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  • Hospital security development path Platform software upgrade is the key

        Hospital security platform: unified emergency command
        In the the modern wisdom hospital, a good security system, although a number of relatively independent subsystems, but should never be a simple superposition between the various subsystems, but should be integrated in a unified security system architecture, integration between the linkage with each other, as a whole an integral part of. Hospital security systems take the big security of the road, platform software upgrade soon.
        Hospital security platform upgrade: unified emergency command
        Emergency command system covering voice intercom systems, digital broadcasting systems, fire systems, access control systems, alarm systems, three police one alarm system (110,120,119). And to some degree, when the health care system within the security system can effectively achieve linkage, and on this basis, adding a certain management functions, emergency command already.
        Based on the advantages of digitization, integration, without the various subsystems in the product surface to complete the hardware upgrade, just do through the IP interoperability between systems. Platform architecture, video surveillance will assume a leading function, whereas other subsystems are parallel structures, fire protection system in particular, does not relate to the internal data, which does not directly integrate with other systems embedded only provides the interface, part of the signal source output out the video review.
        Hospital security technology roadmap: HD and networking
        At present, the security industry and hospital environment is a typical multi-generations in the same industry, the birth of the analog control system in the 1980s audio and video matrix, which are still part of the application in the hospital; later combined analog monitor The system represented by a video encoder, still occupy half of hospital security; while a new generation of digital monitoring system network cameras and management platform as the representative, and great progress has been made. If we say that five years ago, the hospital security system is still in the analog era, New medical security system already digital, and has the evolution of intelligent stage.
        Each technology route has its own advantages and disadvantages. Analog control system has a long history, but to build a simple, low cost, easy to operate, but also to meet the needs of small, simple monitoring system. But with the state of the health care system put into increased year by year, and by the disproportionate impact of medical resources, the hospitals in major cities has rapidly increased in size, so as to drive the rapid expansion of the size of the hospital security system, the hundreds of thousands of road The monitoring system beyond the management capacity of the matrix. Digital monitoring system for the settlement of the issue of management capabilities, on the other hand, the management platform software greatly expanded the application of the monitoring system and industry characteristics. Digital monitoring system, on the other hand, has many advantages, but its openness to be improved, so more should be cautious in the choice of new technology. New technology in many of the security industry, we have chosen a few unrepresentative technical analysis.
        Hospital Security Outlook: humane evident
        HD: HD has always been in recent years, technology in the video industry. At present, many provinces and cities in medical and construction standards explicitly require the use of high-definition systems. The realization of high-definition mode, digital high-definition camera (HD-SDI): by the HDCCTV Union, HD-SDI-based protocol digital high-definition video camera. The main characteristics of the image is clear, without delay, via BNC interface transfer. Application model and the traditional combined analog similar to HD-SDI Optical, HD-SDI, HD-SDI camera, matrix, HD-SDI encoder or DVR. Meet the high-definition monitor compliance with the original application of customary. Display and storage two systems, a separate building, openness and scalability that average. For highly demanding overhead transmission link, the transmission distance is short.
        Networking: the basic needs of the network monitoring information sharing and centralized management, the bottleneck of the current situation in this area is the hospital security building. Hospital information system construction process synchronization with the national information system construction, the 1980s to the beginning of this century, the information system construction is that the information highway structures, digital, networked into development priorities. Therefore, when the completion of the highway construction, the need for the sharing of resources, but found that the multi-phase construction of the video surveillance system is not unified management. Networking and unified management needs have come into being.
        Hospital Security Market Outlook: humane evident
        Today, security systems as a part of the intelligent system, plays an increasingly important role in the day-to-day management of the hospital. With the steady deepening of the safe hospital building, to the majority of security companies has brought great opportunities for development. Ministry of Health statistics show that China has more than 200,000 medical institutions, its security system has been transformed in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, 80% of hospitals, 70% of hospitals completed the transformation of the internal control network. As a new branch of a large number of hospitals, hospitals merge small hospital renovation and expansion project continued to expand, making the hospital demand for security products have been expanding, we can see that the the domestic hospital security market will be an infinitely huge market.
        Now, the hospital´s security system not only to meet the security needs, but up to the hospital management, medical services above, which requires the business of security systems and hospitals in close connection with, such as a hospital ward call Interactive surgical teaching, remote medical consultation, docking with existing security systems, video and audio transmission, intercom, alarm and other functions through the high-definition network system, it will be an inevitable trend in the development of the market hospital security applications.
        All in all, different industries have different security needs for hospital security market, the majority of security companies should be tailored to the operational characteristics of the hospital professional security system to occupy more market share by providing personalized security services . Security companies in the design of the hospital security products, should give more consideration to the needs of patients and medical staff, pay more attention to security products humane. Arguably, whose products better meet the needs of the patient and the hospital, who will be able to stand out in the the intense hospital security market competition.

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