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  • HD monitor will become the driving force of the development of the market

        With the continuous improvement of people´s pursuit of digital life, high-definition television is not a dream, industries and enterprises in high-definition technology, the unremitting exploration and research. HD, promoting the video constantly upgrading products to upgrade and continue to stimulate new market demand, become a powerful driving force for the development of the market. With the rise of the safe city construction, the various cities have introduced planning policies to promote high-definition universal application.
        City first, high-definition monitor a lot of the planning application
        In 2012, Guangdong Province, the introduction of social security video surveillance system construction, Guangdong Province, three-year plan (2012-2014) "is proposed: the province in the next three years will add another 960,000, two types of social security video image acquisition point but also a new 2750 HD port security card; Tianjin Public Security Bureau issued the "implementation of views" on the strengthening of the city´s technology to prevent network system construction, proposed to the street pavement in the city planning and construction of 105,000 high-definition video surveillance point , the 900 HD bayonet goal; Shanghai Municipal Education Commission released last year, the Shanghai Campus security technology to prevent work "Twelfth Five-Year" development plan "Campus comprehensive monitoring system to HD, and lists the time schedule table: the end of 2016, all colleges and universities in the city to achieve full HD camera video surveillance; Lee Chang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, 1000 HD Surveillance camera installed three years, and the system will be implemented after the upgrade by Face Recognition warning; 2012 -2013 years, Quanzhou, Fujian, provisioning 8000 high-definition video camera; Liuzhou, Guangxi, "Skynet" Project Phase III construction began a large area with high-definition camera, compared with the previous two SD cameras from up to 40 million pixels 1.3 million pixels. Three, "Skynet" project four construction and installation of the 2800 high-definition camera, 1100 for the replacement of two SD cameras; Xiaohe District, Guiyang invested 50 million yuan last year, installed 850 high-definition video surveillance Camera; 2012, a total investment of over 10 billion Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province, "Skynet" project started, the project will become China´s first large-scale high-definition network-based video surveillance safe city construction projects. This just the tip of the iceberg for high-definition video surveillance applications.
        In August 2012, the Ministry of Public Security issued a newly revised "motor vehicle driver´s license to apply for and use provisions shall come into force on January 1, 2013. According to the new regulations, running red lights, grab the yellow light, do not give way to the school bus will be punished and penalized; also points driving a cell phone, not wearing a seatbelt. Known as "the most stringent traffic rules." In order to avoid the traffic police enforcement disputes and controversies, the application of high-definition electronic police will become more popular, and led to other areas, especially law enforcement agencies, high-definition surveillance system applications; November 2012, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Jifang Ban issued on city digital video security monitoring system, "the notice of the basic technical requirements, which means that, starting from January 2013, the Shanghai market monitoring system application will be the main push IP network camera, SDI camera, digital camera, traditional analog cameras may gradually fade out .
        It can be seen, HD monitoring applications in the future will be more extensive. Especially in the new round of urban construction of alarm and monitoring systems and system upgrading, high-definition video surveillance applications will be the focus.
        HD video market development driving force
        Video surveillance industry for many years a well-established, widely familiar with the English abbreviation, the acronym CCTV logo lucky hit mistakenly hit a coincidence. She is CCTV. CCTV is the abbreviation of CCTV surveillance system, video surveillance system functions and features can be seen from this abbreviation. But today, if you also use CCTV to annotate video surveillance industry has been less accurate. All this from the change and evolution of video surveillance technology, or from the intelligence, the development of high-definition surveillance technology.
        CCTV (closed circuit television monitoring) and the TV has the same family blood relations. But in the past, CCTV surveillance camera image and the image of the TV, the basic can not be compared. High-definition video surveillance, at first high-definition television has also experienced a long process of development. As early as in the 1960s, Japan´s national broadcasting company NHK began to study high-definition; early 1990s, NHK and Sony completed the study and began test broadcasts analogue high-definition TV. However, due to various reasons, Europe does not accept Japan´s research. The mid-1980s, Philips and other European companies have jointly completed an HD research program. Developed by the American Film and Television Engineers SMPTE HDTV standards "HDTV", however, came from behind to overtake Japan and Europe, has been widely recognized and accepted market. Since then, we all recognize the digital high-definition is the future direction of the development of television.
        The development of China´s high-definition digital TV began in 1998. In 2006, China announced the terrestrial digital TV transmission standard DMB-TH digital high-definition television began broadcasting in 2008, marking China´s digital high-definition TV into the mature phase.
        Not only television, high-definition technology development in the DVD player industry has experienced a wave of boom. Come out soon in VCD, DVD alternative. Since then, the market has emerged HD-DVD, Blu-ray. Then, EVD came into being. Definition, EVD definition specifications, the maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080, has been greatly improved compared with ordinary DVD player single specification 720 × 576, can achieve the requirements of high-definition video. EVD is HD DVD players for China´s national conditions and development of, EVD´s R & D success, Chinese enterprises to implement the strategy of independent intellectual property rights, the outcome of the standard strategy. Unfortunately, the pace of technological update too fast, the long-cherished wish of the EVD replace the DVD has not been achieved, the player market began to go sour, replaced by a more powerful, easier to use HD digital player.
        If the TV Security Surveillance Camera is the same family blood relations, digital camera with the surveillance camera even more "next of kin". Digital cameras since the advent of the pixels have been rising, from millions of levels to 500 million, 8 million, 10 million, almost two years to a new level. Ten years ago, a 5-megapixel digital camera is the camera king mainstream pixel digital camera today, basically in the more than 10 million pixels, the home camera grown to 14.7 million, the highest digital SLR cameras has reached 2460 million people.

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