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  • Monitoring system application six errors

        Look before you leap, when you buy surveillance equipment, are you done enough homework? When you use the monitoring system, and whether you understand its function? In the complex network monitoring environment, the user needs to decide security equipment and monitoring mode, but often difficult to distinguish between some of the details, resulting in misunderstanding. Inquisitive, six errors of the monitoring system for your interpretation.
        Analog control system can not be upgraded to IP
        Whipped up a network monitoring application trend starting in 2010, with the IP surveillance technology continues to progress, a lot of people want to upgrade to the monitoring system. On how to upgrade the existing analog control framework for the network mode? Method One: video server front-end analog signal acquisition and compression conversion, upload the data through the network. Video server to change the monitoring framework for the simulation may move closer to the IP.
        Most likely to be ignored? Monitoring system application six errors
        Monitoring upgrading to high-definition picture quality, this upgrade is not unique. Method Two: by changing the monitoring equipment, high-definition video images. HD-SDI is a simulation framework based on the monitoring system, in addition to the SDI interface, most of the models with the same analog control. The uncompressed image while also ensuring that the signal transmission zero latency.
        Change the price Mistakes Who says network cameras are more expensive than analog
        The bid item or civilian structures monitoring equipment, the to hinder our biggest problem is money. Many people say that IP surveillance cameras are more expensive than analog devices. Indeed, from the point of view a single front-end devices, IP cameras prices seem to be 2 times that of analog cameras, but from the entire monitoring system, the simulation system not only DVR accessories, video cable, power supply, PTZ control cables, etc., and the network equipment requires only a single network cable, especially to support PoE camera, power supply + transfer all get. Remember, the more parts of the monitoring system for the maintenance are a burden and pressure.
        Poor network environment is not mature IP surveillance technology
        The network storage unsafe DVR really safe
        Network monitoring security questioned, especially network storage video images, neither the firewall we have seen there is no password. In fact, the network monitoring with mobile Internet access are of the same level, properly installed firewall, VPN protection password is enough to serve the purpose of protecting important data.
        DVR analog monitoring system using local storage mode, how can this way safe? The simulation system is a LAN system, once someone enters the system, it is possible to tamper with the data. Relative to the network environment, this approach is less secure. This explains why most of the banking and financial system network transmission.
        Security Exhibition filled with a variety of network monitoring product: The picture shows the surveillance camera
        Poor network environment is not mature IP surveillance technology
        In the past two years, network monitoring long-term focus in our ears. However, from the market point of view of security, network monitoring seems some light lip mean false skill. The reason why the network monitoring applications market has not yet reached the desired effect, for many reasons. A the immature domestic network environment, the responsibility can not be attributable to the supplier; Another problem is that the analog market is too large, from the domestic video surveillance technology has been around CCTV closed-circuit television, the development of network monitoring is only 2 years. IP is just a monitoring technology, not through the artifact.
        Network surveillance cameras
        If you really want to wait until the big popularity of network monitoring, seems to have to wait 3 to 5 years time. From major security companies and major exhibition on the IP monitoring solutions to promote more and more rapid growth in the number of system integrators. Coupled with the power of the operators, I believe that both the home network monitor or a large-scale network monitoring projects are the highlight of the IP market.
        Having a misunderstanding about the application of the monitoring system and monitoring technology, a monitoring features to talk about in the purchase and use of easy to overlook.
        The infrared surveillance LED lights better?
        Now standard surveillance cameras day and night to meet the two monitoring functions, the mainstream night vision surveillance is the use of infrared LED lights. Outer ring embedded in the surveillance camera multiple LED infrared light provides night vision ability to capture, does not affect the aesthetics of the device. Of course, the effect of infrared light the night vision distance. So not 30 LED lights 10 LED lamp is good?
        LED infrared light assembly
        Every step of the security surveillance cameras installed LED infrared light heat, excessive concentration of light fever surveillance cameras can easily lead to poor heat dissipation, the camera will not only seriously affect the useful life, video imaging are based on rigorous testing, infrared light work a white, with you imagine a world of difference. Do not rely on the number of infrared light equipment, or image effects.
        Monitor and display / PC hard drive and monitor hard disk
        In fact, the difference of the monitor, the monitor and the PC hard disk, monitor, hard disk is not the first time mentioned that the reason why the security market to be so Erroneous Application There are two main reasons, one is the black heart of the channels to sell commercial grade equipment prices commercial grade products to the user, the other one is fooled businesses. Some people think that home monitoring system displays no problem, of course, 1,000 yuan to buy a monitor both play on the computer also can be used to monitor, in fact, a good deal.
        All in all, regardless of our network monitoring cognitive, or lack of understanding of the security market, be sure to do your homework before you buy surveillance equipment. Is the first step in the choice of network monitoring or analog control, which determines the future monitoring system maintenance and renovation. I hope the contents of the above, for your help.

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