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  • Development space for economy mid and low-end IP camera is large

        With IP camera technology to enhance and improve the quality of product performance, promotion and application of IP camera follow-up will be more widely used. At present, the most important market for network video surveillance or safe city, finance, transportation, education, power, energy, operators, prison, and several other major industries. But the the civil consumer market is the largest cake, only to every family, in order to truly be said to have popularity. In the wider application of the process of network monitoring products to the market, the low-end with respect to high-end products with its own advantages and development of space.
        Low-end camera division
        Has been IP surveillance camera is expensive, this is an indisputable fact. According to market research, the price of low-end IP surveillance camera is usually less than 2,000 yuan, and some loose money or even less than a similar standard analog Surveillance camera. The reason, in fact, more because of the simple combination of video surveillance camera CMOS camera with low-grade single-channel network video server, and professional network video server, as multi-function mobile phone with a camera function and professional digital camera camera function effect difference. Such a configuration will greatly hinder the camera as a play on the video coherence. And this way, the work limitations of this type of camera will be significantly more.
        The mid network monitoring device configuration
        From a structural point of view, the high-end IP camera is a professional surveillance camera with single integrated network video server product. Therefore, if from the performance of the play, its performance depends largely on the sections of the models used in the surveillance camera and network video server configuration performance. At least the basis of integrated video coherence properties than the low-end devices much higher.
        The drawbacks and advantages of the low-end devices
        From the drawbacks of low-end IP camera point of view: the monitor image display quality limitations, and network resources, high occupancy is the most obvious disadvantages of this type of equipment. But from a cost standpoint, because this grade network monitoring more simple integration of a sensor with a simple network video server, therefore, aside of the process and stability of the difference, but also in function, but also not too comprehensive back-end management capabilities, but only a simple run through the network monitoring results.
        However, their strengths perspective, this kind of surveillance camera such as home and office and other point-to-point communication or monitoring the application of the demand-side is still very counterpart. Generally in the high-end security surveillance camera, cost-effective low-end IP camera higher. Than the low end of the performance advantages of the monitoring equipment outside the biggest feature of such cameras is simple to install, and control is also more aspects of IP video camera, in particular in the structure will be able to be integrated with the server, and therefore to a large extent, but also to avoid the cumbersome installation.
        In fact, the choice of mid-or low-end equipment, tend to have each other´s deficiencies in performance, but sometimes it is the most economical to let go of some simple users. In today´s applications, the low-end is not mean poor quality of the real benefits of price, nor that the level of prices, but that really able to meet our needs on the basis of economic, From this perspective, the low-end equipment or have a lot of our favored device.

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