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  • Help high-speed development of intelligent transportation Road applications full bloom

        With the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a number of opinions on the promotion of the highway applications networked electronic toll collection technology, the introduction in December 2010, marking the ETC equipment began large-scale applications, and the future five years to promote the scale indicator. Either from the view of the scale of the industry, firm size, or from the comparison of developments at home and abroad, the the intelligent traffic will maintain the trend of rapid development.
        China Intelligent Transportation maintain the trend of rapid development
        China Intelligent Transportation System from the exploration into the actual development and application stage, and maintained a high growth rate.
        Scale from the industry point of view, in the second session of the City of intelligent transportation market seminar, the experts mentioned that in 2012 China´s urban intelligent transportation market scale to keep high-speed growth, including intelligent transportation, electronic police, traffic signal control, bayonet , traffic video Surveillance, Taxi Information service management, urban passenger transport hub of information technology, GPS and police system, the number of items of the 10 sub-sectors of the traffic information collection and dissemination, and traffic control class platform of 4527; market reached 159.9 billion yuan, up 21.7%.
        Enterprise scale domestic enterprises to engage in intelligent transportation industry is about more than 2000, mainly concentrated in road monitoring, highway toll, 3S (GPS, GIS, RS) and system integration link. At present, there are about 500 enterprises engaged in the production and sale of surveillance products. Highway toll system is very unique field of intelligent transportation, there are about 200 enterprises engaged in the production of related products, and domestic enterprises have obtained dual-interface CPU card technology with independent intellectual property rights of non-stop toll. In the 3S the field, the domestic While there are more than 200 companies, a number of leading enterprises occupy an important position in the field of highway mechanical and electrical systems, highway smart card, geographic information systems and bus rapid transit intelligent systems.
        However, compared to foreign intelligence and dynamic transportation systems, intelligent transportation overall level of development is still relatively backward. 2013-2017 intelligent transportation industry depth research and investment strategic planning analysis report "data show that intelligent transportation has been widely used in Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries. More than 80%, the rate in the United States market reached $ 500 billion in 2010. The Japan 1998-2015 the cumulative size of the market will reach $ 525 billion infrastructure investment vehicle equipment for $ 350 billion to $ 75 billion, and services in areas such as $ 200 billion. The European Intelligent Transportation economic benefits of about 100 billion euros in 2010.
        HD intelligent transportation applications full bloom
        HD bayonet and electronic police for several years, but the real application of it, but in the last two years. The system with IPC HD, also with embedded HD and uniform treatment of a platform for a variety of front-end data. Platform using WebSphere as the application server using Oracle as the database, completely beyond the performance requirements of the Ministry of Public Security for system security.
        1, high-definition radar trigger speed capture system
        Front-end capture system uses the a narrow wave radar Doppler effect detection technology, not only have the various bayonet function also provides speed penalties. Megapixels capture high-definition industrial grade CCD machine, independently accomplish all passing vehicles to capture and intelligent Strobe trigger, and capture the images transmitted over the network to the center, license plate recognition host recognition, and information is superimposed, pictures sent to the central management server and database server, all junctions capture records from a central server unified management, the management station for real-time query management, at the same time in each direction using a standard definition camera can capture records of each intersection road real-time monitoring and recording.
        2, high-definition electronic police system
        2,000,000 CCD HD IP Camera, using the pure video capture, monitoring two to three lanes each camera. HD IP camera automatically shoot the illegal vehicles panoramic (of close-up) Image HD network camera linkage LED Strobe fill light fill light to ensure that the image is clear and available. In order to ensure that they are taken as the traffic police enforcement based on continuous save three to reflect the high-definition panoramic (Vehicle Dynamic running of close-up) Image which the first picture of the vehicle at a red light during the pressure stop line picture , for vehicle pressure in the stop line at a red light during or after the picture of the stop line, the third for the vehicle after the stop line during the red light continued to travel the picture. All processing results are stored by the network to the center through a red light on the processing host, information overlay, and store the information through the transmission system is automatically uploaded to the server management system (manual control downloaded to storage media), the application of computer-related business processes .
        Intelligent transportation market has great potential
        3, with other programs
        Some manufacturers, red light systems use high standard mixed camera (SD vehicle trajectory, HD snap pictures) mode. This system is not pure HD system, but there are certain advantages, after all, the standard-definition video host resources, storage, transmission and other requirements. HD CMOS camera, CMOS camera mount applications will cause smear phenomenon, because CMOS photosensitive than CCD lot worse than the requirements of the CCD HD camera, night lights harsh, often require a high will capture the position of the power of the fill light shone clear increase in image quality and reduce image noise. Unmet demand, the huge market potential of intelligent transportation
        Can not be ignored is that of the great potential of intelligent transportation industry. In recent years, the safe city construction, road monitoring provides a huge market opportunity, In addition, in recent years, China´s car ownership in the rapid increase in traffic travel increased significantly, making huge traffic conflict with the limited transportation infrastructure between further intensified, will birth a huge market of intelligent transportation products.
        Specifically, the major market segments different stage of development, its development potential difference.
        1, urban rail transit intelligent
        With the increasing domestic scale of urban rail transit construction, urban rail transit intelligent systems market capacity With the expansion. Intelligent transportation industry depth research and investment strategy planning analysis report 2013-2017 data show that in 2008 China´s urban rail transit intelligent systems market size of $ 3.1 billion, an increase of 12.73%; 2010 domestic urban rail transit intelligent systems market size of about 4.5 billion. The size of the market in 2012 is expected to reach 62.5 billion yuan, an increase of 19.05%. In 2006-2012, China´s urban rail transit intelligent systems market size of an average annual growth rate of more than 10%.
        2, city bus intelligent
        For intelligent transportation industry, the intelligent transportation is also a the compound huge market, the starting point of the intelligent transportation is GPS technology, but to the full realization of intelligent scheduling, relying solely on GPS is not enough. Prospects Industry Research Institute predicted that 10 years, more than 100 million people in the city will be all or part of the completion of the Highway Traffic Intelligent Management System. Intelligent public transportation system in the domestic market in the next 10 years, more than 100 million people in 100 cities, a conservative estimate, every city bus company, an average of five yards of each bus company, per yard for 200 cars, a total of each City 3000 car, 15 yards, three bus companies, according to an in-vehicle equipment market price of 7,000 yuan, 300,000 yuan a yard software, a set of Intelligent Public Transport Company Software 50 million dollars, with an average of a city full implementation of smart public transportation system market size of 27 million yuan, 100 total urban market size of $ 2.7 billion.
        3, intelligent highway
        In recent years, with the development of highway construction, highway communications, monitoring and toll system market size rapid growth According to statistics, the highway-related communication, monitoring and billing system, the scale of investment has more than 30 billion yuan.
        Ministry of highway and waterway transport and long-term science and technology development plan (2006-2020) ", the highway network charges and no parking will be two important focal point. With the continuous increase of the mileage of highway construction in China, the highway communication, monitoring and billing systems demand will continue to expand the scale of investment will further expand.
        4, the water transport system intelligent
        At present, the main construction contents of shipping information to build a sound the shipping information base network environment, built Unicom shipping industry authorities at all levels and support security system, with a three-tier system of wide-area office business information network "synchronization built the backbone transmission , metro exchange, the source node access, as well as ship-to-shore radio communication information transmission link network. "
        From automation to intelligent, will be the main line of development of the port and shipping technology, information technology has become the key to the future, being developed the MITS (shipping Intelligent Transportation System), will raise the overall level of automation of China´s maritime transport, shipping safety with long-term social and national security interests.
        Of course, the intelligent transportation technology research, there are many, such as integrated application platform, network architecture, at the same time, part of the lack of standards also make us feel the road of development of intelligent transportation also need a longer period of time precipitation , but we believe and expect intelligent transportation will be better tomorrow.

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