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  • Electronic Police advantage subdivision Public security law enforcement effort to humane

        Electronic eye, in fact, the vehicle speed detected by the radar system and a digital camera to take pictures of speeding vehicles forensics, also known as "electronic police", it is the working principle of the body as follows: sense lines to sense the eye from the car on the road , through the pass bionic electronic eye sensor signal acquisition to the central processor, sending the temporary register. Currently, the majority of China´s provinces and cities on the road are equipped with "electronic eye" road motor vehicle speeding traffic violations capture, strengthen the management of road traffic order. Looking ahead, the development of electronic eye towards high-definition intelligent.
        First, the advantages of electronic police subdivision
        Obvious advantages of running a red light electronic police system application
        Trigger dynamic video detection technology, red state, complete the capture of red light running vehicles and license plate recognition, accurate recording and storage of illegal vehicles illegal time, location, direction of travel, the time length of the red light, past the stop line red Electric is always illegal license plate images and panoramic pictures and other information. The capture vehicle illegal images of a vehicle license close-range diagram and two consecutive vehicle violation panorama capture the vehicle can clearly illegal images, a complete record of illegal vehicles models, body color, license number.
        The center of the illegal capture car license plate recognition, license plate recognition automatically generate illegal license plate library for illegal processing operator to further identify and address. Selection of industrial-grade color camera, high definition, low illumination, good stability; company independent development of surveillance camera control technology, the camera capture can adapt to different weather and light environmental impact, so that the system can work around the clock. At night, using self-developed LED fill light as to capture the auxiliary light source, so that a clear night to capture the license plate number.
        In the communication conditions, the use of a combination of hardware and software, can automatically monitor the normal operation of the system. Timing reports and urgent report in two ways, report the situation to the remote command center, the center staff on duty more convenient and effectively monitor the normal operation of the system.
        Video Electronics police, highlighting the advantages
        Electronic police system used in the community more, in principle, there are two: First, digital camera electronic police, video electronic police system. Use performance digital camera is nowhere near as the Video Electronics police, described below, is a video electronic police system.
        1, using state-of-the-art video detection technology and vehicle license plate recognition technology to greatly improve the technological content of the system, significantly reduce the rate of accidental shooting and missed shot rate.
        2, the use of advanced virtual detection technology, without destroying roads buried sensor, sensors and other equipment to reduce the project investment.
        3, not only records the illegal vehicles, also record the illegal sites (junctions name), illegal red light running time (accurate to the second), and provides a wealth of information for law enforcement.
        4, using a combination of panoramic and close-up, to more fully capture the information, panoramic images may appear opposite the red signal flag, the vehicle did not pass a panoramic view of the stop line, the vehicle crossed the stop line illegal process, close-up pictures can fully illegal vehicles license plate number, model, color of vehicle, provided sufficient evidence for law enforcement.
        5 on the picture directly to the video character overlay. To ensure the unity of the picture and character information, the internal difficult to manually tampered with, persuasive.
        6, panoramic camera designed for the transport characteristics of the development of high-performance color camera, close-up camera integrated color camera with high-definition, illegal, high-quality pictures and wide shooting range.
        7, the the Video Electronics police system using a high-definition image capture technology, image clarity, color reproduction is good.
        Second, the development of electronic police trend
        Shooting high definition
        Snap down the picture can be clearly reflected in the facial features of the driver and the passenger seat, and is conducive to the public security departments on the second investigation of the suspect vehicle, to solve the problem of the removal of the suspect vehicle license or license plates to avoid detection. The industry believes that the HD port security card system to use more megapixels, the Monitor camera and traditional SD port security card to use more the pixel analog cameras 40W, can only take special photos. After years of development, the development of high-definition camera has reached 200W pixels, or even 500W pixels. And 3,4-lane road monitoring only need to set up a monitoring point, equipped with a high-definition camera, surrounding all passing vehicles will be able to shoot clear.
        Traditional standard definition camera when the picture is basically only an estimated one lane and shooting the picture is not very clear. HD cameras in addition to shooting panoramic images, and clearly identify the vehicle type, body color, the cargo and the location.
        It is reported that many companies have launched a high-definition port security card system. Front-end using HD IP Camera with a camera work on two-lane, and the shooting data into manageable after the license plate recognition data is sent to the back-end platform, the date and time of each of a motor vehicle, speed, car, license plate number, the cab live recording, once the accident, simply enter the time period, license plate number, vehicle type can easily query the data of a period of time.
        Functional diversification
        With the precipitation of the "electronic police system applications, the device will continue to standardization and standardized electronic police" will continue to improve technically, the user needs to improve its function will lead to increasingly improved performance will continue to improve. Future "electronic police system functions will break through the red light running, speeding capture unity, and contains a variety of technology more intelligent" electronic police "leadership. "Electronic police" function of the system from the vehicle illegal capture extended to a variety of applications such as traffic flow collection, traffic monitoring, traffic guidance, intelligent traffic management system infrastructure, coupled with powerful data processing capability of the central management platform, the formation of prevention, control, and combat as one of the road traffic management schemes.
        Following is a brief description of the basis of the existing electronic police system can continue to expand the function example.
        Intersection and road traffic volume, market share, speed, saturation traffic information collection, to support real-time traffic information with the existing traffic signal control system network communication, to participate in the light controlled intersections Green letter adjustment, the Green Wave with parameter adjustment, variable information boards, traffic information service, traffic information consulting services hotline, traffic information kiosks, vehicle information terminal network communication, traffic guidance and traffic information.
        To achieve real-time monitoring of road traffic, the "electronic police system has established a high-speed, secure and stable data transmission network, the use of the intersection capture video surveillance camera or intersection and road traffic, the security situation in the real-time monitoring can be achieved through the erection of high-speed ball machine called administrative privileges classification assigned to the squadron, brigade, police station, branch, detachment, command centers, managers at all levels to really sit down global ", so that" strategist, winning thousands of miles, "Zhiyizhibi, know yourself . Video data recording, storage will be accidents, reversing the investigation of security incidents provide strong evidence.
        Identify unexpected events, such as traffic accidents, mass rallies, processions, demonstrations and other important events and automatically switch to the command center monitor screen alarm.
        Port security card. System automatically obtain the number plate of the vehicle, model, color, direction of travel, speed, elapsed time and other parameters, and the blacklist databases (such as illegal untreated, robbery, hit and run, suspected of committing the crime and other illegal vehicles) networking than , the alarm can monitor stolen vehicle or the offender vehicle that carries blacklist vehicle elapsed time, and passing through the road conditions for the rapid detection of cases of scientific, effective basis.
        The traffic management decision-making functions, such as information on the road junction illegal vehicle type, vehicle illegal deep-level mining, sorting, road traffic management decision-making.
        Smart specialization
        In recent years, due to "electronic police" develop in different ways, resulting in most parts of the electronic police "system availability is poor, or because of device management difficulties, caused by equipment failure rate, system usage is low, practicality is not strong professional maintenance team, to "electronic police" to promote the use caused a lot of obstacles, so the need to establish alarm device tracking based on the electronic map, the configuration of the device parameters management, equipment failure, equipment operation and report equipment intelligent management. Strengthening equipment maintenance, system upgrades, the system of "electronic police" after-sales service specialization.
        Humane law enforcement
        With the standardization, the deepening of the concept of humane law enforcement, "electronic police system should be implemented" a inform, two warning, forensics mode operation, which "inform" the public informed of the electronic police system installation location and function ; "Warning" indicates that monitoring and warning against offenders; "evidence" is not listen to advice offenders to conduct illegal forensics and law enforcement.

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