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  • Network monitoring system become mainstream Video surveillance how to develop

        Become the focus of chase of the video surveillance industry, "HD" HD LCD display, high-definition mobile phones and other mobile devices can also be used to monitor ...... even in the network monitoring market, high-definition surveillance camera has gradually replaced the "SD" position, become the leader favored by the public. So not more megapixels HD monitor will soon dominate the world? Should not the high-definition network surveillance, what are the advantages and barriers?
        First, look at how the market development of network monitoring?
        With the continuous development of the video surveillance market, the most important market for network video surveillance in safe city, transportation and other major industries. IP Surveillance Camera gradual transition to the "HD" mainly dominated by "SD" gradually reduce the proportion of the SD network. HD IP Surveillance Camera in some of the more economically developed regions in great demand, network monitoring has also become the first choice of many projects. In some dubious area of ​​network monitoring, an average of about two monitoring points will have a high-definition IP Surveillance Camera; some high-traffic area, you must also install IP surveillance camera, high-definition IP Surveillance camera in the security market tempered constantly revealed strengths to become one of the first choice of some industrial applications. It is understood that: in the case of security monitoring overall market slowdown, the IP camera market size in 2012 compared to 2011, the size of the IP camera market growth rate of 22%, is expected to IP camera market size of about 2.696 billion yuan, accounting for the overall the camera 23.81% of the size of the market, including HD IP camera for about 60% of the IP camera market. So, HD IP Surveillance Camera Why is it so popular?
        In the field of intelligent traffic monitoring, in order to solve the problem of license plate capture clarity, the early introduction of high-definition surveillance technology. Shanghai put into the construction of 200 million pixels "electronic police system in addition to the human face recognition, but also be able to accurately identify the specific characteristics of the vehicle license plate, color, speed, cars, car length. In the construction of the 500 million pixel electronic police system mainly used in the capture illegal vehicles running red lights, which can be recorded by monitoring point per vehicle capture a high-definition picture and be kept together and the time, place, vehicle than and data analysis to provide a reliable basis. The same time, the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau regulations, from 2010 onwards, where to apply for a parking lot, you must install a high-definition television monitoring equipment; the original parking lot at the same time, we must immediately organized the installation of high-definition television monitoring equipment. It can be said that the field of intelligent transportation, non-HD can not!
        Second, high-definition network monitoring advantages
        1, high-definition resolution
        The level of resolution is first and foremost a condition to determine the sharpness of the image, HD IP camera´s lowest resolution is 720P, the number of pixels is about 9 times the CIF and the 1080i/1080P the number of pixels is about 20 times that of the CIF. HD IP Camera development can also be said by leaps and bounds, ten million and more than 10 million pixels in the horizon in the surveillance industry. In order to ensure the image quality of the ISP image processor plays an important role, ISP image processor not only possible to improve the image quality of the camera, can also reduce the cost of the product of the same grade, but also can greatly enhance the stability of the video, to optimize the performance of the image. This is extremely important for enhancing the quality of HD IP Camera imaging. HD analog camera video bandwidth is too wide is difficult to break through the bottleneck of the transmission of video signals.
        2, low-cost
        IP video surveillance system has a simple structure, low cost of wiring, especially a variety of signals can be transmitted on the same network, the new monitoring point or client are very convenient, of course, in the construction of infrastructure can also save an additional cost. IP openness of the system also allows the user anywhere, using a variety of ways to view surveillance video data, which provides users with the convenience of traditional analog surveillance systems can not match. Based on open standards, network video products running on the IP network, you can use a standard PC server hardware rather than proprietary equipment, especially for large-scale storage solutions can reduce the cost of system storage. According to the survey, in 2011 compared with 2010 IP camera general price reduction of about 10%, high-definition surveillance camera a drop of about 25%.
        3, high storage efficiency
        2012, the security industry from analog cameras to digital cameras, from digital cameras to IP video camera, such rapid development gradually improve the user needs are inextricably linked. Today, the network has access to millions of households rely on the network transmission, video surveillance has become a mainstream product. HD monitoring system for the user to visualize the perfect effect, but also peripherals such as storage, transmission put forward higher requirements. High-definition monitor data storage capacity of the media to grow geometrically, and therefore the need for greater disk storage space as the basis. HD storage can be divided into centralized storage and distributed storage, high-definition surveillance system are compressed signal transmission, storage, and high efficiency.
        Third, the high-definition network surveillance technology barriers
        1, H.264 codec technology
        The key to the popularity of high-definition video surveillance is the quality of the video codec, compression rate and network adaptability. Among them, the codec core needs are: minimize the bit rate at the same time, to obtain the best possible image quality. Network monitoring system mainstream codec is H.264, H.264 using a motion vector prediction value, the motion vector difference coding Columbus index encoding, the encoding is characterized by the smaller the value, the more bits less. Thus, with the substantial increase in the amplitude of the motion vector, H.264 is used on the motion vector prediction method of compression coding rate will be gradually reduced, so as video surveillance from SD to HD full forward slightly, H.264 significantly inadequate.
        But now a mainstream technology H.264 in the day-to-day network monitoring work there will be a lot of limitations, has been unable to meet the needs of the people in the high-definition network surveillance system, the emergence of H.265 has brought new hope. Tested, in the case of the same quality with H.264, H.265 obtained gain an average of 6.1% of the compression, complicated image compression gain can be increased to even 20%. H.265 video compression algorithm standard efficiency than H.264 increased by about half, under the premise of ensuring the same quality of video image, the bit rate of the video stream is reduced by 50% can be achieved to 2Mbps transmission speed transmission 720P. Using H.265 technology video compression than H.264 increased by 30 to 50%, according to estimates potential investment savings up to 20%, is very considerable. However, the promotion of H.265 is also a gradual process.
        2, high-definition monitors network traffic
        HD network monitoring system, the transmission on the IP network is a large number of video and audio signals, these signals characteristic is a liquid media, liquid media with the IP network is only recently a large number of emerging applications, initially, IP network design say it is not tailored to the transmission medium for the liquid medium of the surveillance video, the video stream transmission, the quality of service in such networks will be very difficult to guarantee. Video streaming large amount of data, network transmission, whether truly the smooth all packets arrive at the receiving terminal? Dropped frames in the transmission process, whether or not it? It depends on the need to transfer high-definition video surveillance video surveillance business based the right to speak in the IP network in a variety of business, if the video surveillance business gradually become an important business in the IP applications, then I believe in technology research and development will intensify our efforts to solve the technical barriers exist in high-definition network surveillance system. Due to the high-definition video surveillance video streams need to transfer the amount of data, if the network transmission cost is too high, will also affect the promotion process.
        HD IP Surveillance camera applications in various industries has been widely praised. Along with the tide of the security market development, the HD network monitoring system has also been progress, H.265 programmed decoding technology has jumped into the "line of sight" of the people, to the higher expectations of the people! Between the advantages and barriers, HD monitoring system will gradually improve, continue to move forward in the test of the market.

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