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  • Intelligent analysis will become a camera chip future direction

        With the development of HD megapixel IP camera chip, the degree of integration also getting higher and higher, along with peripheral devices will be less and less, will be getting lower and lower power consumption. In order to achieve the system with digital high-definition cameras have both suitable for image sensors for security applications, also supported by the decoder chip technology for docking with the back-end, back-end decoder chip performance has yet to be a bigger breakthrough. Similarly, the direction of the future evolution of the Intelligence also the HD chip.
        The manufacturers in the pursuit of the upgrading of product integration. Existing chip can achieve 4 1080p HD stream multiple HD chip is a trend; integrate more components on the chip function is also a trend where SoCFPGA design concern for people, SoCFPGA integrated FPGA physical processors and other hardware IP components SoC chip, driven by market demand, technology is mature and commercial competition and other factors, in the foreseeable future, all manufacturers SoCFPGA will be designed to be as large as.
        Another sought-after intelligent analysis.
        Cloud security is the trend of the market where the chip makers should also be based on market demand, to provide superior performance video codec capability to reduce the load of the cloud server. In addition, the chip is also considering to provide faster video image codec technology in order to reduce the load on the server, high integration, high load inevitably bring under high-power chip also consider energy efficiency more, and also towards the trend of energy saving chips.
        The face of increasingly demanding security monitoring requirements, faster processing speed, higher integration, intelligent analysis, a more powerful network function can cope with higher complexity and lower power consumption of the chip, already is security vendors elements of common concern. Although it is not possible to have a chip on the corresponding market can be perfect all the features, but the market´s expectations are always efforts in the direction of chip makers.
        IP camera chip solution, on the one hand, the SoC chip solutions company only have the technology to respond to future challenges; IP camera, on the other hand, is not the more functions all the better, in the current level of engineering on quickly and easily to meet customer needs is fundamental.
        HD Megapixel IP Camera chip development can not simply be seen as the development of the IP camera, more worthy of attention is the perfection of the series of products. From chip design part began to consider how to be closer to the actual security projects, which will make a the a million HD IP Camera wider range of applications.

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