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  • IP camera chip sales will maintain the growth rate of more than 30%

        According to IHS company´s industrial electronic reporting, public and personal safety as more and more attention, IP surveillance camera semiconductor market this year will continue to expand.
        2013 IP surveillance camera revenue will reach $ 307.1 million, compared with $ 228.6 million last year, an increase of 34%. Beginning last year, the market will remain above 30% for three consecutive years of growth. Last year, an increase of 33% in 2014 is expected to grow by 30%. 2017 will grow to $ 700 million.
        IP surveillance camera not only used to improve the streets and public places, the security situation in the city, but is also used in private facilities, parking lots, factories and industrial areas, from a central control room for monitoring specific areas or processes. While the older analog cameras low cost, but not too far away when used, but often lack the IP camera possess some of the advanced features.
        IP network camera is more suitable for remote monitoring, it can be through the Internet, can also provide powerful wireless support and encryption. They can also provide high-definition images, intelligent analysis and local storage, and analog cameras not have these advantages.
        IP camera largest market in North America, compared with other markets, the market is more affordable in relatively high-end devices. Analog cameras of choice for the Chinese market, Chinese market share in the analog cameras huge share, delaying the entire Asia-Pacific region the popularity of IP camera speed. However, Asia 2015 will become the world´s second largest IP surveillance camera market, second only to North America, Europe, pushed the third. Europe continues to be the eurozone crisis.
        IP camera shipments this year from 2012´s 6.1 million to 8.2 million in 2017 increased to 20.2 million.
        Overall, surveillance cameras are playing a role in helping to alleviate the people for many security concerns. Economic chaos in many regions, prompting people to pay more attention to their personal safety, but not with the terrorists continued to events related to the gathering places of public safety personnel challenges.
        IP camera surge semiconductor semiconductor content
        In the IP video camera, the included four main functions: image acquisition, completed by the image sensor; image signal processing, using a dedicated module to complete; compressed by the core processor or dedicated components to complete; information transfer via Ethernet is complete.
        Core or main processor is the nerve center of the camera, an image processor and compression manage the flow of data between subsystems, and control the camera´s network communications.
        In the main processor can use a variety of architectures, system on chip (SoC) as lower power consumption, the IP camera occupies a very high share. SoC prices due to camera resolution and different types, from the semi-HD Full HD $ 10 to $ 30, as well as ultra-high definition 4K $ 60.
        In addition to other SoC, IP camera processor may use a field programmable gate array (FPGA) or digital signal processor (DSP), but the two forms are not commonly used.
        Another trend is the use of multi-core central processor camera to provide more processing power.

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