storage capacity of the pressure, but because it is the back-end analysis, the continuing need for the network transmission of video signals , higher bandwidth requirements of the network, and this is precisely currently can not be properly resolved the problem; intelligent analysis of the benefits of front-end back-end analysis can solve the problems caused by transport, but the current environment, the front and rear of the DSP chip end of the computer´s processing power is limited compared to a lot of video analysis algorithms is large, and most are not large enough DSP memory and processing power to implement effective operation, reduced ability to cause analysis processing accuracy is low, increase the lead to false positives.
        However, with enhanced computing power of embedded systems and intelligent video analysis algorithm, video servers and network cameras in the front-end equipment such as embedded video analytics module will become a trend. In front of doing intelligent video analysis has the advantage of real-time high, and the transmission is only useful to the background information and pictures of alarm, which can greatly reduce the amount of data transmission, but also reduce the burden on backend storage.
        Intelligent IP network camera intelligent video surveillance system backend, focused only on the front of the camera to send over the target data information management, without the need for video signal processing and recognition, so the back-end system does not require expensive equipment can be completed efficient intelligent video analysis. Thus, since only the front sent back to the pre / post alarm events associated with the screen display, so that the monitoring center staff to easily monitor the completion of the entire system. And this association recording function also makes it easy to video search and playback quickly, thus saving valuable time. In addition, select Embedded video analytics framework of the existing traditional video surveillance system upgrade to intelligent video surveillance system is a low-cost and easy-transformation program.
        Currently, most IP cameras known manufacturers used the "pre-application" as the main core product development to enhance the computing power of the DSP processor front-end intelligent analysis, which is in today´s network and storage environment, the most attractive to consumers and Users factors greatly reduce the cost.
        Safe City application, camera light Beijing there are 20 million units. Camera at a scene constantly transmit signals pass complete information on the main control center or police, store three months if no problem within three months, the data refresh. In the entire investment inside, cameras, encoders, or fiber-optic network, storage, software, by cost calculation, memory is very large share of the budget, nearly 30%, while the camera only to 20 percent, the most money is the memory vendors, accounted for 20% of the network, software accounted for 10%, so the most ways to reduce costs is to cut into the memory, but the effect is not required to shoot the camera, then the stored data are meaningless, so the camera is not to reduce costs key. Apexis Electronic networks open platform, targeted transmission signal, useful biography, useless does not pass, greatly reducing storage costs, improve efficiency, and thus save storage, save bandwidth and embed these functions to a large extent to meet the needs of different users, perhaps as users demand continues to increase, but also adaptable intelligent monitoring embed more functionality.
        Intelligent monitoring should be decentralized, intelligent front-end back-end should we do business front, but we also called the back-end manufacturers will have timely development, just as you are doing the same PC, PC to do the work on the front end, back-end Server certainly have to do the work. We now have the ability to be able to make intelligent front-end analysis, because we chip capacity every year or 10 months have doubled to twice the increase, so we do not only want to compress, good image processing, do network , we need to do this one intelligent analysis, began to do on the front end, we are very value this one, the effect is not very different surveillance images, but to make digital surveillance intelligence analysis, the value of such cameras has improved a lot, right customer is concerned is necessary.

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