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  • Lack of a complete industrial chain How civil security "people first"

        Many security vendors have started gearing up to enter the civil security market; addition, some manufacturers have begun to make the alarm video surveillance, and gradually transition to civilian monitoring solution. Currently the project is the largest domestic security market, in domestic and foreign brands get together in this competition. So the status quo of civil security market? How will future trends?
        What is hindering the development of civil security market
        Domestic civil security products to solve the industry from "Made in China" to "Created in China" this pattern, as living standards improve, people increasingly high demand for the product, how to meet people on the demand for the product will be a big problems. After the traditional industrial development, homogeneity is serious, resulting in vicious competition continues, less independent intellectual property products, key technologies, key components are dependent on imports, international competitiveness is not enough to affect the development of the industry. Generally speaking, civil security market is basically in a market cultivation period and the exploration period. As the industry development process is too short, the industry chain is imperfect, weak network infrastructure, high prices and other comprehensive reasons, the civil security market is still facing great obstacles to development. One of the major obstacles are as follows:
        Obstacles one: Industry temptation to reduce the lead to professional
        The past two years, a large number of companies involved in this field, such as video surveillance, smart home, intelligent access control and so on, we have seen a huge temptation to the civilian market, but in effect it is not business practices to achieve the desired effect in the market. In fact, this spread large nets, catching small fish method is not recognized by the industry´s behavior.
        As the saying goes, "Gehangrugeshan", for a complete stranger industry, industry specializing in surgery is the better choice. Of course, the country will also have to focus on civil security market enterprises, in their understanding of the needs of users are able to make new and different tricks. In Apexis Electronics, for example, the company focused on the field of video surveillance; in product design, fully taking into account the demand for network bandwidth product, system construction, operation and maintenance of market development constraints such as the core factor for a number of innovative and fully resolved these problems.
        Two obstacles: lack of product homogeneity resulting innovation
        Civil security market, there is a serious product homogeneity, in addition to product innovation is not enough, many of the manufacturers strength is also uneven. Some manufacturers do offer, but programs are too complex product implementation met a lot of ups and downs, and ultimately died; addition, consumers do not buy products for conceptual, especially for a new field is especially true.
        Civil security market´s ability to quickly focus is to enhance the product up just to be sticky, optimizing the user experience, be able to solve the problem to the customer the real deal, according to the characteristics of products to the market audience with targeted research and development in these areas. Such as for home and commercial users, user groups such remote video surveillance needs, "Look, say, anti." According to the needs refining, blending video surveillance technology, mobile communication technology, sensor technology, developed intelligent network cameras, fully meet this demand, allowing users anywhere want to see, two-way voice communication, anti-theft alarm core functionality selling point. Product launch market demand.
        Barriers to three: civil security market channel is not smooth
        Civilian market is not equivalent to the professional market, and its wide distribution, fragmented and demand characteristics and the contact channels are also very different. But in the early stages of development of civil security, channels and professional security coincide. With the development of civil security, products and user base continued breakdown of civil security market promotion and channel construction will be more extensive and will develop more channels terminal in direct contact with the majority of the audience, and even with the consumer electronics and other traditional distribution channel completely overlap; while promotional content should be taken to minimize jargon, multi-functional benefits starting from the product, even if never used this product the general public, but also can understand, are used to, but also focus on branding , the formation of word of mouth. In the channel construction process, a lot of people overlook the importance of a powerful combination. Perhaps today a single large scene no longer exists, win-win is the better choice.
        Obstacles Four: insufficient awareness of domestic users
        Who pay civil security market who is the king of the industry. Civil security products in foreign penetration rate reached 70%, while the domestic market penetration is relatively low. Differences rooted in different environments and cultures. Europe and the United States civil security market has now been fully developed product concepts have been resolved instill and demand booting. Most consumers prefer foreign features a single-use products, to buy the purpose is very clear. If the home needs to video surveillance, the user can directly buy at Wal-Mart corresponding products.
        Down compared to the domestic market because of network infrastructure, economic development, and cultural qualities, consumer attitudes, public security awareness, and many other reasons, the domestic civil security market is still in its infancy. Chinese consumers prefer large and something more, manufacturers in order to cater to consumers also continue to reinforce this concept of marketing, ignoring the entire solution matures and the user experience, but the development of domestic civil security market lagged. Fortunately, at present more and more manufacturers realize the problems, more manufacturers have begun to focus on the marketing and brand building. I believe, as long as China´s civil security market to open a hole, then the growth rate and capacity will be the world´s largest.
        Bid farewell to the traditional monitoring mode, civil security "people" route
        Civilian market, especially home users are not adversely policy and other objective factors, primarily based on its own subjective needs. "Since buying DIY use" civilian security model that determines the civilian market products must have ease of use.
        The traditional security industry has a professional staff of information technology, such as banks have a special department responsible for monitoring. But the civil security market users generally do not know much about the product itself, so civilian products should have a "fool" type of installation, after the purchase of equipment can be very convenient to install, configure, use, manufacturers should try to achieve zero configuration for the user , user convenience is the key point. Just as cameras, mobile phones and other civilian consumer electronics products, true to the family to the individual´s time, everyone has a strong ease of use. Now manufacturers of products for the civilian market launch of multi-use "all in one" form, in products converged video surveillance, alarm and other functions, and to simplify the installation process, as well as one-button remote control to set the way for the user to do as much as possible. " fool. "
        The entire product development process, the overall system design, build and the final product has a great user base facing the direct relationship. If it is professional products, you are less likely to consider the interface of fashion aesthetics, the user´s operating convenience, simplicity of operation process, etc., but a genuine civilian market products, you must consider these factors.
        In addition to the design of the product itself must pay close attention to ease of use, the convenience of purchasing channels are also of concern to the civilian market users. Civilian market products must be readily available, there is sufficient distribution, in order to expand the civilian market application surface.
        From the field visits Shenzhen section civilian market situation, because fitting civilian market demand, Electronic City to become the civilian market users preferred sourcing. But overall, the current civilian market channels for users to access the product is still somewhat narrow, speed, increased market distribution vendor is still a lesson lies.
        Besides the civilian market for products more stringent cost control. Electronic products into the domestic market, the general requirements in the thousands, we even think five hundred or even a terminal device is to achieve the following home security market penetration threshold. Another small shops, micro-enterprise investment monitoring points will not be great, according to our research shows that small shops, micro-enterprises in 7000RMB less acceptable cost. Indeed, for the civilian market, the funds can not be far away compared to the traditional security industry, too high a price will direct blow to the user´s purchase positive degree, so the cost must be strictly controlled.
        In summary, security products to break into the civilian market, it must be done close to the people in all aspects, namely, "easy to use, easy to buy, cheap." However, field visits to the civilian market feedback, currently there is a large gap between the People First, home security equipment or as decoration, small shops security equipment may deter thieves just a tool. First, the security device uses the effect is not satisfactory, product stability, low false positive rate and other products immaturity problems plaguing users; Second, civil security products primarily for video surveillance applications, and the general public on the video monitor are not yet understood, Most of the issues arising from the use can not be resolved, the market and the lack of a sound service system, users need a more sustainable, market-oriented service. Therefore, to further expand the civilian market, security companies in addition to the product to be more under hard labor, but also the intensity of services should strengthen and broaden the scope of services to the user populist services.

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