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  • Analysis of network cameras and analog cameras three difference

        The network HD camcorder video capture, video encoding, network transmission sections. Network HD cameras and analog cameras compared in terms of clarity, the 700-line analog cameras is the ultimate high-definition, 500 million pixels HD IP camera have come up a network camera high flexibility, high performance. Network cameras as long as relying on the network can be transmitted, which is the biggest difference.
        1, the difference between the quality of pixels, simulation is used as the photosensitive element CCD, image quality is limited by certain technical bottlenecks, general analog cameras 700TVL standard definition D1 effect will be reached in the radio and television standard. IP cameras with CMOS photosensitive components, you can do more megapixels quality, general 1000000-2000000 mostly newer technology products in the market, 500 million, 800 million, it is estimated that soon millions of quality camera into the market, It is understood that the United States T1 million pixels camera has completed the test, the frame rate of up to 15.
        2, analog cameras can not be given in the management software intelligent analysis and custom, such as the definition of the function of its use, because there is no IP to a remote separate browser inconvenience.
        3, device control, such as PTZ analog dome wiring additional control lines and codecs to control the ball´s rotation and zoom, IP cameras do not need to directly use the network cable, but also to wiring saves a lot of work, and costs, especially in the larger project, the amount of the cost of the network camera works particularly highlighted.

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