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  • NVR trilogy Distributed and centralized development is increasingly clear

        The NVR development of Trilogy
        The first: the first NVR is to develop PC Based (based on computer motherboards development), some manufacturers are still in use in this way. PC based NVR can be understood as a set or multiple network cameras codec board and software installed on X86-based PC or IPC. PC-based NVR is non-mainstream products on the market has been gradually withdraw from the market.
        Part II: embedded NVR Professional motherboard, developed for mainstream IP cameras. Judging from the NVR products currently on the market, the vast majority of NVR are embedded NVR, IP camera is compatible with multiple manufacturers. The embedded NVR products in the market is rare, but has become a mainstream product in the market.
        Part III: in recent years there have been large NVR for community and safe city level, the main use of the high-end server hardware structure, based on the premise of traditional NVR software interface, combined with the data in the disk array protection and maintenance of technical content with powerful data processing capabilities of large-scale the NVR system equipment. The main feature is the number of road storage compression processing high-definition video streaming, and there is a strong digital video stream forwarding, retrieval, backup, maintenance and protection functions, and RAID disk array technology, applied to the field of security of the NVR.
        But the above three types of NVR moment basically retained behind the two types With the wide spread of the rapid development of the field of security, high-definition digital surveillance, NVR classification is also moving in the direction of the computer switching equipment development, classified access NVR, converged NVR and core NVR. This evaluation covers nearly 20 this three kinds NVR. NVR core level in the coming years will trot into the community-level integrated security management system, to become the main force of the center management device.
        The NVR key performance
        The basic functions of the NVR camera access, audio and video data broadcast services, audio and video data storage, retrieval and playback, support alarm processing and related logging and queries, PTZ control; addition to the basic functions of the key technologies, such as basic of H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG video encoding compression technology; HDMI, DVI, VGA, VIDEO, Audio output format support; technical support in data processing, such as RAID 0, 1,5,6,10; playback when streaming media technology support; the remote codec rate improvement; road number of high-definition digital video stream forwarding technology, as well as the back-end database and platform architecture NVR is a manifestation of the key technologies.
        The NVR development of toward
        NVR device development to differentiate into two directions: one is the centralized storage direction, the main equipment like IP SAN, NAS and other large core-level NVR; another distributed storage equipment NVR direction. Centralized storage is present on the network bandwidth requirements, NVR exchange capacity, high-performance requirements of the central storage server. Distributed storage data is stored in a single NVR, only the center need to see a preview and playback data only needs to be connected to the NVR, so that the network bandwidth requirements are relatively low, the cost of the entire project will be low. Judging from the long-term trends, distributed and centralized storage-NVR has advantages.

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