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  • The core of the monitoring system fade SDI matrix favored security applications

        Matrix as the core of the video surveillance system, one of its important functions is to any one video image to switch to any output channel. With the increasing demand for high-definition digital signal. HD-SDI high-definition digital matrix products not only in the radio and television industry, is active in the current surveillance market is extremely popular, it appears as if the matrix market has entered the middle-aged inject a shot in the arm, so that the traditional analog matrix engineering suppliers, users and vendors began to become stretched matrix market for the development of space renewed hope.
        Matrix: Monitoring of the core applications
        Video matrix have a very wide range of applications in the field of security, with the entire security industry, high-definition, network-based trend intensified, the matrix is ​​divided into two categories, one is traditional analog video matrix, the other is based on digital technology video matrix.
        The analog matrix Simply put, is a large switch, the user can control which images are displayed in the which monitors last round patrol. The analog matrix after decades of development is already quite mature, high stability, simple operation, small delay (no delay), etc., and video surveillance system has been established largely analog SD system, short-term will not be out of the market.
        But the analog matrix expansion as good as digital matrix, analog matrix input ones is fixed, if you want to expand ones must extend the hardware, but also increase the video cable. For IP video and high-definition video signal traditional analog matrix can not be directly addressed. Therefore the future of the market share of traditional analog matrix will have a greater atrophy, high-definition, digital will become the future direction of the development of the matrix. For traditional analog single matrix product, its single signal processing capabilities, does not support the network HD bound to have been out of the market, like HD IP camera eliminated analog cameras.
        Unlike analog matrix, digital matrix mainly constituted by the video codec equipment and management software platform, network video platform for the exchange of input and output video switching between packet-switched IP network. Precisely, the digital matrix is ​​not such as analog matrix the title matrix device, but by the IP camera, encoding and decoding equipment, management platform and network transmission system consisting of a digital surveillance system. Compared to conventional analog matrix, the advantages of the digital matrix can be any expansion, flexible configuration, the design and layout of the equipment distributed.
        The digital matrix drawback is difficult to guarantee real-time audio and video transmission, which vary depending on the transmission efficiency of the remote front-end (Network camera or encoder) and the terminal (decoder) codec speed and IP switching network. The IP signals codec video restore loss is very serious. Laid down in many cases is not a private network IP, Ethernet and other digital sharing network, and may cause some instability phenomena such as cards, data packet loss.
        SDI matrix controller monitors the market favored
        SDI signal into SD-SDI (SD), in accordance with the transfer rate of the different HD-SDI (HD) and 3G-SDI, the corresponding rate is 270Mb / s, 1.485Gb / s and 2.97Gb / s. SDI signal with its perfectly compatible with the characteristics of digital audio and video signals, has been affirmed by the majority of users. , SDI signal has been developed for the following HDMI, DVI, a widely used high-definition digital signal.
        As the mainstay product in the signal transmission system, the matrix has also been smooth derivative satisfied with the HD-SDI SDI system matrix, which evolved from the analog matrix, beyond the standard definition SD-SDI matrix, and 30 video surveillance can be achieved 1080P, do not need to 3G-SDI, which occupy the mainstream position.
        HD-SDI matrix with the traditional analog matrix design architecture is completely different, digital circuits for signal understanding, the use of the chip, circuit layout Facing greater challenges, HD-SDI Matrix widely used for the accumulation of technology is not strong traditional matrix For manufacturers, the size of the matrix, the matrix HD character will be the bottleneck problem.
        Single HD-SDI matrix, the hybrid matrix compared to the hot, but from a long-term situation of view, this situation is only temporary. I believe that the positive lead of the leading manufacturers in the industry, more and more manufacturers will actively follow up on the HD-SDI technology, there are many manufacturers in addition to the launch of the HD-SDI matrix, many have launched a set of HD-SDI, We all saw the potential of this technology, and the technology in the field of large-scale engineering applications are more and more praise.
        The SDI monitoring matrix Difficulties and future trends
        The SDI matrix in practical applications for large-scale systems, the general SDI camera transmission distance of 100 meters, and large-scale monitoring system SDI camera transmission distance are far beyond the 100 m, the compensation matrix input is particularly important , with the network for remote management and multi-level cascade control is a very important part of the hybrid access mode is SDI matrix important technical issues. Camera for different occasions there are many models, such as the traditional analog cameras, IP video camera, HD-SDI camera, every major camera contains a variety of formats, compatible with multiple types of cameras SDI matrix technical difficulties, especially the old system upgrades and the construction of "Green City" there are similar problems. Architecture and data storage management software management platform matrix technology is SDI, SDI matrix software management platforms and storage management and fiber access has become necessary technical difficulties, a system of "Green City".
        With the advent of the "Green City" such a large-scale construction projects demand matrix network cascade system consists of a central matrix and multi-node matrix, each matrix has a separate IP address for data exchange via the Ethernet port. Add the node matrix local video output to the center matrix, and the center matrix to all nodes of the matrix camera and the image switching and control. By increasing the center matrix of node matrix video transmission channel, each node matrix can be achieved interconnection control, cross-regional scheduling. Matrix HD whether networked or stand-alone operation, retaining the original convenient switching control, image inspection, positioning and other functions, such as alarm linkage, Salvos. Therefore, the the SDI matrix technology development must be toward the metro, the development of networked, integrated, optical fiber, digital and widely compatible. For the old system can access Unicom. SDI matrix-based software management platform and storage, control, communications, image, unified management and early warning, to achieve the full range of digital urban management.
        However, many manufacturers in research and development, but also re-walked back to the idea of ​​analog matrix development period, did not inherit the advantages of the existing analog matrix many powerful features and a variety of hardware and software, a waste of human and material resources.

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