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  • Network Video Server Features and Application FAQ

        With the development of IP camera technology and the popularity of broadband technology in the past few years, network video server has gradually become the mainstream products of video surveillance equipment. More and more users begin to choose a network video server as an important tool in the security work. On the other hand, with the current multinational "landing", the video conferencing network is facing an unprecedented historical opportunity for development, network video server is also "gone" environment, brought to the security video surveillance focus.
        Network Video Server Features
        Network video server (network video server definition the) Internal mainly includes three modules: image acquisition, image compression, network transmission. Image acquisition module to achieve the video signal A / D conversion; image compression module to achieve the compression-coded digital signal to a compression coding standard; network transmission module settings and other functions on the compressed data transmission and system functions.
        Video data transmission to the monitoring center through the rapid development of cost-effective computer communication network, you only need an inexpensive Category 5 network cable, video server internal WIFI module, wireless LAN, then with Category 5 the network cable Province.
        Models small
        General usually 1-4 analog video input, not like DVR frequently more than 10 video inputs, and will not onboard hard drive, the storage device is placed in the monitoring center is more conducive to the image data storage and protection, which save a lot of space location.
        Easy to upgrade and full scalability
        You can easily add more cameras, the central server will be able to easily upgrade to a faster processor, a larger capacity disk drives and greater bandwidth.
        Strong central control
        An industry-standard servers and a set of control management application software can run the entire security monitoring system, as long as the user to open a computer with an Internet connection on the client program, in which the input video server IP address can be fully Remote monitoring. Any authorized client can directly access any camera can also be monitored through the central server to access the image.
        Network Video Server Frequently Asked Questions Summary
        1 video server can not be accessed through a browser?
        Possible Cause: No Network?
        The solution: use the PC to the network test if the network is working properly, there is cable failure PC, the virus due to network failure, until you can use the Ping connection between the PC.
        Possible Cause: IP address used by another device?
        Solution: Disconnect the video server connected to the network, separate video server and PC connections, re-set the IP address in accordance with the appropriate recommendations.
        Possible Cause: IP address in a different subnet?
        Solution: Check IP address and subnet mask address and gateway settings.
        Possible Cause: The port is modified?
        Solution: Press the reset button on the back of the server back to the factory default state.
        Possible Cause: Unknown
        2, PTZ IP camera, or Dome IP Camera can not control?
        Possible causes: PTZ protocol, baud rate, address, and use PTZ or dome camera PTZ protocol, baud rate and address inconsistencies? (The old version of the device baud rate setting method is different from the default the PTZ address of 16, such as higher need to change the agreement)
        The solution: Go to Settings page, PTZ protocol, baud rate, address change PTZ.
        Possible Cause: The signal cable is not connected or not connected properly?
        Solution: PTZ or dome camera connected to the server control lines reconnect.
        3, after the upgrade process, you can not browse video?
        Solution: Close all browser page, in C: ProgramFiles \ webrec find and delete this folder.
        4, the image screen card, pause, not smooth.
        If you want the screen smooth some, set the resolution piecemeal, and the frame rate is set to 25.
        If you set a fixed stream, the stream is set, or set to a variable stream the selection screen smooth network transmission network settings QOS priority.
        Network reasons: First, PING IP camera, to see whether packet loss, packet loss, first check the network cable and network equipment. Insufficient network bandwidth or congestion will cause the screen to pause.
        Network video server and playback
        5, image mosaic, blocks of color.
        If you set the resolution and frame rate is too high, setting allows code flow is too low, or insufficient network bandwidth will cause the image mosaic phenomenon, If you need screen smooth but allows lower picture quality, the lower the resolution of some frame rate increase, while the stream up a bit, if you need a clear picture, allowing smooth, increase the resolution, reduced frame rate.
        6, on the IE browser preview image Image color is not partial white, black and white contrast very different.
        Re-image setting options to set the image´s brightness, contrast, saturation, color and so on.
        7 sd card, network video server video information only previous data.
        First check the SD card can read and write, pull on the SD OFF writable state, connected to the network server hard disk in the system setup information has been able to identify to the SD card, and then Clear Disk Management The data that is formatted, the final choice to set read and write, which means that the SD card can read and write in a common set of system settings option when disk is full coverage, which means that when disk is full delete the previous video data to store the new information If you select Stop, the hard disk is full stop, not recommended choice of stop, set up a good network video server system time recording schedule this time to determine whether the video in the video settings set a good recording time and recording type and storage settings, select local storage, which means that video data is stored to the SD card.
        8, playback of video has no sound.
        Make sure that the computer side of normal playback devices, audio encoding settings in the system settings is checked, if checked, trying to voice intercom, if there is no sound, check the microphone to the network video server is normal.
        External alarm input, and allows the alarm output, but even if the alarm output has been the front-end does not trigger an alarm.
        Choose the type of alarm in the alarm set alarm type, if the front-end alarm device is normally open to normally open.
        10 on the FTP server video material.
        First determine the network video server network settings the NAS set of server IP, user name and password, and port are correct, the server-side FTP service is running properly, the firewall does not prohibit the video settings of 21, 23-port, network video server set a good recording time. storage set type should be elected to the network storage and set in a the NAS set period of time information, which means that in this period of time allowed to upload what type of video data.
        11, audio ineffective.
        If the LINE input, adjust the input level, so that the input level of the network video server does not match the cause saturation distortion, MIC input if the microphone has good shielding is good.
        12, after the upgrade through the browser to access the IP camera error.
        Delete your browser´s cache can open Internet Options, click Delete Files in the Temporary Internet files, tick the Delete all offline content option, determined to re-login.
        13, IE can log in, click to open the camera preview screen image appears black, but there is data in the transmission.
        Find this folder on the C drive and delete this folder C: \ ProgramFiles \ webrec \, re-install the control, if not, lower the resolution of the network video server.
        14, image after power status light red.
        Abnormal equipment start, long press the RESET button 10 seconds after the restart.

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