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  • Providing more choices megapixel becomes the new darling of surveillance camera

        IMSResearch by the latest release of "global analog video surveillance and video surveillance market," the report pointed out that by 2014 there will be more than 50% in the sale of IP camera up to HD megapixels of resolution. The growth and application of megapixels and HD video surveillance equipment, to 2014 will be the development of video surveillance equipment market one of the most critical trends.
        Millions of high-definition monitor principle
        Megapixels high-definition cameras, high-definition camera IP-based network transmission. Formed ordinary HD IP camera for example the first volume, from front to back in sequence contains a lens, IR cut filter, the image sensor, clock synchronization and image disposal coding tightening motherboard, power supply and I / O network interface board.
        In all forming member, the most crucial point of the image sensor, its good indicators not directly affect the HD IP camera screen consequences. Currently on the market most of the HD IP camera to take the CMOS as the photosensitive element, but compared with the CCD sensor, HD IP Camera on the presence upper hand.
        Megapixel provide more choices
        One of the advantages of IP camera can reach megapixels of resolution, which is the analog cameras can not be achieved. Recently, however, with the development of HDcctv Alliance, can be expected in the specified megapixels and HD monitoring requirements, end users have more options.
        Although the proportion of the use of network video surveillance in the new enterprise-level implementation of the project is to improve the existing video surveillance equipment, the simulation is still the dominant landlord, on behalf of the majority of the installed base. Market in this part of the next few years will become the most interesting: the customer will re-use existing analog facilities or investment HDcctv or switch using the IP camera, or a mixed system?
        Agreed that support high-definition video surveillance video surveillance system from analog video conversion to a network system. However, there is disagreement between the topology need. Want to get HD and megapixels video users, this can be done with a "pure" network video solutions or use HDcctv analog video surveillance solutions, has brought an Ethernet network data on DVR .
        Megapixels high-definition lens market will be large outbreak
        Pursuit of the same objectives and security surveillance camera lens in addition to the need to constantly improve quality, factory regardless of the development of a new technology, such as infrared lens promotion, the rise of megapixels lens, its only one goal: to enhance the sharpness of the image to improve image quality.
        This year´s development megapixels lens can see, the the higher pixel demand and higher density of light transmittance of the lens of the lens market demand stimulation from megapixels lens gradual transition to 2,000,000, 3,000,000, and even 5 million pixel high-definition camera megapixels is overwhelming.
        Today, the lens on the market corresponding to the 2/3 "CCD up to 500 million pixels up to 300 million pixels, 1/3" CCD 1/2.5 "CMOS lens products have been endless choice of high-definition lens products is very rich from the performance of the major manufacturers, HD megapixels lens has been gradually began to spread, the industry generally believes that the current megapixels high-definition lens has been used extensively for road monitoring and bayonet capture part of the Safe City Bank project proceed HD lens applications. Overall, the proportion of high-definition lens market in the past year accelerated the trend, user feedback is also quite good. millions of high-definition lens the light of day will not be too long, in the next 3-5 years, high-definition monitor The lens will have a the ideal market reaction.
        Traditional analog cameras can not be satisfied with the demand for high-definition image capture, HD has become the mainstream of the development of today´s video surveillance. To achieve high-definition video surveillance, can not do without high-definition camera, and thus, high-definition megapixel IP camera products came into being. Million high-definition monitor highly sought after by the end-user, at the same time it has also become a major selling point of the camera manufacturers product promotion, Looking to the future, millions of HD will bring more in-depth development.

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