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  • The integration of intelligent IP HD into network monitoring backbone

        The digital age of high-speed ball, relying on the gradual improvement of the market for high-quality image quality requirements, the formation of a contending trend goes hand in hand, HD-SDI, HD network, also called high-definition digital, but gave two different flavor, emerging HD-SDI by virtue of its uncompressed, Barrie frame advantage, the rapid rise, who was home on the style. In the the network increasingly popular today, the network ball organism emerged the overall convenient solution sought by the parties. IP Speed ​​Dome return to the market, to become an integral part of the network monitoring force.
        IP network monitoring market developments popular
        With the continuous development of the video surveillance market, the most important market for IP video surveillance in safe city, transportation and other major industries. Network surveillance cameras dominated by "SD" gradual transition to the "HD" mainly to gradually reduce the proportion of the SD network. The great demand for high-definition IP surveillance cameras in some of the more economically developed regions, network monitoring has also become the first choice of many projects. In some dubious area of ​​network monitoring, an average of about every two monitoring points, there will be a high-definition network surveillance cameras; Some high-traffic area, you must also install a network surveillance cameras, high-definition IP surveillance cameras in the security market tempered revealed strengths to become one of the first choice of some industrial applications. It is understood that: in the case of security monitoring overall market slowdown, the 2012 network camera market scale compared with 2011 network camera market size, growth rate of 22%, the size of the network camera market is expected to about 2.696 billion yuan, accounting for the overall 23.81% of the camera market, including high-definition network camera for about 60% of the network camera market. Then, the high-definition network surveillance cameras Why is it so popular?
        In the field of intelligent traffic monitoring, in order to solve the problem of license plate capture clarity, the early introduction of high-definition surveillance technology. Shanghai put into the construction of 200 million pixels "electronic police system in addition to the human face recognition, but also be able to accurately identify the specific characteristics of the vehicle license plate, color, speed, cars, car length. In the construction of the 500 million pixel electronic police system mainly used in the capture illegal vehicles running red lights, which can be recorded by monitoring point per vehicle capture a high-definition picture and be kept together and the time, place, vehicle than and data analysis to provide a reliable basis. The same time, the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau regulations, from 2010 onwards, where to apply for a parking lot, you must install a high-definition television monitoring equipment; the original parking lot at the same time, we must immediately organized the installation of high-definition television monitoring equipment. It can be said that the field of intelligent transportation, non-HD can not! "
        IP Speed ​​Dome return to the market to help network monitoring
        When the memory of people still stuck in that point in time Pelco dome arrival, roadside pole on a face-lift, only to stay on top marks India, also bears witness to its former glory. The inherent advantages of high-speed ball, it is equipped with a large magnification optical zoom lens, a high horizontal resolution, built-in high-speed PTZ, you can quickly and accurately positioning monitoring In addition, it is generally with a preset point scan, auto cruise function, can better achieve urban monitoring and many other special requirements. Coupled with high-speed ball with PTZ IP camera also has the advantage of good looks, subtle and strong, it is very suitable for the construction of safe city monitoring project.
        HD-SDI technology is more and more mature today, can not be uncompressed, high security frame to meet the market demand, SDI matrix, SDI DVR, the emergence of the SDI Optical and vigorously promote the SDI gradually replace analog position . However, due to the limitations of the transmission mode led to the SDI video surveillance on the transmission distance is greatly restricted, so that some close-up projects more than a futile expenditure on select HD-SDI. SDI high-speed ball also inherited the various functions of the traditional analog dome, we can say that the HD-SDI HD-SDI technology with traditional analog dome fusion of high-speed ball, behind HD is still the familiar silhouette.
        Must be mentioned when it comes to HD-SDI high-definition network, it was said that the network dome delay, codec loss, high bandwidth, and it has not been satisfactorily resolved, leading to the development of network monitoring has been slow. In actual fact, the network dome bid farewell to the traditional dome style 485 keyboard control, the client real-time control of the screen. Network and currently on the market most of the high-speed ball high H.264 or MPEG-4 compression algorithm, can achieve high-quality, low stream, greatly improving the network transmission speed. Video surveillance With the development of digital, networked, intelligent technologies are increasingly developing towards "three". Large to safe cities, small personal family, can Quick compatible. With the growing rise of IP surveillance, the increasing demand of high-speed ball on the network. Network Speed ​​Dome is an important branch of the characteristics of the development of high-speed ball, on the basis of the ordinary high-speed ball, increasing the image or sound coding module and network access module can constitute a basic network of high-speed ball, audio-visual data and control smooth and reliable transmission of data on the network. For users, the network monitoring without time restrictions on the location in the authorization at any time on-demand monitoring, plug-and-play-per-view, using a very convenient way.
        IP network monitoring consistent with the industry considered to be the main trend of the future video network monitoring. However, its soft underbelly after a period of no qualitative change, not to mention the delay and frame dropping a common problem, and even coding are various manufacturers use different protocols according to their own circumstances, leading to the back-end and large-scale Project Compatibility there are a lot of unnecessary trouble. At the moment, the HD-SDI appear, just to solve these problems. So that people can see the hope, between gains and losses, the value has not come from analog designers constant. IP network on quality management has also made great progress. With the country on the importance of network construction, network technology is constantly updated, better broadband network will be used. On the other hand, in order to solve the problem of network bandwidth, and the enterprises are constantly introduced new networking solutions, IP network monitoring technology continues to improve.
        Unlimited potential for the future development of high-definition IP cameras
        The advantages and broad prospects of network monitoring to promote domestic and international security vendors have developed products for network monitoring. These network products using advanced digital compression technology, the transmission bandwidth can reach smaller to compensate for defects caused by insufficient network bandwidth and storage requirements. Network Speed ​​Dome emergence is the inevitable product of the development of the digital control, use convenient network technology to transmit video and control signals will greatly expand the application of high-speed ball in the surveillance industry, especially in urban monitoring, highways and other places. As technology advances, the 300-megapixel camera will be born. HD-SDI ball machine how to solve its own bandwidth issues will be the one to discuss the problem, and by virtue of its ongoing network dome compression technology improved, should be better able to adapt quickly to market. There was a "encircling the cities" strategic approach, from its national conditions, it won. Today, then part of the group to be forgotten, when the cell and the new era of rural monitoring will be the world?
        Perhaps there is such a question, when nightfall, shrouded in darkness when, night vision HD ball machine is not as good as traditional analog dome. On the contrary, as the movement enhancements, low-light promotion, with the development of infrared light, making high-speed ball more competitive. Imagine that you are in the pitch-dark night, was able to observe the scene to a radius of two hundred meters, and is not just a figure. Such a high level of integration, rich features, this product will get a lot of market applications.
        Today, the domestic high-speed ball, although the movement or to rely on the support of foreign brands, but over time, the development of inspirational people in this regard has been gradually draw closer in the future structure, domestic movement by ´s share will gradually beyond abroad.
        China´s huge market demand affecting the security industry development at an alarming rate, the domestic industry leaders gradually narrowing the gap between the industry giants with foreign, with the core technology of small and medium-sized enterprises are slowly established a foothold, the country set off "Green City", "safe town" monitoring boom, high-speed ball machine can be described as strong thunder, accounting for a share of more than 60% of the front-end equipment, with domestic manufacturers gradually mastered the core technology of high-speed ball machine, independent research and development of high-speed ball machine with its higher cost advantage to become one strong force in the market, more and more people began to accept this high-end surveillance products, is not uncommon in some remote mountainous areas, small towns, high-speed ball machine.
        With the gradual improvement of the function of market demand increases gradually, step by step improvement of living standards, digital high-speed ball will be more widely used, high-speed ball will have a better tomorrow.
        Unlimited potential for the future development of high-definition IP cameras
        With the continuous expansion of the field of high-definition IP camera application and market demand, the continuous improvement of picture quality and features high-definition IP cameras gradually from a simple security monitoring evolved to a variety of functions, a variety of operations, more species management and other needs and the integration of a device, specifically, high-definition IP cameras in the following aspects will be innovation and application.
        1, high-definition IP cameras combination of Things
        With the successful application of the Internet of Things radio frequency (RFID) technology, seamless integration with high-definition video can be achieved in the future so as to bring good practical application. By high-definition IP cameras COM interface to receive data coming from the RF transmission, so that the combination of image and RF. For example, this technology can replace the fixed punch, illegal personnel to identify and thus help to improve the practice quite a tedious work, reflecting the value of high intelligence, high-tech.
        2, high-definition IP cameras and alarm equipment linkage
        HD IP network camera alarm (ALARMI, / O) interface, can handle the switch level, when high-definition IP cameras after receiving this data, the encoding process can be, and then sent to the TCP / IP network, application software on the alarm signal in response to a variety of linkage settings, such as sound and light alarm and alarm recording.
        3, high-definition IP cameras combined with mobile devices
        With the popularity of 3G technology, as well as each definition IP cameras have their own separate IP address, through the 3G network directly with the mobile device connected to the network, real-time transmission of high-definition images to achieve the wireless transmission of high-definition video. Can also be configured in high-definition IP cameras built-in email, FTP client, be able to access the Internet, high-definition IP camera equipment by Email, FTP, etc. alarm trigger snap pictures or video to mobile devices . Can also be connected through the COM port and the SIM card can be connected equipment, the use of SMS, MMS to the specified mobile terminals. Thus, to achieve real-time monitoring and intelligent, while using only a small bandwidth and cost.
        4, cut into the high-definition IP cameras from smart
        HD IP camera with front-end operating system, all on the front end with a lot of intelligence algorithm. Intelligent algorithm can be processed directly from the the chip outputs of the original image information, based on the original image and do some appropriate and suitable for the application of the characteristics occasions. For example, you can embed a statistical function of the number of entrances and exits. This function allows the camera monitor screen analysis, the automatic statistical calculations through the entrances or designated area or number of objects. And in the low-carbon era, the combination of intelligent algorithms and energy saving ideas to open up another huge market. In government agencies, schools, businesses and large home environment, but also intelligent video analysis technology to eliminate the huge energy waste and security risks, such as automatic turn off unnecessary lights or open someone office work lights or, as the need to adjust the light intensity and so on.

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