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  • When difficult brother encounter difficult brother Surveillance DVR and NVR ill-fated

        In the field of video surveillance, such a pair of fellow sufferers, when the analog to network monitoring transition, DVR and NVR seems to be facing a different fate. Brother DVR hard for many years in the security market, with a good front-end analog surveillance cameras need to go through the codec to render the image quality clarity only D1 effect; brother NVR IP market development is increasingly active, the front-end with network cameras, although the painting high definition quality encounter devices from different manufacturers can not be compatible, in his arrogant dumb fire. This fellow sufferers to become the protagonist of the story today.
        The DVR application of analog monitor in full swing
        As two monitor storage devices, the domestic surveillance market DVR NVR as early as 7 years, DVR represents the era of digital surveillance begins in earnest. The digital DVR achieve digitization of analog front-end, front-end connected to analog video surveillance cameras, showing a different picture effects after DVR digital codec.
        The DVR cost advantages are obvious and easy to operate. With the continuous development of chip technology, high-performance processor capable of handling any complex images, and better able to restore the quality. From the CIF, D1 quality to 960H and HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder development for all to see. From the internal storage media point of view, the first monitoring hard drive to the SSD solid state drive, not only the storage mode change, its application areas are because the price of equipment by the industry to go to the civilian market.
        DVR surveillance applications in the digital-to-analog conversion has been the recognition of the industry, but from the other hand, it is also because of its transitional seem to face the embarrassment. DVR front-end access analog devices, the video signal is converted into digital, this hybrid device is able to meet the demand in the field of high-end we do not know. In order to be able to truly achieve all-digital mode, its derivatives NVR was born in 2007.
        NVR are able to take over the banner of DVR storage
        The NVR appear thanks to the development of the network environment, if it is the rapid increase in demand for IP surveillance, perhaps NVR was born even a few years later. Since it appears to meet the needs of pure digital surveillance storage, and are able to completely replace the DVR, took over the store banner?
        First, NVR has the absolute performance advantages than the DVR.
        In terms of wiring, NVR achieve the first-line multi-function mode. Connection needed in the DVR video lines, power lines, alarm lines ... multi-output but also to access different monitoring probes, if the system fails, troubleshoot cable will have to spend a lot of time. But the NVR a network line can represent all single input, the large monitor multi-channel, you only need a switch instead of the back-end transmission, not only reduces the cost of eliminating the need for complex cabling problem in .
        There are many types of NVR, the face of the needs of different users and optional PC or embedded devices. But they all have in common is the realization of a plug-and-play function, do not need to configure the IP address, the cable access network, the system will automatically search for the front-end, assign IP. DVR Of course there is no assigned IP address of the operation, the basic realization of the plug-and-play functionality. From this point, NVR regarded inherited the ease of the DVR.
        The same storage device, the NVR to achieve a different interface, both to the local hard disk storage, IP-SAN or NAS storage can also be equipped with more types of user-selectable. Based on the the NVR network environment also achieve a variety of storage, benefit from IP cameras support the front-end intelligent storage backend failure will not affect the loss of video data to support client-side storage, different for different administrators storage requirements.
        Second, NVR also facing compatible dilemma.
        No one can deny the emergence of NVR really gives us a new visual effects, depending on the one hand, the IP network camera, on the other hand, the back-end decoding is to force. Open network environment supports a variety of codec standard mainstream as H.264, of course H.264 itself is divided into different levels, Once the front H.264HP standard backend a H.264MP standards, product compatible encountered problems .
        Different manufacturers have different views codec, some manufacturers believe that the the different codec standard of quality is not great. The front-end high-definition security surveillance cameras, the back end of the standard H.264 fully able to meet the demand. But there are also manufacturers to strive for excellence within the security industry is not prescriptive, but problems in use. Who took a tough stance, who is more persuasive, who will not have to modify the code open source code.
        Finally, on the DVR and NVR pair of fellow sufferers.
        In fact, both the semi-digital half analog DVR or rely on pure network NVR, have a distinct advantage in the actual monitoring applications, but also there are fatal flaws. This the monitoring storage device brothers can be said to have experienced storms and When the DVR facing NVR replaced, analog surveillance market is still in full swing, so are not dominant HD due 960HDVR HD; When the NVR facing difficult compatible, An HD-SDI equipment, completion of the analog to digital transition.

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